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Conflicting Advice - Caution Experts at Work!

Well, MFP is filled with advice, some of it is truth, some of it is questionable, and some of it is downright stupid!

People, what are you thinking?

I keep reading these stupid message boards, and it seems that every one is an expert (I really am! Did I tell you I was getting a nutrition certification?) You know what an expert is: "ex" something that used to be, and "spurt" a fast acting drip.

Do you think we can agree on a few things?

Healthy Food: Not made in a lab. This goes for supplements too. Some synthetic stuff is useful, but not guaranteed to be healthy. IE: Splenda, aspartame, latex (I said useful)

Processed Food: Cold cuts, ham, turkey breast - there is lots of sodium and other things in there to preserve the food. When you are talking about items like bread, chips, hot chocolate and Twinkies, there is a lot to be concerned about. Fillers, additives and preservatives are not your friends.

Did you know, eating processed meat every day can raise your chances of pancreatic cancer by as much as 30%? Processed flour products from bread to pizza are carb wasters and will not make losing weight easier.

Exercise: Purposfully moving your a$$. The more the better, the faster the better-er. I read a study about the Asian culture/diet and why they are not all sumo wrestlers. It is because of motion - continuous motion. Walking instead of driving, working instead of sitting (to work). Of course as they adopt our way of life - sitting in front of the TV or the PC nibbling away, that will change.

Cardio: This is when your heart rate is above 120 (130 by some standards). If you walk, it needs to be close to 4 MPH. Riding a bike, you need to be up around 7 or 8 MPH.

Calorie Counting: This is a place where there is a wide range of formulas, and calculators. MFP is just one. There is no perfect way to know how many calories you burn short of metabolic testing!

These tests will tell you how many calories a day you need at rest (no activity-base metabolic rate BMR), and working out at various levels. The tests, use equipment like EKGs, a Respiratory gas mask, power meters, etc; and measure the gas that you exhale in order to determine what chemical reactions are happening inside your body at certain activity levels. From this they can calculate how your body is actually consuming fuel and oxygen, etc. Very exact, very scientific, IMO, very cool!

MFP, SparkPeople, even your HRM are average estimates based on average people. Me, I am well above average, and I suspect you are too. ;)

I tweak my MFP burns to match my HRM. It knows if I was screwing off yapping with the trainer or punching out an 8 minute mile.

That my friends is why there is such a debate of whether or not to eat your exercise calories.

The real issues is this: Muscle is metabolically active, fat is not. So get rid of the fat and build some muscles. (I didn't say become a body builder!)

Those are the big things you need to wrap your mind around!

Here are some other items that MAY work for you (doesn't mean they work for everyone!!!).

Daily Caloric Intake: I read a message board where the poster got information from their doctor that was different than what MFP told her. In fact is was contrary to what works for me. I have a doctor, a trainer and a nutritionist and a candlestick maker. I hate to inform you, this is not a science that is always logical, or easy to understand. Look Dr. Atkins and Dr. Phil don't agree.

I do not believe there is a standard one-size-fits-all for your height/weight, gender and age. My friend Daryl eats more than me, and he is as skinny as a rail. He is also 2 years older than I am. Last time we had pizza I smacked him up side the head because!

You need to find what works for you. And even that will change. I rocked it losing 5 pounds a month eating pretty much whatever and keeping it to 1200-1400 calories. Then the plateau came. I ate more, exercised more and gained more. I switched to higher protein, and the scale is going the other way. My friend John sent me a message to say he tried that it and doesn't work.

Macros: The balance between protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, sodium and cholesterol. MFP measures all of these. High protein works for me, and may not work for you. Hell, most folks that eat salmon lose weight faster than those that eat the same amount of beef calories.

Supplements: There are all sorts of claims for every imaginable vitamin, and supplement. For example, Glucosamine and Chondroitin work for me, but 60% of those the use it, can't tell. I know, I'm a psycho - well, with knees that feel great!

Some of these mineral levels can be measured with blood tests and you can try supplementing the deficient ones if you can't get it with food.

Add to this, zigzagging your caloric intake, cheat days, and it will make your head spin.

For me, I am eating the calories for the weight I want to be, which is about 1800 per day. I set them manually.

