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Bookin' It - Chronicling the Journey

I am ecstatic about all the support you guys are giving me for my new weight-loss book. No wonder ABC news reported that Facebook is down over a million users this morning! You are all here doing something more productive than re-posting cat photos and dumping significant others by changing your Relationship Status.

So where is David at in the book process?

Title: I loved some of the titles that were suggested on my profile! My personal favorite was Losing It. The problem is that it is used for a CD and some other stuff. Also the website address is taken. :( Some of the others I may use for chapter headings. :)

If I use my blog title, Diaries of an Almost Dead Man, then the book should probably be written in diary form. I went back over my Google Calendar to see how may dates I could muster up. It was very emotional (no I did not forget my wedding anniversary!). I realized that while I was in ICU I had other plans for my life like recording a CD, date nights with my wife and father-daughter time with my little one. I missed them all. Then there were all the doctor's appointments, some times 4 or 5 a week. The most moving was the date of the church service I was at where my heart was healed. (Yes, that story will be in the book!)

So, the problem with a diary is my lists of stuff which seem popular on the blog like 10 Reasons You Might be On a Diet. IE: You have changed the 5 second rule to 40 minutes. How does that fit in a diary?

I may do a mix with some diary pages, and related commentary. This still needs a lot of thought.

Still high on the title list is Laugh Your A$$ Butt Off: The Easy Way to Get a Seat. I also liked Running for Your Life - but it's not just about running, it's about fitness even if you don't run.

Chapters: I have cobbled together 5 of a predicted 13 as well as a little background for the introduction. My favorite so far is Lies from the Devil Dog. It's all about whether of not to eat your exercise calories and special section on guns for girls.

Format: The book format is pretty standard; it uses paper and the eBook version doesn't.

Graphics: I have a old friend from high school that is going to do the paper and digital version. He's an art director for an advertising firm that specializes in text books.

Editing: I have two friends that have offered to humor edit to make sure the funny factor is there. One is from MFP: harleigh67, the other is a guy I blogged with for almost 4 years, Tony C. They are both a hoot! The final edit is going to be done by a pro named Rudi London. He has three very funny novels available on Amazon.

Expert Advice: I have tentatively enlisted my nutritionist to be the expert for some of the more controversial health and fitness advice. That way anyone who dies from proper diet and exercise can speak with her at a séance.

Funding: I have decided to use This is actually the hold up. To do it right, and raise enough money for graphics, editing and the first 100 copies, it's going to take a few grand. The hardest part is all the little pieces that need to be crafted in order to use the site successfully (according to them). They need a book Title which I am working on. They need a bio, which another MFP pal: CessnaHolly is going to take a crack at. Then there is the project description which is taking form. And finally, the video. The folks at KS suggest that I put together a video introducing myself. I haven't even had a chance to begin scripting that, but you know it's got to be funny or the project is sunk.

I need some help with the video editing.

When the KickStarter project is done, you can all pre-order your book and consider yourself friends with benefits.

Thanks for your support and encouragement, you guys blow Facebook away!

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baypathgradLyns wrote 120 months ago:
so exciting! I don't even have a clue, but how long does it take to get a book together?
cessnaholly wrote 120 months ago:
(in Rob Synder's voice) YOU CAN DO IT!
dsjohndrow wrote 120 months ago:
Well the fact that I have a year's worth of blogs about the subject, lots of help, time because of unemployment, and two previous books, I am hoping a couple of months!
Dootzy1 wrote 120 months ago:
I like how proactive you are! Life has kicked you around ---really hard hits at times, and yet, you have the faith to bring it back to something positive. Just amazing! Hope you will enjoy much success with this.
Denjo060 wrote 120 months ago:
Yayyy glad we are in on the ground floor it is so exciting to know a famous person LOL cant wait to buy and read the book
jms3533 wrote 120 months ago:
I'm so glad you are doing this! Love kickstarter! My son had a very successful project on kickstarter...raised 300% of what he targeted. Keep up posted!
beebee0925 wrote 120 months ago:
This is so exciting. The best of luck to you.
odditblue wrote 120 months ago:
SWEET!!!!! DUDE!!!!! =D
jimhollisga wrote 120 months ago:
Glad about your book. I am trying to write a second one as well.
TotalTiger wrote 120 months ago:
What about The Journey of an Almost Dead Man or The Recovery of an Almost Dead Man

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