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Don't be a Noob Boob

Everyone has to start somewhere. Most of us would give positive lip service to general healthy habits like eating yogurt, walking more, smaller portions, giving up Big Macs and not smoking crack. What is more difficult is getting past the mind set that defeats us in actually getting healthy and losing our status as obese or overweight.

I am not health expert, nor am I am a thin model that got fat for my before pictures. But I play both on MFP.

If you are a noob, I can save you some trouble. If you have been around for a while, like me, we can enjoy the wealth of the shared experience and frustration with idiots on the message boards.

In order to succeed, you need to start a series of life-long habits. That's right, you need to start new habits. Unlike men picking their noses and scratching their privates in public, some of these don't come naturally. If you can't do this for the rest of your life, then you are doomed to fail. The NY Times had an article about a group of people that lost a significant amount of weight and made it 5 YEARS. The sad truth is most won't make a year, never mind 5.

If you are new, sure there are some things you can do to ease yourself into this new fit lifestyle. Try replacing foods with healthier versions, check out C25K, dump the sweet drinks and start logging every day.

If you are not counting calories and increasing your activity, look forward to struggling and failure in your future.

What are the secrets to sustainable long term success? Here is my list.

Food portions! You really can eat anything as long as you don't over indulge. Get a food scale, read restaurant menus and calories BEFORE you go out, box half the meal before you eat and learn how to use a measuring cup.

Water! Drinks are often a source of empty calories. Soda is a no brainer, but what about whipped-mocha-carmel-spiced-pumpkin-apple-cinnamon-turbo-shot-lattes sweet and light, energy drinks, and sweet tea? Diet soda is a problem too. Google it, it's not healthy and will not help you achieve your fitness goals. Beer, wine and mixed drinks are also on the list.

Sodium: it's an eventual diet killer and all processed foods have TOO much. Period.

Labels: They are not just for getting your underwear on going the right way. They are on just about any manufactured or processed foods; get used to reading them. The real tip here? If it has a label, it is most likely processed and eventually you will find there are better choices.

Vegetables: These are a staple of healthy eating. There are many choices, so experiment. Fresh is best, frozen is better, and canned is good.

Fruit: After vegetables, the next best addition to any healthy eating regimen. Just keep an eye out for sugar and carbs.

Beans: When you want to add gas protein to your diet without the expense of fish, red meat and chicken, this is a great addition. The problem is the canned variety are high in sodium, so rinse them well.

Exercise: you really need to have good general fitness. Even if you want to be a long distance runner or a bodybuilder, both benefit from strength and cardio endurance exercise. 3/30 minute cardio sessions a week along with two strength circuits is plenty for the long haul. It might not get you to the end of a marathon, or a gorgeous set of ripped abs, but you will be healthy and avoid injures in other sports.

Shopping: If you don't bring it home, it won't tempt you.

There is a lot more to know - like why you need to eat superfoods, about diet foods that are bad for you and how excuses will kill you!


Thanks for the votes and comments. I always appreciate your support!

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pittsblue99 wrote 113 months ago:
Well said. Another great blog.
CaityB14 wrote 113 months ago:
Just read today that women who don't read labels on the foods they are buying, tend to weigh 9 pounds on average more than someone who checks labels.
TrailRunner61 wrote 113 months ago:
I agree, well said! I wish I would have been able to read this on my first day on MFP!
sylwheat wrote 113 months ago:
great blog and oooooooooooooo so true!!
hollyrunner wrote 113 months ago:
So true; if it has a's most likely processed. Great blog!!
alexisdc wrote 113 months ago:
Always humor and informative!
Denjo060 wrote 113 months ago:
Awesome !!!!
sk2775 wrote 113 months ago:
Another great blog.
sensitivegirl wrote 113 months ago:
Thanks for the laugh this morning! And the reminder of such simple tips that have great benefits!
frosty73 wrote 113 months ago:
Very fun and funny!
odditblue wrote 113 months ago:
If I don't bring it home... it may tempt me... 'cause my lovely in-laws who I am living with DO bring it home. :D So I hermit to my room when I'm home and stay away from the temptation corner of the kitchen. Mostly, just don't go downstairs unless it's to get in the car and drive away.
mdcjmom wrote 113 months ago:
Labels: They are not just for getting your underwear on going the right way. They are on just about any manufactured or processed foods; get used to reading them. The real tip here? If it has a label, it is most likely processed and eventually you will find there are better choices.

