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Do It Today!

Weight loss and getting fit is another one of those things in life a lot of us wanted to get to. Add that to winning the lottery, finding the perfect mate, and our favorite team winning another championship - it can leave us without hope.

I stupidly started smoking cigarettes in 9th grade. I was feeling cool, and no one seemed to care. Oh sure, they told us how bad it was, but it was too late - I was hooked. I was a real pro smoker blowing smoke rings through smoke rings - and coughing up a lung every morning. I even worked as a medical photographer taking pictures of cancerous lungs.

I quit in 1994 but my ex died in April '12 at age 56 of lung cancer. She told me the day that I quit she would "start tomorrow."

I guess there are lots of things that are bad for you in life, like too much food or alcohol. And there are lots of other warnings that I probably disregarded, such as using a padded headboard for safe sex and not ripping the tag of mattresses by penatly of the law.

If you are new, some times it takes a bit to get your sea legs. There is lots to learn about food, exercise and living life in a society that plops killer portions in front of you day and night. It's really hard to divide up a bag of goodies into a reasonable portion. It's hard to schedule regular exercise. Most of us have been there!

What can you do today to be a success at the weight-loss game which is good for your health?

- Log it
- Log it all!
- Make MFP friends.
- Toss the junk food.
- Make a meal plan!
- Research restaurants BEFORE you get there.
- Search the forums but beware of "the answer" type posts
- Read the blogs. (Well, at least this one!)
- Ask questions.
- Don't lie about your bad days.
- Find people that have achieved your goal. I friend the runners and the old guys that lost 100!
- Drink water.
- Take a walk.
- Take another walk.
- Don't quit.

No matter what, do it today, not tomorrow!
Thanks for the votes and comments!

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SteveTries wrote 114 months ago:
A great post, and very timely for the new year as people strengthen their resolve to make change
Moiraza wrote 114 months ago:
Good advice. Thanks for sharing. (I'm so glad I added you as a friend).
janetksc wrote 114 months ago:
great post. I love the advice and humor you bring to MFP.
Jongooi wrote 114 months ago:
Thank you again. :)
bevsdietfor2011 wrote 114 months ago:
As always I love reading your blogs!!! I needed to be reminded of this especially since I made resolutions. Thanks for the inspiration and friendship you give to me and everyone else!!!!!
Kimaw65 wrote 114 months ago:
a very good post and spot on!! I do all those things you recommend and it is helping me enormously!!!
Thanks ~ Kim
ldrosophila wrote 114 months ago:
Love this post. I need to get back to more consistent meal plans.
loadsandloads wrote 114 months ago:
great post!
Navotc wrote 114 months ago:
Another great blog entry! :) Thanks for the quality post.
jagfan wrote 114 months ago:
As it appears my team will NOT be winning a championship any time soon...I will just have to count my success with MFP! And my friends! Thanks for sharing!
cherisuzanne wrote 114 months ago:
Thanks for sharing. It helps to read others discuss their experiences and ideas. I am sorry about your wife. I have started blogging and it has helped to write things down. Good luck!
ckchilz1 wrote 114 months ago:
Thank you for sharing. The advice is sage and timely!
NewJay12 wrote 114 months ago:
Another great post Dave! I can echo everything you said getting to where I am today.
NewJay12 wrote 114 months ago:
...and take the stairs whenever you can!
michie27 wrote 114 months ago:
great post, thank you!
bamakid43 wrote 114 months ago:
Thank You. I found my perfect mate..My team has won the championship 2 out of 3 years (alabama) going for another monday. I wanna lose weight. Thanks for the encourgement.
hollyrunner wrote 114 months ago:
I like it!!
AllenWins wrote 114 months ago:
Great blog!
wisebadger53 wrote 114 months ago:
At least now I know why you friended me..."old guys that lost 100!" LOL!
TJanel101 wrote 114 months ago:
This was a grea motivation blog, thank you! Great job on quitting smoking.
luracv wrote 114 months ago:
Really good attitude, just starting here, i just quit smoking and dont want to gain because of it, got myself a pedometer for new years and wow the steps change daily.Doyou track yours?
AngelaH10 wrote 114 months ago:
Great blog!
BellehavenfarmDawn wrote 114 months ago:
Great Tips! TX

And park as far away from the door as you can. Better yet ditch the car.... Daughter Brie lives in Sydney and walks every where with 15 month Matilda. Her "baby" weight was gone in no time!
newlifeonedayatatime wrote 114 months ago:
Thanks for the great tips and motivation. To me the best advice is to do what you can today because today is all we have. We are not promised tomorrow. Live well today because today is tomorrow,s yesterday."
bjcj96 wrote 114 months ago:
thank you for the motivating post
carolinelittle wrote 114 months ago:
Thank you. I decided to have a Coke (fit within calories but obviously not a great choice) and before I opened I thought, don't log it. I did because I have to be honest with myself! Loved this post.
GailWool wrote 114 months ago:
I totally agree with "log it, log it!" We've all been there: you made a bad food choice and were so regretful that you couldn't bear to make it real by writing it down. Confronting the regrets head-on is so important. After all, the log is for YOUR benefit. There's no sense in trying to fool yourself.
mrsbee48 wrote 114 months ago:
I need to do this!
Jennifer_Gibson wrote 114 months ago:
Congratulations on quitting smoking! Great advice. The thing that jumped out at me the most is "Don't lie about bad days."
I had my diary and blog set to private but a few of my MFP friends convinced me to make it public and I've noticed a new awareness of what I'm eating. It's not just what I'M seeing, it's what others see, too. But I sometimes skip adding that piece of cake even though I count it in my head. No more of that. Accountable all the way from start to finish!
JavaClaws wrote 114 months ago:
Your courteously candid and encouraging style are appreciated. Your personal share resonates and recommendations are spot-on. Thank you.
gnrath wrote 114 months ago:
Great Post! I am hoping 2013 is the start of a "new" healthy me. It's been a long time waiting and your post has motivated me to keep at it, even through the bad days! Thanks and here's to all of us in 2013 and beyond.
maggiembm12 wrote 114 months ago:
I am a newbie to MFP, I started on 1/2/2013. Thanks for the great advice, every day is a gift.
vg8pr0 wrote 114 months ago:
Thanks, yours is one of the first blogs I have read on MFP. Glad I did. Such inspiring words. I was a smoker and quit in 96 after 20 years of huffing and puffing. It was the hardest thing ever. Now I need to take off the weight that has crept up on me. With the help of everyone here I think I can do it.

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