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Embracing Change Without Dying

How did I ever let myself get to almost 300 pounds? I ate too many calories. The change occurred slowly over a period of millions of bites of food. It's pretty much the same way I became a daily drinker, a smoker and drug user. I never set out to be an addict, it just happened.

I was always going to change tomorrow.

What got my attention? Well, it wasn't the US Post Office considering giving me my own ZIP code or the fact that I thought I could be seen from outer space; nope, none of those. It was a week in ICU without a shower or underwear or sleep.

It was hard to decide to live.

My heart failure cost me just about everything. It took a while before I was able to work, 8 months. it stressed out my family, and I was emotionality depressed. When you don't have your health, the rest of life doesn't mean a whole lot.

Then I started running.

Oh yeah, running is bad for your knees, you'll get A-Fib if you over train, you'll need knee replacements, running is a treat, you don't need to run to to lose weight, I heard it all. And most of it from doctors! I also heard, you weren't that fat, a little meat on the bones is healthy, I like your curves (not really that one), you look cute (yeah from the top of my head up.) and I didn't realize you were so sick. WTF?

It took a year to do C25K and lose 60 pounds.

I have faced a number of challenges since I first logged onto MFP and asked what an NSV was. Here is what I can tell you. Because I run and lost weight, I have survived cancer 4 times. I have dumped 7 medications for my heart except for a low dose of blood pressure medication which I have needed all my life. My resting pulse is down from 72 to 48 and I haven't had to take an antidepressant or even had a cold. That's going on 4 years.

This weekend is the Chicago Marathon and I'll be there!

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SteveTries wrote 93 months ago:
A success story that others can take inspiration from.
H_Factor wrote 93 months ago:
By being real, you are an inspiration to many.
cindyj7 wrote 93 months ago:
You are an ongoing success - keep up the awesome!
gailmelanie wrote 93 months ago:
Thanks for proving some doctors right and some wrong. Thanks for showing us all it anyone can change their life if they decide to do it. How are the knees? I keep wondering if I'll have less pain if I lose weight. I guess I'll have to do it to find out.
wisebadger53 wrote 93 months ago:
You are the epitome of dedication and positivity! Stay strong and keep running brother!
Just__Bethy wrote 93 months ago:
What an inspiring story. Thank you. (And yes, the weren't that fat, a little meat on the bones, comments might help our hearts feel better but it doesn't make them any healthier!! We need truth, tempered with compassion, not big is beautiful crap..because no matter how beautiful you look when you're big..that heart is still pumping too hard!!
newhealthykim wrote 93 months ago:
Thank you for posting this. I didn't start off at your weight, but I was headed in that direction (242 lbs). I started C25K on July 21st. I'm so happy to hear I'm not the only one who is taking longer than 8 weeks to finish. I've only dropped 17 lbs so far, but I'm obsessed with running. I also heard all of the excuses, and I couldn't figure out why people were not being more supportive (I still haven't figured it out). I've heard walking is just as good as running, but you know what, walking didn't motivate me to do anything other than get on a dreadmill. It was much easier to convince myself not to walk than it is to convince myself not to run.
MelisRunning wrote 93 months ago:
I'll be there, too!
mikostywr wrote 93 months ago:
way to go! :D
RUNNING_AMOK_1958 wrote 93 months ago:
I heard all the same stories my whole life too. I didn't start running until I was 53. Go kick butt in Chicago. I'll be cheering you on from the west coast!
gypsyGIRL159 wrote 93 months ago:
Thank you so much for writing this and encouraging the people like me who love to run...... love to feel like I am doing what I can do NOW.... instead of waiting until I have the Big One make me do something about my Obesity.

You really are AMAZING! You own your great LIVE-OUT-LOUD LIFE!!!!!

GBrady43068 wrote 93 months ago:
It'll be awhile before I'm marathon ready but it's a goal. I was near 300 when I got here (264) and I'm at 210 now.
Myhaloslipped wrote 93 months ago:
goodasgoldilox165 wrote 93 months ago:
Some things are hard to say:
'I ate too many calories'
- change begins from that statement.
FatOldBat wrote 93 months ago:
You were dead man waddling! I kid, of course, thanks for sharing your success story. :-)
adelelins wrote 93 months ago:
I am weighing in at 320lbs, recovering from alcoholism/drug addiction for 28 years. Food addiction is the monkey on my back. This site is really helping me along with all kinds of support locally in my home town.
sueconvery7 wrote 93 months ago:
2101958 wrote 93 months ago:
WTG!!! U r amazing!!!
NidhiFit wrote 93 months ago:
wow you are soo motivating.. it feel so good to be good health be there for family, friend and for yourself.. keep it up.. only only listen to yourself :)
annabellj wrote 93 months ago:
ur a rockstar! no funeral or death in your future! so proud of you!
turkeyhunter60 wrote 93 months ago:
Good blog. Good luck on the run.

1stplace4health wrote 93 months ago:
Well done!
JulieGirl58 wrote 93 months ago:
WOW! What a fantastic story of courage and self discipline.
NikonPal wrote 93 months ago:
Funny...I can't count the number of times people have said: "you weren't that fat" --- it took me almost 6 months to get down to your start weight...oh no...I wasn't fat...hilarious.
dsanford55 wrote 93 months ago:
"When you don't have your health, the rest of life doesn't mean a whole lot". More true words were never spoken. And that right there is why I have "looked " at this journey different than all the times before. I have been on many diets throughout the years. It's just my personal opinion but I think the real key to losing the weight and keeping it off is to make the most important part of the journey about your general health...the rest will take care of itself. Thank you for writing this's a gentle reminder of what the real priority should be!
ryansgirl101302 wrote 93 months ago:
Good for you!!!! Impressive and amazing!!
marvelmo wrote 93 months ago:
May the wind be at your back! Have a great race! You rock! Thanks for your inspiring & humorous blogs.
coueswhitetail wrote 92 months ago:
Congratulations! That is a such a huge accomplishment! I applaud you and your honesty. "I ate too many calories" is such a simple, yet powerful statement of truth that too many people can not face. You are amazing!

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