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Don't you get tired of...

...people who haven't lost any weight, and have all the answers?
...smelly people at the gym?
...people who whine on every status?
...drivers who don't use turn signals?
...drivers who leave thier turn signals on?
...high calorie health food?
...people who blame anything but themselves for their failure?
...when people take 50 napkins, and then throw them all away? names that are not even real words?
...not having enough quarters to dry the wet laundry?
...conspiracy theories.
...double negatives.
...obese people in line at the donut shop?
...when ice cream drips out of the bottom of your cone?
...4 hours chairs at an 8 hour jobs?
...when people leave the cap off the toothpaste?
...sick people who cough near you?
...celebrity worshippers?
...the "yes but" people?
...people who can't complete a sentence without saying "you know"?
...people that cancel plans constantly?
...forks with bent tines?
...websites with horizontal scrolling?
...people who don't care what's going on in our country?
...people who are always late? hard it is to open a new CD?
...unsolicited advice?
...fat rolls? who say how good you are doing, and then bring in pizza and cupcakes?
...obese people with a shopping cart full of junk food "for the kids"?
...people that say they don't like a certain food before they try it. (no one on MFP like that)
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cessnaholly wrote 122 months ago:
LOL - ...websites with horizontal scrolling? and who say how good you are doing, and then bring in pizza and cupcakes? are my favorites.
fitzie63 wrote 122 months ago:
Friends, co-workers or family that bring in a lot of food temptations are: "enablers". That's no different than an alcoholic who cannot stand to "drink alone". They have to get someone to join them in their chosen destructive lifestyle. That makes them feel their behavior is "acceptable" so they can continue in their denial. They may appear to be well-meaning when they are a toss-up between jealous of your lifestyle change success or they need to sabotage your success to justify their own insecurity of not being "ready" to become heart-healthy themselves. In any case, thank those who do that for their thoughtfulness but let them know you're allergic to that food (you do not need to tell them the allergic reaction is that you "break out in fat", lol).

Great blog!
wickedcricket wrote 122 months ago:
no I actually love conspiracy theories- I live & breathe them. the more outlandish, the better - I throw this out so often my friends & family tease me now & will say it first 'it's a conspiracy!' LOL
sk2775 wrote 122 months ago:
I hate it when ice cream drips out of the bottom of the cone...and then everything gets!!!! A great post once again. Keep them coming :-)
baypathgradLyns wrote 122 months ago:
Yes, yes, yes TO EVERYTHING! haha :D
harleigh67 wrote 122 months ago:
I am tired of......
people who race around you in a car only to end up sitting next to you at the next red light!....
People who use the last and can't put out a new roll of toilet paper....
People who spit loogies in the sink or water fountains...
People who think they are invisible while picking their nose in a car.... I can see you over there digging for Fort Knox

I could go on and on about this subject
KarmaxKitty wrote 122 months ago:
Especially the first one...
skinnymeinaz wrote 122 months ago:
Yes but...hahaha I couldn't resist. Picking just one....forks with bent tines ~ I hate that!
seniorfaye wrote 122 months ago:
The very last one but its my Gkids that say they don't like a food and I say "but you haven't even tried it" Ugh. Problem is I was probably the same way when I was a child.... You had some great remarks and really hit it on the mark with them....My husband thinks its funny when someone says "I'm watching my weight" and is drinking a diet drink but then gets a piece of cake or a snickers candy bar....
KellyBurton1 wrote 122 months ago:
And Boston Bruins! sorry just kidding. I had to throw that one Habs fan here!!
audram420 wrote 122 months ago:
2Bgoddess wrote 122 months ago:
you are hilarious :-)
Going4Lean wrote 122 months ago:
#1 sounds like my co-worker always talking about loosing weight and going to the gym and she never does it.
SaishaLea wrote 122 months ago:
Yes all of that! Especially the fat rolls! lol
annabellj wrote 122 months ago:
love the coworker thing but it is my mil. she sends stuff home for the kids all the time and I have repeatedly asked her not to because I cant resist and she know how hard it is for me to have that stuff in the house. she had a weight problem previously and got pissed when she had to deal with stuff in her house! Definitely is a bone of contention with me!hubby is no better sometimes! ugh!
_gwen wrote 122 months ago:
solved the CD problem...
Jmayhem69 wrote 122 months ago:
My FAT sister feeds her princess daughter nothing but garbage (corn dogs, chicken nuggets, funyuns) and when confronted she says, "She won't eat anything else!" She has been going to the gym daily same as me for the same 34 days now, I am down a total of 12 lbs....her zip! When I find a tube of pringles in her car and call her out, oh yeah, it's for the rugrat sure! Good modeling Mom pfffttt. now I am raging, thanks!
Careygirl1968 wrote 122 months ago:
Walking out of the gym to smell hamburgers cooking on a grill . . . or going to the gym next to the Mexican restaurant . . . or, walking down the fresh baked bread asile at WalMart (post workout) as you head to the yogurt aisle.
cmriverside wrote 122 months ago:
Christi1979 wrote 122 months ago:
Haha! Gotta love this!
_David_ wrote 122 months ago:
As Always Greatness!
SugarNtheRaw wrote 122 months ago:
I'm not sure if I need to high-five you for pointing these out, or crawl under a rock because I just realized how anal-retentive I am... Nice job!
SixCatFaerie wrote 122 months ago:
Absolutely awesome!

The one I hate the most:

...obese people with a shopping cart full of junk food "for the kids"?
diletta24 wrote 122 months ago:
nice post, so hilarious. Definitely Tired of unsolicited advice! not enough tired of the rest i suppose...
brittanyscherich wrote 122 months ago:
haha that last one is totally me.
odditblue wrote 122 months ago:
I love ALL your blog posts!!
kdeven wrote 122 months ago:
LOL. Love it!
leslielt wrote 122 months ago:
people that say they don't like a certain food before they try it. (no one on MFP like that)

I do and do it proudly! Although I think I'll tell you I've never had it but it looks, smells, sounds gross. If someone else made it and it doesn't pass the look or smell test I'm not eating it

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