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Crash Dummy

Now that I have lost enough weight where I can actually run, I run. I used to run six days a week, but now I have a job. Jobs aren't bad if you like to work - no really, they aren't. I am in my fourth week and my run mileage dropped from 160 miles per month to barely 100.  Pathetic!

I am running the Boston  Marathon in April and I really need to be training.

There is a God, and it turns out, that in His infinite wisdom, He created a group of runners at work who have managed this dilemma; they run at lunch. It's only 5 miles, but it's a run.

A couple of fives doesn't beat a full house, but I'll take it.

My alternatives are early in the morning, or late in the evening during the winter months. I live in a  rural setting now, so there are no street lights, no plowed side-walks and there is still over 2 feet of snow and plenty of ice on the ground.

I love running,  but I am not a freakin' sled dog!

Saturday was my long run day and I needed to do 17 miles. I decided to run to work and back. Because I live reasonably close to work, I can run there and get in almost 12 miles instead of just the lunch 5. They have showers (internet and deodorant) at the office, so I am good - and so is everyone else. Me and couple of buddies from my local run club left my house at 10 am. It's a very hilly run so I convinced them to go slow. That's a trick for not dying at mile 15 or 19 or 20 in a marathon.

That's why I am an expert. I have not yet died.

We had a good run only stopping for a moment to get a drink, chomp on an Endurolyte or suck on a GU packet. When we arrived at the turnaround point, I checked my Garmin and it was 1 hour and 45 minutes. After those hills, I needed a little break, so we took 3 minutes. One of the guys was  just going to the turnaround point, and we bid him good bye.

Danny and I headed on back, enjoying the long easy downhill on the way towards home. Downtown Woonsocket is a little sketchy so we kept moving, ready  for a magic mile at any moment. As we rounded the corner onto Railroad Street I caught a patch of black ice and hit the pavement nearly rolling under a car. My buddy helped me to my feet. Holy crap, it took forever to count the things that hurt. It got cold and I decided to keep  moving.

Danny was cheering me on.

We still had over 6 miles to go. I walked a short hill and then we caught another nice long downhill and I seemed OK. My heart rate was up  and I had to slow it down. Finally I just couldn't go any farther. I called home for a ride and my partner headed on down the road.

The good news is that nothing is broken and despite some bruises, cuts and scratches, I will run again today. Had it been the marathon, I would have pushed through somehow - well, that and there won't be any black ice in late April I hope!

Thanks for the votes and comments, you guys rock!

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littlelaura wrote 101 months ago:
oh my goodness no more falling ice and near under cars! geez don't scare me like that. keep on keeping on for your marathon you are amazing and you will do wonderfully!
Mustangsally1000 wrote 101 months ago:
so very glad you didn't roll under the car! It was moving I assume~ Black ice can be wicked. Take it easy today on your run...
anj1030 wrote 101 months ago:
I fall constantly...and I LOVE to run outside (hate treadmills)...but this horrible winter has forced me inside...and I'm hating it! I can safely say that your spill is exactly why I have been avoiding the outdoors! HA! Thanks for made my day!
kjdhappy wrote 101 months ago:
Glad you are not hurt - but with winter in NE we can only cross our fingers April is ice & snow free!! Remember the April Fools Blizzard??
Beckboo0912 wrote 101 months ago:
No offense to you and your marathon but I pray for another April Fools Blizzard...but I also can't wait for 50s and warmer to go to the beach, I get strange looks for going now. I'll take all the vitamin D I can get. glad you are ok!
holliwood322 wrote 101 months ago:
so, you give new meaning to the word "crash test dummy!" good one, as usual.
odditblue wrote 101 months ago:
Man you're one tough cookie. Always the inspiration.
Jaydec70 wrote 101 months ago:
The way this winter is going Hopkinton will still have snow on Patriots day! I don't run, but the walking is dangerous with the snow so high and it's coming up mid march! I really respect your dedication and glad you are not too injured to proceed to your goals!
culo97 wrote 101 months ago:
Whew, you dodged a bullet with that fall. A number of bad things could have happened.

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