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Don't be a Dope, Add a Note!

I can't believe that friend requests notes are so much trouble for some people here on MFP. I read profiles with all sorts of rules.  For example: I don't accept friend requests after 6 pm, when I am picking my nose, or on Tuesday. What is Tuesday, you're cheat day? And how many calories are you logging those boogers as? But what about a note? Didn't I ask for a NOTE!

Here are the Top 10 excuses for not adding a note.

1. I don't have any fingers, I pushed the "Add a Friend" button with my nose. (You should see me swype on my iPhone using both nostrils.)

2. I don't speak English.

3. You looked so good in your profile pic, I was speechless.

4. I am a self-absorbed moron, and my note said, "You are lucky to have me as a friend." So, in  moment of compassion, I deleted it.

5. I read your profile and we don't have anything in common except that we have an animal for a profile pic. Meow.

6. I can't read.

7. With both fingers I can't type faster than 22 words per hour and I misspelled "lose."

8. I couldn't think of a nice way to say: I saw your answers on the message boards, and they were just so stupid, I thought it would be fun following you.

9. I did, I accidentally used white as a font color.

10. I was laughing at your blog post and hit the "Add as Friend" button while I wiping snot off the keyboard.

OK, so why don't you use notes with your friend requests?

Thanks for the votes and comments. And yes, I accept friend requests with or without notes - but I do like notes.

And for those who have been long-time readers, thanks for your support on my book project! The website is almost there.

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cbmcphillips wrote 112 months ago:
Adding a note - looking forward to the website...

Thinking I've tested the boundries - rich poor thick thin sickness and health - 20 years and going strong!

Carol in NJ...
jomtois wrote 112 months ago:
I wish I could comment in a white font!
stevenleagle wrote 112 months ago:
deeannhill wrote 112 months ago:
11. I'm just lazy like that & won't ever actually comment on anything or provide support in any way; however, since MFP is just Facebook for Fat People, I want to look like I have a lot of friends.

Thanks for the laughs!
LaSutopia wrote 112 months ago:
They are called "friend collectors". That is why I just delete warning, just delete.
CallMeCupcakeDammit wrote 112 months ago:
I rarely send requests, especially now with my list so large, but I always included a message when I did. I used to accept without one, but I had to stop that when I started getting closer to 300. The white font is brilliant!
shygur wrote 112 months ago:
I hate it when requests come in without a note so I just ignore. I have lots of friends and want to be supportive to them all.
made2wonder wrote 112 months ago:
How funny!
Melissa26point2 wrote 112 months ago:
another great one! thanks for the funnies...and truths :)
fitzie63 wrote 112 months ago:
No me gustaria escribir nada. Ja ja ja ja ja
carolstartingover wrote 112 months ago:

I have a beef with the gal that wants only Christians as friends because she is a Christian and only has Christian friends. Well I almost thought i was on a church site. The subject matter is weight, fitness or whatever. And we are all sinners, I am Catholic but I sure as hell would not indicate that it was related to diet and fitness. I think people like that are either dominated by their spouse or hiding something. Just my opinion. By the way, I only want Irish/Catholic friends who have a litte bit of a temper. LOL.
maryhansenbfegypt wrote 112 months ago:
well, Old Broad, that would be me...would Scots/Irish Catholic old broad do? ( an anomaly, Scots/Irish Catholic..but true... Sooooo....what do you do when you have lost 25 lbs, are down to 191.4 lbs and you just keep HANGIN there, week after week? Don't want to starve. Don't think it would work anyhow. Can't do TONS of exercise....( I am a REALLY old broad....69 and creepin up on the big 70).....just bought the famous green coffee bean...well after 2 days, too early to make a judgement on that....I'm sorry but I am SO SICK of this. I know...whining....what do people do when they reach a "plateau"? whining some more! pop in and see me at maryhansenbfegypt on mfp.

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