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Don't Quit!

Did you ever have one of those days where you just didn’t feel like doing this fit lifestyle crap? I know that I have. Worse, I have one and the next day it seems I have a worse one. It's one of the big reasons I can't have cheat days - they end up as cheat weeks.

I confess, it's been hard to stay focused.

Yesterday I had a day surgery for collecting biopsies. I wasn't allowed to eat for two days prior. Trust me I thought about sneaking in a few Doritos, some cheese, a sausage and bacon pizza, an egg sandwich, a donut, and some left over Chinese food - washed down with a gallon of coffee.

Why is it always about food? It's always the damn food!

The food has been my problem since I was 41. Before that it was cigarettes and drinking and kids; I have a lot of kids. ;) At 41 I went from 165-175 to 230 pounds and then to around 300. I was working on getting my own zip cade. I have struggled with my weight ever since. I put smoking and drinking behind me decades ago, many decades. 

And my youngest started 8th grade yesterday and she will be on her own in a few years.

Lately it seems that I eat out more, cook less, and don't pay attention as much. I dread making lunches and snacks. Sure the scale is only a few pounds up, but it's bothering me. I am working hard to stay in the day and just live one at a time.

You certainly can't outrun a bad diet. Not even training for a marathon will do that.

Granted I have a lot going on in my personal life: with healthcare, a new job, training for Berlin and planning a wedding.

Nothing is impossible - well, for me, nothing is impossible with God.

The flip side of having a lot of stuff to deal with in life? Having a lot of ways to counter it. I put things in my life that are worth looking forward to. I purchase something small online that I need so the pile of medical bills seems smaller when I get to the mailbox. Of course I run. I register for local races, I go to art classes (I will be teaching one in October), take an occasional ride with my love, and I even get to the shooting range now and again.

Some days I just sit on the bed and enjoy some of the blessings I do have.

If quitting is not an option, then entertaining myself, visiting my kids, and being a smartass online is a positive response.

When I am doing those things, I am not eating or thinking about it.

I was going to write 10 things to help lose weight or maintain your fitness. I can only think of one.


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MrsSampogna wrote 51 months ago:
Thank you ! I needed that today <3
marlown wrote 51 months ago:
This!!! So much truth here. And I'm trying to do the same, but your words inspire me to push on. TY for sharing your journey.
Leahbcc wrote 51 months ago:
Thanks for sharing this
ggeise14 wrote 51 months ago:
100% agree -- it's always about the food! And most of all, don't quit.
pizzafruit wrote 51 months ago:
Thanks for posting. I've been struggling for over 2 weeks and your post came just at the right time.
GloriaLoveFaithHope wrote 51 months ago:
Thanks for sharing. I've been struggling with staying within my set calories, etc. Today has been hard but after reading your blog, I've decided not cheat today and stay focused on how far I've come. May God bless you and heal body from head to toe. Take care
TrishasTime wrote 51 months ago:
I was feeling sorry for myself with limited mobility - thankyou for your words - they are a god send
runningforthetrain wrote 51 months ago:
Hear Hear; it's about the food:) Thanks for your wonderful sense of humor. Enjoyed the post very much!
jmnicholas wrote 51 months ago:
Good advice. Especially when it is all getting 'too hard'. Quitting involves inactive choices. I CHOOSE to continue, to start over with a clean slate, just as you will be choosing to love your new wife. God bless.
ncfitbit wrote 51 months ago:
Wonderful words of wisdom! I love the message. Don't quit. You. Are. So. Right.
tlr52 wrote 50 months ago:
Thank you for sharing!! It is reassuring to know others have the same crazy "food thoughts." They have been my nemesis for years. I like your message of don't quit. No truer words were ever spoken!!
tlr52 wrote 50 months ago:
Thank you for sharing!! It is reassuring to know others have the same crazy "food thoughts." They have been my nemesis for years. I like your message of don't quit. No truer words were ever spoken!!
texteach66 wrote 50 months ago:
"Don't quit" is the most important one of all, since quitting tends to be the reason we fail.
chet01 wrote 50 months ago:
All I can say is "Amen"!
mgtz69 wrote 50 months ago:
I hear you. When I get this way I grab my husband and we figure out something fun to do - nature walk, running, paddling, biking, anything. If you really need that ice cream fix or salty Chinese, at least make yourself work for it. For example, I only let myself have frozen yogurt by walking the two mile round trip to our local shop. Losing weight and getting in shape lets you do so much more! Don't always be hard on yourself. Flip it around and do something you love (besides eat :) )or try something new.
Anonymous wrote 50 months ago:
Well said! Can identify b/c it takes lots of mindfulness and determination; plus, support/accountability--made my day and saying prayers
SilverSheWolf55 wrote 50 months ago:
Your blogs never seize to amaze me. I do skim over some of them :-P But, now and again, the titles catch my eye and I always have to read what you said about this particular your subject line. Umm....DON'T QUIT. How many times have I told myself that...have I heard my friends say that. My days lately have been pretty up and down, (mostly down), yet, I do "keep coming back". Then I see this post....and think. "Wow....he's got a lot of shyt going on. I know, I know, we are not suppose to compare, unfortunately I do. Bad habit, I day I just may break that habit. I do want to say "THANK YOU" for coming back and continuing to remind me that I do have A LOT to be thankful for. I am blessed. Anything is possible with God who strengthens me. I do tend to forget that and get caught up in my world of "self pity". BUT, I will continue to work on ME, continue to keep coming back, and continue to read your blogs. In case you didn't already know it, you are an amazing person. Thank you for being you and thank you for NOT QUITTING. ;-)
Demander2015 wrote 50 months ago:
I do believe everyone has those days. I do too!

Here's what I do. With regards to food, I immediately enter my cravings in the myfitnesspal calorie counter and hit complete the entry. The drop in the goal makes the craved food seem less welcome. If the craving does not go away, I indulge in a cheat meal, not a cheat day. I just incorporate the craved meal in that day's plan and make sure it is under the calories needed to maitain my weight, if not under the calorie goal to lose my targeted weight.

I also have those days where I do not feel like working out bacause my muscles are too tight, the weather is cold/rainy/snowy etc. Here's what I do, I don't give up on the workout altogether, I just replace it with a milder or a more fun one - put in a CD and dance like crazy for 30 minutes, maybe just shovel the snow with friends or with music in the ears, maybe just make a day of not using machines and wash dishes and clothes by hand or use elbow grease instead of a grinder, walk to the grocery store or just do a bit of yoga and stretching. It's not the same workout but it prevents me from falling off the wagon and I don't feel like I broke the chain and can get back to it again.

You just have to keep going if you want to achieve your goals.
Demander2015 wrote 50 months ago:
Run, walk or crawl but keep moving!
tnekdd wrote 50 months ago:
Great inspiration! Funny too! I think we ALL have had feelings like this, no matter how much lbs. we have to lose. There is lots going on in your stuff...busy stuff. If only there is a short walk, it's worth it. It kinda clears your (my) head when you you a boost. The cheat day...or days fit everyone! I tell myself to look at the big picture and see what I have already accomplished and move on from there. Sometimes we all need to give ourselves a break and not be so hard on ourselves. It can get counterproductive.
Congrats on the wedding and good luck on the new job!
JudiSchneider1 wrote 50 months ago:
Demander wrote run, walk or crawl but keep moving! I'm 65 and have just started walking. It was daily, but, my walking partner, my husband is in the hospital now. I am really scared for him and me. lung and liver problems. Hope it's not cancer. I will force myself to walk (with my walker, I might add) tomorrow and each day after that. That's in between a walk and a crawl. Good luck to all. Js

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