best comment ever!
Rosytakesoff wrote 113 months ago:
two thumbs way up!
Navotc wrote 113 months ago:
Well said, as usual!!
MaryRegs wrote 113 months ago:
^^Amen! Great blog-as always! The "scratching your privates" thing had me laughing out loud at work :)
77Maria wrote 113 months ago:
Dear God in Heaven, Thank you for this blog....exactly what I needed to keep on going!
christiking1980 wrote 113 months ago:
I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for posting! LOL
Staceslim wrote 113 months ago:
You are so right, I think I have to be the worst kind of diabetic. I will have a low blood sugar & nine times out of ten will over correct because I am too hungry & tempted by the bad stuff in the house. I have three children & I am pregnant with our fourth, so not good that I eat the way I do. I need to be healthier because I am sure keeping up with all of them is going to be something. Thanks for your wonderful advice. I think getting more healthier will help my energy as well.
froglady7311 wrote 113 months ago:
I have been a "lifetime" member of Jenny took me 10yrs to figure out I need to be a lifetime member of Cheryl Shook! (myself)
Vonnie2006 wrote 113 months ago:
Best blog ever!
sbalice wrote 113 months ago:
I'm new to MFP and loved this blog post. Thanks for the kick in the pants! :-)
carolstartingover wrote 113 months ago:
Thanks for cutting it to the chase. I log everyday and exercise and I expect a win from ot.
Allyson1985 wrote 113 months ago:
Love this! :)
viviennemayer wrote 113 months ago:
This was hysterical, and all I could picture in my head was my former nutritionist giving me "the look" with her arms crossed. Something so true put to humor. Love it! Froglady....I tried that route once. Lost over 3bls the first week and was crucified by my counselor for eating a plain bratwurst. Darn it I know it was a bad choice but seriously? I quit after that first week and am doing just fine on my own, like I'm sure you are now. Keep up the postive attitude, no need to pay for ridicule, you can get it anywhere for free.
skyeliz525 wrote 113 months ago:
Labels: They are not just for getting your underwear on going the right way.
jnlynn wrote 113 months ago:
I really enjoyed your blog! Thanks
FabnFit2013 wrote 113 months ago:
loved this - its like MFP all in one blogspot
SusanDoesIt wrote 113 months ago:
The title alone made me laugh out loud, and love all the awesome advice
jlsexson wrote 113 months ago:
Loved your blog. Like that you put so much truth in such a light note. I don't like being lectured and the way you wrote this allowed me to take it to heart without feeling annoyed. I know these rules. The hard part is finding the will power to make the change a permanent one!
janet0513 wrote 113 months ago:
Well it's about time you put out another blog :) Great post. Plain and simple. Make changes you can live with
sc5351 wrote 113 months ago:
Outstanding blog! Thank you!
Lyssa62 wrote 113 months ago:
wait -- where did it say we had to stop smokin' crack??? I didn't see that! ;)
happybluetoes wrote 113 months ago:
Thank you for sharing, all of what you said is true, the key is Lifestyle Changes, meant for long term Health !!
SteveB1965 wrote 113 months ago:
Sound advice.
kassiej043 wrote 113 months ago:
This made a lot of sense to me. What stood out most was the sodium....I rarely drink soda, don't drink coffee, don't sweeten my tea, I eat healthy with the occasional "cheat foods" in there and I exercise 4-6 days a week. But sodium is one I never really thought much about, until recently. My bf is really into bodybuilding, boxing and Muay Thai (I am too a little) and he's got me on some good multi vitamins and supplements now. When we're at the grocery store or out to eat we both are aware of sodium and salt content. He ALWAYS checks labels. He said to me, anything that has more than 12-15% sodium we want to avoid. I made that mistake yesterday with my lunch! It was raining and I decided I wanted some soup. I found the nutrition facts online BEFORE going to get my soup (228 calories) but I didn't look at the sodium until AFTER I ate it...25% :/ Lesson learned though, I won't make that mistake again.

Thanks again for the tips!
Weight_less wrote 113 months ago:
Nice post. But let me be the first one who disagrees. I disagree with that part where you say 'If you are not counting calories and increasing your activity, look forward to struggling and failure in your future.' I'm sure it's wrong. If I make better choices and change my habits, I can avoid counting calories. Once again, losing weight is more complex and deeper than just counting calories intake, in my opinion.
WinningWithin wrote 113 months ago:
I love this post! I keep reminding myself to take the long view on this whole thing. For me, it means staying off the scale (only monthly weighing), daily exercise and counting calories. Also, to not try to lose a ridiculous amount of weight quickly. Or, in fact, lose any weight quickly. If I make the right changes and stick with them, weight loss and body composition change will happen organically. :0)
TrekGuru wrote 113 months ago:
I agree with almost everything. But unfortunatly I cannot exercise. BUT I am losing weight (29 pounds since oct). My secret? I filled out the forms right for this site. I stick to under my calorie or right at my calorie goal. Just by eating right, lowering my fat,sodium, and losing the two soda a day habit has helped enormiously. Before you nay sayers jump on me for not exercising: I have a spinal problem. I cannot lift or carry over five pounds and cannot walk without my crutchs. I got a massage table for range of Motion and strenthing exercies but have not started them yet. Right now my goal is to lose the weight and try not to fall down. LOL
JucyJ40 wrote 113 months ago:
Great blog!

EVEN with your limitations, you are doing a great job at reaching your goals ...hard work and determination =SUCCESS! keep up the amazing job and God bless ;~}…
Monica0430 wrote 113 months ago:
Great blog!! Funny and informative. Amongs other things I need to work on cutting the sodium out of my diet.
lpina2mi wrote 113 months ago:
Nice summation; it covers the basics.
...Now about the gray areas: superfoods (for you, your neighbor, friend, me--can vary); 50 calories of butter is different than 50 calories of sugar (guess which one is my time-bomb) AND there are more.
snhegg wrote 113 months ago:
Thank you so much for the advise! My Brother would get a kick out of your post! I'll keep it all in mind and fresher is always better for sure!

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