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Do You Touch Yourself?

When I did I found that not far beneath the remaining belly fat, is an emerging 6-pack!

- I was combing my hair and found that my biceps have moved to the top of my upper arm.
- The manboobs have been replaced with pecs!
- I do have hip bones.
- My wife *Liked* my Facebook status that said I lost 60 pounds.
- I am wearing my old jeans.
- I actually bought some new clothes - underwear too.
- People who have never talked to me in the office in years stopped to say, "you are looking great." (Now my wife will come for lunch and scratch their eyes out.)
- The blood pressure is almost normal.
- I walk 4 flights of stairs 2 times a day without feeling winded.
- I sleep better.
- I have more energy.
- I like going to the gym, even if it is alone.
- Eating out is more of a pain than it's worth.
- MFP folks can really make a difference.
- Without my glasses I look like Arnold in the mirror.

Non-scale victories (NSV) are really more important than just losing weight - enjoy them! 

I still have a way to go, but I feel like I am going to make it. How about you?

Thanks in advance for the comments and votes, you guys are awesome!

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emilydmac wrote 122 months ago:
you are awesome!
GentlyLosing wrote 122 months ago:
I hope you mean Arnold back in the day. The current version is getting kinda soft and mushy....more like me! :) Nice blog.
afrazier128 wrote 122 months ago:
Love it!
bill_i_am wrote 122 months ago:
Good Stuff as usual!!
ImKindOfABigDeal40 wrote 122 months ago:
I'm with you on eating out. I make up excuses now for not doing it. I don't usually crave the bad stuff like ice cream anymore either.
Sassi50 wrote 122 months ago:
Luv it!!! You manage to write the things that we are all thinking!!!! Great job!!!!
missyyclaire wrote 122 months ago:
Voting green arrow up!
odditblue wrote 122 months ago:
Lovin it!!!
jewls1969 wrote 122 months ago:
Catchy title! Good blog as usual!
Hearts_2015 wrote 122 months ago:
What a fun & positive post! So glad you shared :o)
bethdris wrote 122 months ago:
I was shocked to find BONES under all my fat...who would have thought!?? Great job on your weight loss and every NSV is an important one! :)
floshideaway wrote 122 months ago:
The title definitely made me laugh as I was thinking to myself "yes I do" .lol....I touch my hipbones, my biceps which are getting defined, and my ribs that I could not see 3 months ago and in the mirror without my glasses I still look 16.
annabellj wrote 122 months ago:
i love the part about your wife scratching their eyes out! lmfao
duchess_natas wrote 122 months ago:
I touch my belly all the time as it's getting flatter and flatter. And I can't seem to keep my hands off my guns (biceps). I've got my own gun show.

Awesome job. I'd say keep up the amazing work, but like you're gonna stop!
debswebby wrote 122 months ago:
Oh I'm always touching my elbows, shoulders and knees. Where once was just squishyness is now hard and pointy. I love it :D
runs4zen wrote 122 months ago:
I do! Sometimes, I have actually injured myself slightly...such as the time I whipped my head over my right shoulder to see behind me and caught the tip of my chin on my collar bone...LOL...

Love the entry, today!
1horsetown wrote 122 months ago:
I had Lasik.....the whole 'without my glasses' thing doesn't work for me anymore. I'll have to think up something else. Now that my hipbones don't have any padding on them I keep bruising the left one on the bathroom doorknob!!
dakitten2 wrote 122 months ago:
I'm too early in my journey to touch anything much less even look at myself. I find myself averting my eyes from all mirrors in the bathroom when I shower, etc. I hope one day that I'm in your shoes. Sounds like you're doing fantastic and I really enjoyed reading your blog.
_David_ wrote 122 months ago:
Its amazing how well you can "feel" when the bodyfat starts to melt off! Great read
Artemis_Acorn wrote 122 months ago:
Look like Arnold without my glasses! Too funny!
chedges9090 wrote 122 months ago:
great blog!!
Hoppymom wrote 122 months ago:
Well said! Funny post. Thanks!
kenlad64 wrote 122 months ago:
I know the feeling !!! :)
lizzybethclaire wrote 122 months ago:
When I read your post, all I kept thinking about was that 80's song by divinyls (sp??) called "I touch myself." c
Julesjhj wrote 122 months ago:
bah hah, funny blog title....I always thought I was fairly large boned until I lost 50+ pounds. My bones are small, they were just covered up! Who knew?? :)
KelleFlr wrote 122 months ago:
Love it! I agree, eating out is more of a pain that it's worth (why be fat and broke right). It is great to feel your bones. I am starting to feel my collar bone and hip bones as well... 60lb... awesome... that is my goal as well.
KeepGoingRhonda wrote 122 months ago:
love it!
grag79 wrote 122 months ago:
Luv it xgx
ECA67 wrote 122 months ago:
I loved your blog. Way to go man!!!
kalexander2005 wrote 122 months ago:
Yeah. I'm starting to feel like it's possible. I worked out really hard yesterday and had no soreness at all today. I guess that means I didn't work out hard enough, but I definitely appreciate the progress. Ditto on the eating out. Sometimes, it's a necessary evil, but a total pain in the rear. Keep rolling! :)
DaniValdez wrote 122 months ago:
love it! Makes me think of the journey to my goal in a different light
Lillemeddy wrote 122 months ago:
Haha, the title of this blog brought me here.. I guess we're all a little curious about those things. Thanks for todays funny, loved it.

DawnOf1969 wrote 122 months ago:
MFP folks can really make a difference.
Yes. they can and they do. I would be lost without them.
juliepre wrote 122 months ago:
Awesome! It really is great when you see (and feel) your body change. :-)
SharonR27 wrote 122 months ago:
Great Job! I look forward to the day when I will feel like that :-) Hope it is soon :-)!
HeatherMN wrote 122 months ago:
I can't lie...the title made me click. Such a dirty mind I have.

Anyway, congrats on all of your successes. Here's to many more!
H_Factor wrote 122 months ago:
awesome NSVs. I also have been pushing my remaining belly flab to see how close that 6 pack is...LOL!
adavis59 wrote 122 months ago:
Luv it!!
rinnismom wrote 122 months ago:
wonderful blog! it made me giggle. :)
Timo113 wrote 122 months ago:
The headline intrigued me---the blog did make me laugh. Congratulations on your weight lose so far ... good luck with the remaining journey
vikesfanmb wrote 122 months ago:
I can feel my rib cage now and amazingly enough, it seems that I do have hip bones. LOL Loved reading your blog! : )
Pixie110 wrote 122 months ago:
very funny!
ckoudsi617 wrote 122 months ago:
Yeah, your tag drew me in as well! A six-pack to your six-pack -- way to GO!
denice0414 wrote 122 months ago:
Funny post! Enjoyed. Good luck on continued success!
supermom4abcd wrote 122 months ago:
With 44 pounds gone, I bought new clothes, but not new underwear. That is until mine came my jeans! LOL
ccarpe wrote 122 months ago:
Looking in the mirror the other day I noticed that I still have a collarbone trying to make an appearance, haven't seen it in almost two decades. Great blog post.
ctinaditty wrote 122 months ago:
This was fantastic and I think you bring up a great point!

"Non-scale victories (NSV) are really more important than just losing weight - enjoy them!"

You are an inspiration at losing 60 pounds and I'm sure many inches! Congratulations! I can't wait until I reach that mark!! :)

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