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Feckin Runnin'

I know a lot of us who run need a chance to let out our inner Kenyan. We dream of 20 minute 5Ks and 50 minute 10ks. The truth is most of us are happy to run a 5K in under 30 and a 10K in under an hour.

At close to 55, I am probably not going to run a 5K in 16:57 ever again. Most of you know that I have collected a number of injuries that have slowed me down. The usual suspects, plantar fasciitis, torn meniscus, pulled muscles, and strained tendons and ligaments. I've collected them all plus a rotator cuff tear and a heart attack.

That hasn't stopped me.

Saturday I ran a 5K race to benefit cancer research. I proudly wore my Cancer Sucks t-shirt and my running tights (which my wife does not find manly at all.) The race theme said: "If you think running in the winter is hard, try battling cancer." A sobering thought.

I lost both my parents to cancer. Just this year it claimed the life of my ex-wife and a close friend. Cancer really sucks.

The biggest problem with running is that I really don't know how. I learned to run away from my older brothers who were going to give me an Indian sunburn, the noogie of death a Hulk Hogan wedgie; none of which I, or any of my pain receptors found all that much pleasure in.

By 5th grade I was the fastest kid in the school. My brothers were serious players.

Then like most fat old desk jockeys, I stopped running. Heck, I hardly even walked. Fast forward to the ICU in April '11 where things weren't looking too good. It was there that things really changed. I wasn't on some diet, I wasn't trying to lose weight, I was fighting for my life.

The cardiologist sat next to the monitoring stand next to my bed and said, "It's time to make a few changes."

OK, so I did. I tried to remember how to run. Within a few months, I had to have knee surgery. Then I tried hockey and ended up with a broken rib and rotator cuff surgery. I am just not that coordinated.

Some of my friends ask me how running could be fun with so much pain and so many obstacales. I thought it over and that's when I thought, it's all in my head. If I shut that off, It really doesn't matter.

When I am running, some times I just close my eyes on a flat straight away and drink in the moment.

I guess I am convinced that I am not really a runner in form and practice. I just run because it's all in my head.

I am not from Ireland, but I viewed a video on YouTube about a runner there... I think I am channeling the pug. If you haven't seen it, here's a link.

The Pug Who Couldn't Run

Just because I can't feckin run, doesn't mean I can't enjoy it - and so can you! :)

Thanks for the votes and comments!

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parallax693 wrote 114 months ago:
Again, an awesome entry. I really enjoy your posts!
libland wrote 114 months ago:
That video was so CUTE! Thanks for making me laugh this morning. As to being a "runner", it doesn't matter what you look like or how fast you go... we are getting out there and doing it.
Nikstergirl wrote 114 months ago:
Awesome post... I am the SAME way, just need to run, even though I'm not particularly good at it. And that video is hilarious... my nephew showed it to me at Christmas and I was in tears!!!
Ke22yB wrote 114 months ago:
read this and just smiled big smile I am thinking of my first 10k in May with my daughter at age 65 I have a bad knee severe to moderate arthritis in my left hip and other pains that come and go I take a massage at least every two weeks to work and relax my muscles but I keep going I am close to running my weight to half my starting weight so I keep going out the door congratulations and keep going and enjoying
SmartFunGorgeous wrote 114 months ago:
Loved this! Thanks for sharing the video!
Jentorres8814 wrote 114 months ago:
Very great post! I run....ALOT but my 5k's are not under 30 minutes. My 5k's are 40 minutes but so what right ?!? Even running slower than a lot of ppl running doesn't matter. Your still faster than the person who is sitting on the couch. Every step counts and now that your a little older your race pace may be slowed down as well...just gotta find it and own it!
CharlieBarleyMom wrote 114 months ago:
You make me want to try running again. I really didn't think I enjoyed it but I really feel like I want to run. What a battle!
pmhandlo11 wrote 114 months ago:
Thanks for this article, I'm just starting to run and have always dreamed of being a runner. This was very encouraging and I appreciate you sharing your experience. I'm looking foward to a 5k someday and being able to support a cause.
sahm23ladies wrote 114 months ago:
A post I can relate to. The video sealed the deal! I feel like a bumbling fool going down the road & imagine I have olympic form when I come across another runner who clearly is better than I am!

Thanks for the good timing and the chuckle! I was seriously beginning to wonder why I am doing this running at all.
Scoochie1 wrote 114 months ago:
I have just started running and I'm on a treadmill in the gym cos I didn't want neighbourhood kids laughing at me :) Getting better, balance wise anyway. And I AM from Ireland! (don't know the dog, but I'll be keeping an eye out for him!)
Mustangsally1000 wrote 114 months ago:
I saw the video too...kinda broke my heart, except that he seemed really happy and everyone loved him. But, the poor baby! Great blog this morning Dave!!!
BamaBreezeNSaltAire wrote 114 months ago:
HelenDootson wrote 114 months ago:
My 5k's are in the 30 - 40 min bracket and I don't care coz, like you, I am out there doing it! Great post as ever :)
Indyimp wrote 114 months ago:
Love it and the vid!
supertracylynn wrote 114 months ago:
Being a "runner" isn't about being fast or long distances or having perfect stride. Being a runner is about the heart and mind. The craving for it, the love of it, how much better you feel about life when you do it.
Lyssa62 wrote 114 months ago:
LMFAO -- ok great post and LOVED the pug video! I'm going to be watching that a couple of times today!
hollyrunner wrote 114 months ago:
I'm also a runner who doesnt't know how to run...actually started years ago because it was taking too much time to walk. Love it!!
jagfan wrote 114 months ago:
Outstanding! It took me an hour and 20 minutes to do a 10k on Saturday...about 4 minutes longer than last year. But I finished and felt great! I know I will improve. I don't close my eyes at any time during a run because I have fallen 3 times with my eyes wide open! But great job! Thanks for sharing.
mommaski4 wrote 114 months ago:
Loved your post! I stopped running last year (for dumb reasons - I just let time get in my way). While I was not the prettiest runner, and by far was not fast, I was running. Loved your quote 'I guess I am convinced that I am not really a runner in form and practice. I just run because it's all in my head.' p.s. loved the video!
wisebadger53 wrote 114 months ago:
LOL! Keep on runnin' brother!
tremilla wrote 113 months ago:
I'm still a beginner at running. I can run a solid mile. Every time I start to run my knee starts hurting, but as I continue on the pain goes away. Don't let any obstacles keep you from doing what you want.

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