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Commitment, Running and Overcoming

Since October of '15 I have been having digestive issues. After working diligently on my food choices (hey, I wrote a book!) and losing about 100 pounds, I was convinced it was medical. I had lots of imaging, been scoped front and back, had a battery of blood tests, even a couple of suspicious things sent for biopsies - oh, and got to crap in a cup. 

The doctor also changed my diet. He wanted to rule out food sensitivities.

I got rid of gluten, apples, and dairy. Then we added medication, fiber, and probiotics. It seemed like I was going backwards. Every run got slower and the cramping got worse. My hopes for running Dublin in October were dashed.

I even cut back on coffee!!

Things got worse over time. In fact it was worse than it ever. Despite not running more than 8 miles for months, I kept running. In fact I ran more days and my mileage per month has been going up. I have worked too hard for all the benefits running offers to give up.

I am committed. (Maybe I need to be committed.)

Commitment is important for lots of reasons. It's good for relationships, it's good for getting the hard part of losing weight or finishing a marathon too! I have a good friend. He and I have run across Massachusetts, Rhode Island and I did a few legs of his run across New Hampshire, too.

We finished the Boston Marathon together in 2014; the year after the bombings.

This past Sunday David ran his 96th full marathon. I promised to finish it with him. I didn't register for the race because my health has been a daily struggle. I was going to run the half but the courses were not the same.

I promised to cross the finish line with him. I had to find another way.

I confess, I called to ask him what his plan was. I was sort of hoping he would back out. I had read on Facebook that he had an MRI on his knee. He told me that he had planned to make Boston his 100th in 2017.

"I will finish if I have to walk," he said.

My new plan was to meet him at the 23 mile mark and run the last few miles with him. As it turns out, the course was closed and I just had to run the course backwards until we met. I ran for almost an hour up and down the hills of Keene, NH. 

I still didn't catch up with him.

I took a little G'ade at a water stop and kept running. Between mile 21 and 22 I found him limping along. "How is the knee?," I asked?

"On a scale of 1 to 10, a 7." he said. "If anyone else asks, a 2." I gave him a hug and we took off jogging slowly towards the finish. I really was a nice day out - a little hot, but sunny. We carried on talking about life in our always sarcastic style. I actually know some who can out smart ass me.

"Did you know I met my wife on a half blind date? It's true, I only have sight in one eye." He quipped.

"I hope it's still Sunday when we get to the finish line." We were running at 14 minute miles.

Then we saw a guy walking his dog. His shirt said F&^K and there were three checkboxes. Me. You. Off. David said, "nice shirt buddy!"

The man looked down and replied, "oh $h1t!"

We fired back, "no f$%k!^

On and on we worked on our comedy routine - some new jokes and retelling some old ones. His PT, Amanda came along for the last few miles. That poor woman.

The miles came and went and then we were in sight of the finish line. The crowds rang cowbells, the announcer announce David and congratulated him on his 96th marathon finish.

As we took photos the last 2 runners came across too. "Hey, you're not dead-freaking-last!" I chided.

I met a friend and headed back to the car. My sports tracker congratulated me on 9 miles. My longest run of the season.

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johnwhitent wrote 62 months ago:
I'm with you! I crashed on my bike (bicycle!) Saturday and wound up in the ER with a mild concussion, stitches, cracked ribs, and abrasions. I can't ride due to the stitches, but I ran yesterday and today. My nurse friends here are scolding me. Committed, or should be committed?
itzWicks wrote 62 months ago:
I needed this blog post. Sometimes we have to take stock of what we have, not so much on the things we don't.

You don't just have commitment - you have tenacity, in spades. Thanks for posting this, my friend!
Leahbcc wrote 62 months ago:
You are wonderful and so nice...keep it up.
MonicaA2013 wrote 61 months ago:
Glad i read this when i did. I almost passed on my run today. But after reading this, i will get my ass out there and get it done like i am supposed to do. I LOVE your persistence and how you tell your story. THANKS for having such a GREAT PERSONALITY and SENSE of HUMOR !!
Anonymous wrote 61 months ago:
Love it!
Anonymous wrote 61 months ago:
You're awesome???
Carol in Jersey
jadefitnow wrote 61 months ago:
Great story- being the "motivator" can be motivation!

swat1948 wrote 61 months ago:
You make me ashamed of my petty reasons for not wanting to do what I should. We all have issues and some of them are not physical. Once again I say you are absolutely amazing!

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