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Change is Not Switching Seats on the Titanic!

Even the Love Boat can sink! I don't know about you, but if I had not added some new foods to my diet (what I eat, not what I do), I would have been doomed to a life of fat failure. I could not have subsisted on a virtual conveyor belt of pizza, fried chicken, pasta, wings, large subs, steak tips, burgers, sweet treats and crispy chicken salad with Blue Cheese dressing.

Instead of quitting this and that, I recommend replacing it with a new food; or at least adding a new one to your monthly menu.

Fried Chicken - Sautéed is the new fried, and that isn't so great either. Fried chicken is loaded with calories, that's why it is finger lickin' good. Col. Sanders lived 'til he was 90, but trust me, that is not the norm.

Did you know there was a study that tried to prove that fat people hang out with fat people? It might be true; Col. Sanders hired Dave Thomas (Wendy's) to turn his business around! Dave, of course, had bypass surgery. Take it from me, being in the heart center is NO fun at all.

All I have to say is grill baby, grill. Replace your fried, sautéed and baked chicken with grilled chicken. You can eat more, and get more of the protein and low fat that chicken is best know for. And you can grill a bunch and freeze it!

Pasta - White pasta is another suicide mission, but it's a cheap one. I am not sure if you ever heard Billy Joel's "Scenes From an Italian Restaurant", but those folks lived in a dive. And the line "you lost weight; I didn't know", that is because Mama Leone (Movin' Out) chased him uptown and he had a heart attackackackackackack.

Instead of white pasta use whole wheat, but, I recommend replacing it with steamed veggies, brown rice or quinoa!

Wings - I looked up the nutritional value of Wings Over in my local area, and all they will tell you is to eat responsibly, and that a steady diet of fried food is not heart healthy. No kidding Einstein. So you get your fat, your sodium and your protein, and don't want to give up the taste? I am sure eagle's wings are much better for you, but they are tougher to catch because they can actually fly. Darwinism at it's best.

I suggest replacing them with bacon (pork or turkey) wrapped sea scallops or water chestnuts. You can skip the blue cheese, cut the sodium in half, and the water chestnuts are cheap. Drop them under the boiler for about 10 minutes and you'll be eating before the delivery man can find his car keys.

Large Sub Sandwiches - Portions people, portions! Size does matter! All the major sub chains have 1200 calorie sub sandwiches. At half the size you are at 600, and with some skillfully picked toppings you can get into 350-400 range.

Back in the 60's when Subway was not a franchise, they were located in Bridgeport, CT; the armpit of CT. By the 70s they were franchising them and offered a 6 foot sub - yes six feet of bread, lettuce and cold cuts. Since that time they have become a bunch of left-wing capitalists serving up health and green advertising, but still offering heart clogging combos that make some of Quisnos' menu look like hospital food.

All joking aside, order sandwiches when you need too, and know your ingredients!

Good replacements are things like hard-boiled eggs with hot sauce, Taboule Salad, Chick Pea salad, soups and home made vegetarian chili.

Hamburgers - Even the best hamburgers on earth aren't all that great. There are hundreds of fast food moguls that are 6 feet under! Even the world's best burgers: 5 Guys and White Castle are contenders for high-calorie, artery-clogging deliciousness. At about 600 calories or more with bacon and mayo, there are better choices.

If you want to know where the beef is, I found it at Whole Foods. The ground, grass fed beef is far lower in saturated fats. At least it is a better choice! And you can add a 100 calorie roll, some fresh onion, mushrooms or tomato, and then some mustard and a little ketchup and you are in business for about 350 calories. Add a slice of bacon and you are still at 425 net calories!

I suggest replacing beef hamburgers with Morning Star veggie burgers. Then come in a pretty wide variety, and I actually like them. They are lower in net calories and fat. Except for the sodium, it's a pretty good meal!

Crispy Chicken salad with Blue Cheese dressing - Crispy anything is of Satan! And blue cheese when surrounded by dressing is just one of his merry little band of demons.

Sure grilled chicken is good, and low-cal dressing is much better, but it isn't always filling. How about baked veggies, chic pea casseroles, and ratatouille?

Pizza - It's a killer at 240 to 800 calories per slice. It's the reason David by Michelangelo didn't look more like Buddha; he was on MFP and didn't eat much pizza (apparently he didn't take Viagara either).

I suggest replacing pizza night with spaghetti night - whole wheat spaghetti. You get the tomatoes (use the low sodium kind), and a little bit of cheese (less sodium - low-cal) along with your whole grains and even lean meat if you desire. Whole wheat pizza just ain't right, and it's easier to control spaghetti portions, and calories.

