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Celebrating Time with that Special Someone - YOU!

I think it's safe to say we've all been in love at least once. Lovers celebrate anniversaries.

I had a favorite girl back in 9th grade. At the time, she was my world. I saw her on Facebook the other day; I contemplated asking her to join MFP - we didn't end well in '72. I decided against it; there is no reason to start off badly! But, yes, she does look fat in that dress - and last year I would have too!

I used to mark the days we were together on the calendar. After it was over, the calendar was a sad reminder of all the milestones we passed together. Soon 10th grade rolled around and there were new freshman girls looking to date a guy on the hockey team and I quickly forgot.

MFP is like dating, and anniversaries are important!

Thanks to the amazing mind of CessnaHolly, we have today's topic! Here is my list of milestone anniversaries.

1 Day - all your friends post WTG! on your profile and you don't have a freaking clue what it means. Remember, if you can do it for a day, you can do it for a lifetime. Celebrate by getting a tape measure.

1 Week - You give yourself a cheat day because you think you are different. You saw the commercials, you can eat anything! If you made it a week, rent a movie!

1 Month - This is the get serious anniversary! Some of you survived the TOM and some of us didn't. But you should get yourself a new food scale.

2 Months - This is the "insure your future success" anniversary! Now that you are on the path, you should request gifts from others for your success. (Men, please take a hint, it's good practice for remembering something besides game times.) You'll be needing a gym membership, some home workout equipment or a good heart rate monitor (HRM).

3 Months - this is the paper anniversary, so get yourself a gift certificate to a pampering type place and celebrate the changes!

4 Months - This is the music anniversary. Time to purchase some new tunes to get you a$$ down the road or on the treadmill. Eye of the Tiger is a staple!

5 Months - This is the gadget anniversary - how about a new iPod, a FitBit, or a nose hair trimmer?

6 Months - This is the appliance anniversary, how about a smoothie maker or a food vacuum sealer!

7 Months - This is the make-it-or-break-it anniversary! It's time for some running shoes, and a registration for a Walk, Run or Crawl 5K.

8 Months - This is the shake it up anniversary! You could be really board by now. How about some new workout DVDs, a Wii Fit, Zumba, The Biggest Loser or Gold's Gym.

9 Months - This is the cloth anniversary and it's time to get some new clothes - or at least workout clothes! For God's sakes man, we'd hate to see you lose your pants in public!

10 Months - This is the showoff anniversary! You should be looking pretty good by now, so get some good pics and post a Success Story. Or get a pole dance kit, but don't post the pics!

11 Months - This is the gratitude anniversary. Start planning something special to celebrate your continued success. Get a new bike, a treadmill, a swim spa, take a vacation and make sure you go have a good cry - you are doing it!

1 Year - This one is huge, and you aren't anymore. Celebrate by doing something you couldn't do before. Run a race, climb a mountain, go skydiving, by a new wardrobe, and share it with us!

What do you do to celebrate your weight-loss success?

Thanks for all the votes and comments!

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aliciagetshealthy wrote 125 months ago:
Nice! Apparently you should have been apprised of the 9 month anniversary before your San Fran trip ;)
dsjohndrow wrote 125 months ago:
@Alicia - that was 8 months!
kevinlynch3 wrote 125 months ago:
hahahahahahaha.....nose trimmer....
kevinlynch3 wrote 125 months ago:
Meant to say "nose hair trimmer"
debilang wrote 125 months ago:
Always so entertaining :) I will use this guide personally since I am just past Month 1 :):) THX!
odditblue wrote 125 months ago:
Love it!
felicity866 wrote 125 months ago:
must post this list on the help inspire me and to let the other half know what to expect!! WTG!! haha
cessnaholly wrote 125 months ago:
Love it!
Jugsie23 wrote 125 months ago:
This is so true!
GentlyLosing wrote 125 months ago:
It will soon be 7 months. Flying Pig Marathon???
77tes wrote 125 months ago:
Great! But, I seem to be celebrating some anniversaries early -- I'm only a little past my 6th month and need a lot of new clothes!
bisland wrote 125 months ago:
Allways love reading your blogs!
mismax wrote 125 months ago:
I really love this! I'm heading towards 1 month and I will def be celebrating in SOME way. Thanks for the ideas, very entertaining. I especially liked the "run walk or crawl 5k" :)
SewJoe wrote 125 months ago:
It's been one year and a month for me. Definitely buying new clothes is a great way to celebrate, but I love LOVE bagging up my now too big clothes every few weeks and donating them. More than anything, I celebrate that I won't be keeping the big clothes in my home, I will never need them again!!

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