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Dolphins, Beer and H20

I don't have a lot to say this morning. I do have some good news. I got a second opinion on the cervical spine and the doctor did not think that I needed a spinal fusion. In fact, he said my spine looked like that of a 40- or 45-year-old.

I owe that to running and regular chiropractic treatment.

The eating on the other hand is out of control. I spend way too much time at home in bed. I went from running 30 miles a week to 12. I have gone from 10-20,000 steps a day to averaging 3,000-4,000.

Add in the ocean of gabapentin and amitriptyline, and it's the perfect storm.

Did I mention a 3 1/2-pound bag of Easter candy calling my name from the empty tomb on the kitchen counter? It's a problem. Since I got off the pain meds, I have gained almost 10 pounds. I was at the neurologist yesterday. He is going to do a sleep study to see if that is contributing to the chronic headache. He mentioned weight may cause sleep apnea. Maybe I could lose 20 pounds. But what the hell does he know?! The doc was like 12.

Maybe he could run a 6-minute mile.

The other issue I have is water consumption. Since last August, here are a number of conditions, for which the doctors suggested I drink more water. Dehydrated disc. Skin rash (dry skin). Kidney stones. Today, the dentist mentioned it in relation to my dry gums.

This is a conspiracy!

MFP recommends 8 glasses of water a day. I assume that means 12 ounces. Or maybe just 3 ounces, I don't know. Let's say it is 12 ounces of water eight times a day. That is 96 ounces of water a day. That's 2.8 liters. I confess, I drink three 12 oz cans of sparkling water a day. You may add to that two 8-ounce glasses of H20 to wash down the ocean of medication I am taking. And.... four 8-ounce cups of mostly black coffee.

Coffee is a like a psych med; it keeps me from killing people.

The urologist wants me to drink (everyday) one entire gallon! It does have a cup of lemon or lemon juice in it; which reminds me of the prep for getting a colonoscopy. Seriously, do I look like a Corona-drinking dolphin?

This is hard work.

Peeing all the time is also hard work. Now that I got the damn meteor out of there, race horses have nothing on me. Just saying.

So. tell me, how much water do you drink? How many times a day do you use the toilet?

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minstrelofsarcasm wrote 38 months ago:
Oh boy, hydration is kinda the cornerstone of my health. I drink at least 100 oz of water a day, and find myself taking about 5 trips to the restroom, although that becomes 7 if I'm regularly drinking coffee. I've found that drinking anything less than 80 oz leaves me in a bad mood.
debk0718 wrote 38 months ago:
I honestly don't count how many times I got anymore, except for the minimum of 3 times during the night. The getting up to go is what ticks me off. I try and drink a good amount of water, but confess most of my consumption is black coffee. Probably 24 - 32 oz a day. Wow that's a lot now that I see that number. There are other ways to hydrate though, and I'm talking fruits like watermelon. LOL
ranchmimi wrote 38 months ago:
Welcome to my world! I would guess I drink upwards of 90 ounces of liquids including black coffee, water,and 0 calorie sparkling water. And I agree with debk0718 in that I don't count pee stops except at night when it interrupts my sleep! At least I fall right back to sleep - and for an 81 YO I guess that's not too bad! And so glad to hear there is no spinal fusion in the future! Keep up the good work!
Twiley510 wrote 38 months ago:
I drink close to 200 ounces a day, mostly before noon. Usually, I make a fluids in/fluids out trip every hour of the work day. No waking up at night for me unless alcohol has been consumed (that happens about twice a year.)
dsjohndrow wrote 38 months ago:
Since I lost weight and started chiropractic, I never get up at night.
ShellyMacchi wrote 38 months ago:
They say a good rough gauge of how much water we need of take half your body weight and substiture ounces for pounds.
That Mean, for me... 182lbs x 50% = 91 ounces

I fear I only get between 48 to 56 a day (not counting the average 8 ounces of black coffee)

I KNOW i feel better, function better, skin doesn't dry out and itch, (TMI) bowel function is better (LOL), if I drink at least 64 to 71 ounces of water a day + 8 ounces of coffee.

I am on three meds only....

2 are diuretics as I have had a life long history of water retention - and in my case, that's what it takes to keep blood pressure under control

1 is Potassium... because the 2 diuretics deplete my potassium levels to a dangerously (scary dangerous) low level.

So basically I try to drink lots of water, but I have a feeling I never will drink 'enough' because those darn diuretics (which I cannot do without) are excitedly baling water out of the canoe as fast as I am baling it in... so to speak LOL
lorrainequiche59 wrote 38 months ago:
64-80 oz of water including 4 cups of joe...pee lots in the a.m. and rise once/twice during the night including my 3-4 a.m. wake up to take thyroid med.

REALLY happy you are not getting your spine fused and YES to the sleep study...if you have sleep apnea it could be the cause of your headaches...and if you discover you do have sleep apnea, use the will get used to it.
Samquentin wrote 38 months ago:
I drink at minimum my 32 ounce cup of water 3 times/ day... so 96 ounces. Then I also have 16 ounces coffee & 8 ounces almond milk... and some "Free" water I dont measure.

I talked to my doc about my eyes going black, and my hearing fading, when I would stand up, first thing he asked, how much water are you drinking... me: 64 ounces a day, him: double it. :O you have orthostatic hypotension, drink more water.

It does help. and my skin looks great now. :) I dont potty as much as you'd expect... 6-8 times/day? morning on waking, mid morning, lunch time, mid afternoon, dinner time mid evening, and before bed are the norms. :) LOL
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