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Cut it Short - Twisted Acronyms

As I cruise towards 4 years on My Fitness Pal (MFP), I have had a number of non-scale related victories (NSV). I have also been told to stop whining (SW), and on occasion, be quiet (STFU).

Around here and a lot of ther places, acronyms are a way of life.

Now that I am a real runner, I found there are also quite a few million shortend phrases for that group too. On average, runners are smarter and make more money than say, underwater basket weavers. That is why they can remember all this stuff - or pay someone to remember them for them us.

ACL - A Crude Line. Runners are not known for not so great pick up lines.
AG – Agrivated Groin. Runners have them a lot. Also see PITB.
AHR - A Hairy Runner
ART – Making chalk sidewalk drwaings during C25K
BMR - Big Man Runner. Replaces the BMOC big man on campus.
BPM - Bright People Marathon. Duh!
BQ – Being Queer. Acting odly before a race.
C25K - Couch to 5K. Beer and pizza followed by a run.
CD - Pre-iPod music
DAL - Dead Ass Last
DM - Donut Mountain
DNF – Did Not Fornicate
PITB - Pain In The Butt

There will be lots more in my new book.

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jmnicholas wrote 88 months ago:
I like the DNF translation in this blog. Better than CNAR, could not afford Race, which is where I'm finding myself more often than I'd like. DNS David!

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