Here is what I do know. A healthy diet at YOUR correct caloric level, coupled with exercise will make you healthy. You will lose inches, and your heart will love you as much as I do. :)

Thanks for the comments and votes. Have a good weekend!

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czechsmate wrote 125 months ago:
Love this! Thanks again John Almighty!
Hoppymom wrote 125 months ago:
I have to hate you a little bit right now. I was going to have a turkey sandwich for lunch. No, I did not kill it and cook it myself. So now I can either eat some thing not processed or I can run the risk of pancreatic cancer. You just had to post this right befor lunch didn't you?
OK I'm over it.
Great post.
Supercatie80 wrote 125 months ago:
Since making cheese is a process, does that mean all cheese is processed?! $#!^ I'm eff'd. Oh well, pass the squeaky curds. I'm not giving them up. :-)
Contee wrote 125 months ago:
I just joined MFP today and have been 'exploring' a little bit just to get the feel of the site. I must say, this is the best article I've found. Very informative and well written. Thanks!
andrejjorje wrote 125 months ago:
Great blog!!
bugtrain wrote 125 months ago:
My favorite blog so're awesome!
rblair_22 wrote 125 months ago:
Can I borrow your candlestick maker? (haha) Great post as always!
jlira01 wrote 125 months ago:
Do you have this on chiseled tablets? This reflects the experience I've had on this crazy journey.
Mustangsally1000 wrote 125 months ago:
Always like to read the word straight from the Almighty! It's like gospel! :D Another fabulous
blog! And....I voted!
smantha32 wrote 125 months ago:
@Supercatie80 Squeaky curds are a little piece of heaven aren't they? :)
Fabnover40Kat wrote 125 months ago:
Whats funny is you can get a nutrition certification ....just google it, pay for it and your certified! LOL!
MacMadame wrote 125 months ago:
Hoppymom, a 30% increase of a small number is still a small number. Plus apparently you increase your risk of getting pancreatic cancer 87% if you drink 2 sugary sodas a day. Still in the first case you are only increasing your risk from .23% (not 23% but just under 1/4 of 1%) to .30% (not quite 1/3 of 1 percent) and in the second you are increasing your risk to .44% (not even 1/2 of 1%)

I'm posting this not to negate dsjohndrow's points but so people can make an informed decision about what they eat and also to show how to evaluate risks.

Supercatie80 wrote 125 months ago:
@smantha32 IMHO there's almost nothing better!
debilang wrote 125 months ago:
I learned something you had to share!! And had a great time...THANKS!!!
bllowry wrote 125 months ago:
Excellent post, as always. What works for me is tweaked from what works for my hubby as higher protein works for me, and not for him. He can eat fruit, I can't digest most of it. I simply adjust what I pack for his lunch and he gets his carb fix away from me, and we're both losing steadily.
dsjohndrow wrote 125 months ago:
Squeaky curds it is!
deannarey13 wrote 125 months ago:
Great post, as always!
bayles1 wrote 125 months ago:
Always a great entertaining informative read.
navygunner wrote 125 months ago:
hey an expert is like a Phd "Piled higher and deeper"
navygunner wrote 125 months ago:
meant to say before, great blog post as usual
saphfireangel wrote 125 months ago:
I want some squeaky curds darn it. I also like my lunch meat I however was saved that and ready this blog after my sandwich lmao but great as always!!
AshlLynnJ wrote 125 months ago:
I am still in my learning process but thanks for this post, spot on as usual :)
CindyGibson07 wrote 125 months ago:
Good job! I like the facts mixed with humor! Thank you. I'm going subscribe.
shivaslives wrote 125 months ago:
Well done, as always. You know my motto, "Advice is worth exactly what you pay for it." If its free, it's not worth a thing.
Bikini27 wrote 125 months ago:
Thank you for a very well written and thoughtful post, delivered in a very positive way. It is greatly appreciated. :)
srdeaver wrote 125 months ago:
I subscribe to your thinking - especially the part about setting your calories to the weight you want to be. Thank you!
felicity866 wrote 125 months ago:
informative and entertaining....john almighty it is!!!
Almamaree wrote 125 months ago:
Things that make you say Ummmm! Thank you.
cdkeeth wrote 125 months ago:
i just joined several days ago and this post is very informative. Thanks!!!
OneBryteSmile wrote 125 months ago:
Always enjoy reading your blogs.

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