Sweet Treats - This is a tough one. Sugar rots your teeth, makes your kids hyper and causes cancer in laboratory rats. I know, I love it too.

I switched to fresh fruit with low-cal whipped topping.

Thanks for the votes and comments. I am still in awe of your support! Tell us what you have added to your diet since you started MFP, and what have you replaced?

Friend me if you like, but do leave a note with your invitation.

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wickedcricket wrote 129 months ago:
in short, eat at home. I had never before noticed that NO restaurant food is particularly healthy and most is a heart attack in a bag.
My parents had the right idea, eating out is a once in awhile treat for special occasions. Friday is NOT a special occasion
aliciagetshealthy wrote 129 months ago:
Terrific! So far my biggest change is dropping lunchmeat...It's cheaper to roast a whole chicken and use it for sandwiches than buying a pound of pressed and sliced chicken. Now that its getting cooler, I'll be making more soup on the weekend (from scratch of course) and freezing portions for a ready made grab-and-go lunch =)
dsjohndrow wrote 129 months ago:
@WC - I do a lot of eating at home! Next week I am away in CA, so we'll see how it goes.

@Alicia - yeah, I pretty much have too. On occasion a slice of ham. I freeze a lot.
SugarNtheRaw wrote 129 months ago:
Another great blog! I'm trying spaghetti squash instead of noodles, very interesting. Not bad at all, but interesting....
xo_jewel_xo wrote 129 months ago:
Well said. I know you mentioned allergies in your last post. I do actually have an allergy to sodium, I won't go into details here. I have eliminated ALL processed foods from my diet and restaurant meals are few and far between with careful (read microscopic) disection of the menu first. Chefs hate me because I ask for so mnay alternates. I make my own soup, sauces and such and freeze a lot of things! Thanks for the great post!

- jewel
dsjohndrow wrote 129 months ago:
@Jewel - I think I would just drink water. Can't imagine living like that.
fitzie63 wrote 129 months ago:
WRITE that BOOK :)
Jewel0124 wrote 129 months ago:
Since I started eating the beef from Whole Foods, I've discovered that the beef from anyother store is actually pretty gross, not to mention bad for my acid reflux. Earlier this year in honor of lent, I gave up fast food and sodas and found out that I could actually do without both. The key to fast food was finding healthier alternatives to make at home. Pizza crust from Whole Foods w/sauce, veggies and low-fat cheese and you have pizza. Hollow out a wheat sub roll and carefully choose ingredients, and I have a sub. Eating healthy really isn't all that difficult, if you're willing to put in the work.
itsanot wrote 129 months ago:
I have substituted so many things that it just become second nature to me! I fix pizza at home for my family but I worked real hard to get my personal pizza down from my normal pizza running about 450 a slice to about 180 now. I basically have cut beef out of my diet! Just not worth the calories to me and my body just does not like it! We eat a lot venison in this house, nice and lean and when I fix it you think your eating beef! Turkey, chicken, spaghetti squash, I use it all!
cbirdso wrote 129 months ago:
@jewel: FINALLY someone besides me who has an allergy to sodium. I have had to avoid it for my entire life.
atsteele wrote 129 months ago:
This the abridged version of "Eat This, Not That"!! Good read!! I have never totally eliminated any food from my diet completely but I have significantly reduced the rate of occurrence over the years. I treated myself to fried chicken every time I had a baby. So the last time I had KFC was probably three years ago. I have wings about once per year. Hoagies are really not so bad as long as you are burning up those calories. And I don't believe pasta, whole wheat or not, is a bad food option... but you have to be careful what goes on it... and the serving size. Hamburgers get a bad rap because of the fast food industry. Actually if you make them at home with lean burger, on a whole wheat bun, topped with low fat cheese, some tomato, lettuce, maybe even some avocado, you can really have a very lean and well balanced meal. And I love pizza to this day, but have to limit it to one slice... or I just blow up from all the sodium. But again, pizza isn't all that bad as a food item, just how much we eat of it.
Pkiddy wrote 129 months ago:
Chicken wings.... took me a bit, but i realized it wasn't the "wing" i craved but the spicy wing sauce. Most Wing sauces are made with Hot sauce and melted butter, however, i find if i eat even a chicken breast, Grilled of course no skin, and add just some regular hot sauce, i get my wing fix without all the bad stuff :)
Great blog, loved it!
StevLL wrote 129 months ago:
Well done yet again. I know when people ask me how I'm losing, my response is I'm eating a lot. Cause when you eat clean and eliminate processed foods, it cn be hard to eat all your cals because there is so much food.
hypnomoon wrote 128 months ago:
An angry dieter?

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