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I finally stepped on the scale and I also bought some new clothes. After 3 years I have finally figued it out! Just send me $25 via Western Union and I can let you in on the secret.

Really, even though I was counting calories, I was eating too much.

How is that possible? I don't freaking know. I set my goal for the weight I want to be; 1600 calories plus what I use for exercise. I know, everyone says you need this and that, don't go under 2000 calories, multiply 3 bananas times one apple minus the cake plus the pizza, have a cheat day, blah blah blah.

Most of you know that I run a lot. I ran the Chicago Marathon last week.

 This is what I discovered. I eat too much! Since I only feed me and choose all my own food now, I eat a perfect diet. A breakfast sandwich, a cheese stick snack, fruit with yogurt and walnuts, a light lunch some veggies for an afternoon snack and dinner after my run.
 I have knocked off nearly 17 pounds and I am within 12 pounds of my goal.
 I have also taken another 2 inches off my waist and my jeans fell off in airport security again. And not one, but 2 TSA agents mentioned that i had lost weight when they looked at my picture ID on the wey to Chicago and back.
 Here is what I am doing in the last few weeks. I am not eating desert at all. None. I am not eating any pasta, just veggies, fruit, nuts and some low-cal dairy. I eat a 100 calorie whole grain bagel in the morning and no other bread during the day. And a small portion of meat, fish or chicken.
 That's it.
 I will also say that I have gained 5 inches in my quads since I started this journey and 4 inches in my calves. I am down from 42' waist to 33" and I can wear medium underwear without squeaking.
 I guess the moral of the story is that it's the food, it's always the damn food.

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johnwhitent wrote 92 months ago:
Good stuff, as always! But in answer to your lament, this is why I use the TDEE method. It took some trial and error to figure out the appropriate eating level, but that was over a year ago, and it's been nothing but smooth sailing since. Nice slow, steady loss, and I can take a break for holidays or special occasions without fear. It's the easiest way to lose, maintain, or whatever one's goal is. Very freeing.
jmnicholas wrote 92 months ago:
I recently had to buy new workout gear as my running leggings were falling down when I ran. It certainly is exciting being this close to goal. But giving up dessert...too much like hard work! I am very impressed...
RoseyDgirl wrote 92 months ago:
Always wear clean underwear on days where you think the pants will fall off...
Congratulations on the weight loss.
Alidecker wrote 92 months ago:
Congrats on getting closer to the goal and buying new clothes. I hate that it's the food. I like food and I like exercise. Why can't the exercise be more of the equation.
TriShamelessly wrote 92 months ago:
While I didn't need the visual of your pants falling down, I did laugh. And, yes, it always about the food no matter how large the burns.
retirehappy wrote 92 months ago:
Funny post, but full of truth. I like that in a post.
libland wrote 92 months ago:
Yup... it's the food... great job! Keep up the good work.
Anonymous wrote 92 months ago:
Yup it's always the food! I find runners in general just eat too darn much! Much of the time the crap they throw at you after a race is plenty of calories but do we stop there? Hell no we go out for a big lunch or dinner..after all we deserve it right well truth is only if you want to gain weight!
Anonymous wrote 92 months ago:
That's my comment above! Ilene :-)
bebe_d wrote 92 months ago:
How often and how long do you run? I do 45-50 minutes of running every other day (now that it is winter where i am, the air quality sucks- i can't run outside). My losing fat process is still slow...

I guess as you mentioned, it must be the damn food.

Well, if you tell me how often, how long, how long do you run it would be awesome.

Anonymous wrote 92 months ago:
I run 6 days a week. I do three 3- milers, a 5, a 9 and at least a 13.
redlion45 wrote 92 months ago:
Well done sir! And you are totally correct - "it's always the damn food."
Anonymous wrote 92 months ago:
Because of you I am getting back in shape. I used to joke, round is a shape, so I am in good shape. But now with your help I am getting back into REAL shape.
Adpalangi wrote 92 months ago:
I definitely know the clothes thing. I love to shop especially when it's for smaller sizes. Opened my closet today for a pair of jeans, I had two summer jean roll ups. And followed by that size 10, 14, 9, all different sizes. Summer I was able to pick up the size 0 and 2, of course I hadn't gotten to the fall clothes to start buying for, and I have no idea how I'm gonna afford this, but it is terrible to fbe out and constaintly , hike up the fallowing down pants, and some times the panties too. Anyway not complaining at all, I am very pleased at what I gave accomplished. You sound very fit and u should be proud of yourself! Congrats

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