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Epic Food Games for Eating Less

Let me be honest, Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds make me hungry! I could get a chicken breast and slice of watermelon right now!

If you are on MFP you are totally board or overweight - well maybe both. If you have played one of the two aformetioned games, you need a life without a screen!

One of the tricks to losing weight is - are you ready for this? Don't eat too much. So what is the trick to not overeating? Finding ways to actually do it.

Here are a few games I play.

Shock Treatment: It may or may not cure your depression, but sticker shock works. When you buy food take a bold red Sharpie Marker and write down the calories for the whole package on the front. That's right, take the servings per package and multiply it times the amount of calories per serving. For example, Oreo Cookies. 2 cookies 160 calories. 1 package, 2400!

What Goes Up: When I was in college (yes, they had them way back then!) We used to flip peanuts or popcorn in the air and catch it with out mouth. I was pretty skillful - well until I had a few and nearly lost an eye. You should try it, whatever you can catch you eat; just do it for the whole meal. Caution: It does work so well with corn on the cob, and flaming pu pu platters!

Even Steven: This is a great game. You can eat anything you want up to the amount of calories you burn, but you have to do it while you are exercising. You can have Fritos while you ride a bike, candy corn while you are running, chocolate while skydiving, beer while you are swimming - you get the idea. Just make sure the calories consumed are equal to the calories burned.

Food Roulette: You put out one thing you like, and 5 things that you don't. You throw the dice and eat the one that corosponds to the number you rolled. 

Beat the Clock: It's an easy one. You set the timer for 30 seconds, and you can have whatever you can cook in that amount of time.

Child's Play: This is a great one. All you need to do is steal the neighbor kids tea set while they are in school (tip: usually on school days). Then you make yourself a meal that fits on the plates and eat it with the fork that comes with it.

Punkin Chunkin: All you do here is load whatever food you really love into a catapult and let it fly. Whatever you can find, you get to eat.

Movie Night: I have a hard time going to movies. The only rule for this one: you may have any food that you don't pay for.

How about you, what tricks do you use to eat less?

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caramkoala wrote 131 months ago:
I love Beat the Clock and Movie Night, hilarious!
cantjustcant wrote 131 months ago:
For movies I would say you sit down and spread all your food on the floor. Anything that doesn't stick you can eat!
bitsybetsy424 wrote 131 months ago:
lol - this is great! I'm seriously tempted to get a kid's tea set and use it as my dishes :)
aliciagetshealthy wrote 131 months ago:
Love the "Shock Treatment"!
staroftheeast wrote 131 months ago:
This is great. Thanks for sharing.
kathrynh68 wrote 131 months ago:
If it fits in one ramekin - its legal.
AdAstra47 wrote 131 months ago:
Love this!
I was confused by the "beat the clock" game, though. Are you one of those "foodies" who usually eats things that take more than 30 seconds to prepare? ;-)
Seriously, though, the child's tea set idea? I've kinda done that already. I inherited one of my great-grandmother's sets of dishes, and compared to a set that I might get today, they're half the size! Tells you something about our cultures, doesn't it?

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