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Failure is Not an Option

All of us have felt like, or actually been, failures at some time in our journey. Yesterday, I certainly felt like one. Most of you know that I have written a book about my transformation from heart patient to runner.

My Kickstarter project failed to reach its funding goal.

After all that work, literally months of preparation, there was zero, nada - nothing to show for it.

At 4:44 I watched the last seconds tick away to zero. Within moments, I had an email as proof of my failed mission. I sat there for a while and tried to think about all the things I might have done differently. A few of you had some suggestions.

I couple of you were pi$$ed! I am thanking God I am on your good side. :)

I confess, what was most penetrating were the don't give up now messages and emails from my MFP pals. I sat in my desk chair and thought about canceling my MFP account and disappearing from cyberspace for a while.

I decided to go for a run with the local running club I just joined instead; it was my second run for the day.

On Facebook I just posted the Kickstarter rejection email and left it that. One of my friends suggested I try out RocketHub, another crowdfunding site. I kept thinking well, I didn't make once, why would I try it again? This morning I reread a coupled of my messages about not quitting.

Some of you guys kinda of suck... for telling me not to quit when I wanted to.

I clicked on the link for RocketHub and copy and pasted my information from Kickstarter, made a few tweaks, cropped a couple of photos, took out the profit on the book, removed a few rewards and launched my new project.

It was approved in 30 minutes.

This time I will succeed because, as one reader stated, "your message is too important to stay in your head." You know, I believe that because I once ran along side a blind man in a road race. I thought, if he can do it, I certainly can.

In order to succeed, I have lowered my expectations, but I have not changed my goal. I am still going to publish my book.

Failure is not an option.

I appreciate everyones support from the messages, to the pledges, to posting my link on your social media pages. It has been awesome.

And finally, as another friend wrote on the RockectHub page. "Glad you persisted, I wouldn't have expected any less. :)"

This time around, I need your help. With it, I am going to succeed.

Here's the link to join the party! RocketHub

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iwantodance wrote 109 months ago:
In order to succeed, I have lowered my expectations, but I have not changed my goal. I am still going to publish my book.
Denjo060 wrote 109 months ago:
Already ordered the book Im so glad you did not quit espically MFP My goodness we need you here with us book or no book we need your support Dont you ever leave us :)
jennynewbury wrote 109 months ago:
Party joined! Cant wait!
Navotc wrote 109 months ago:
Stick with it, David! You stuck with it to survive your heart condition - this will be easier.
Leahbcc wrote 109 months ago:
Thank you for not throwing in the white towel and giving up or in. I am on board with this just as I was with the last. You inspire!
tonybalony01 wrote 109 months ago:
Jumping on the bandwagon now!
Mustangsally1000 wrote 109 months ago:
So glad you looked for other options...just like I knew you would. You...are not a quiter, not a giveriner. On the selfish side, we do need you, so you can't ever leave! Just sayin'. And yes...I'm on the bandwagon, I've already been to the rocket! Now..I guess you're RocketMan!
JustLindaLou wrote 109 months ago:
Yay!!! You can't quit - you are the reason my 230 lb butt is on the treadmill running intervals right now.... You helped turn my "I can't" into "I'm gonna do it!"
CaityB14 wrote 109 months ago:
So glad you didn't give up! I'm definitely putting money towards your book project this time. I'm sorry I didn't before! You can do this this time! And don't ever quit myfitnesspal! Many of us use you as inspiration!
odditblue wrote 109 months ago:
Sorry for sucking.... I'm still broke for now. Selling plasma isn't so fun. Someday I'll be over all this drama. I hope it will be on the better side of broke instead of heading to live under a bridge. Anyway, thank you... you inspire me more than you'll ever know.
rciszek wrote 109 months ago:
I am so glad!!! I wished I could have helped more. You are amazing and never give up, writing is in your blood!
Scoochie1 wrote 109 months ago:
Hooray - I've thrown my hat back in the ring. Good for you John, minor setback only. This time you will nail it!
wisebadger53 wrote 109 months ago:
Well, I'm a little pissed that you even thought about quitting! But I'm so glad that you came to your senses and decided to press forward, because I KNOW that is the only way you would approach anything in your life. You are a true inspiration to many my friend, and your message is too important to be relegated to message boards and blog posts. I will be heading over to your new funding site very soon to renew my support for your AWESOME project! Keep your eye on the goal, and you will achieve it...but you already know that...
futuresize8 wrote 109 months ago:
"Failing" was just the Universe testing your dedication. You'll feel even greater when you succeed this time because you didn't quit. Rooting for you...

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