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Body Parts You Can Live Without!

Being overweight like I was, is unhealthy and dangerous. Now that I am on the journey, I have had a few body parts disappear altogether.

You might have heard a few of these before, but it's worth mentioning them again. When our body parts become infused with fat cells, they change shape, and some times usage.

- Spare Tire: The obvious protruding belly. The problem is that for some of us, it's a spare tire for a Boeing 747 jetliner.

- Love Handles: This is the fat around the kidney area which keeps us from escaping a hormone fueled mate or attack dog.
- Prayer Shelf: A belly large enough to fold your hands and rest them comfortably on when you sit.

- Double Bubbles: Men or woman with two boob bumps from wearing a bra that is 2 sizes two small.

- Groin Blobs: Genital covering to protect us from 3-foot-two-inch children. Just above the chub rub.

- Arm Danglers: Sometimes known as the reverse biceps.

- Expansion Tank: The are fat blobs that seem to show up in unusual places - if you have them, you know what I am talking about.

- Ring Roll: The little rolls that keep your rings so secure they can't be removed. The up side is you can't lose them in the garbage disposal.

- Intake Port: Your mouth. When you change your relationship with food, it becomes a way to savor good food and enjoy it.

- Trailer Brakes: The fat on your backside that hangs over the chair edge so you don't slide out.

- Man Boobs: Boobs on a man.

- Chin Coaster: 2 or more chins.

- Cankles: Calves and ankles combined.
- Pants Pockets: They look like pockets when you are not wearing pants. It they get strectch marks, they are zippered pockets.

- Cup Holder: A navel vortex. Mine could have easily held a double shot glass.

- Talons: Unclipped toenails because you haven't seen them for a few years.

- Fat Fingers: Used for typing 2 or 3 keys at a time.

- Muffin Tops: A blend of belly and hip fat created by tight waist-ed pants or belts.
- Junk in the Trunk: Just means it's a bad idea to wear a thong.

It's OK to laugh at yourself. If you are new on MFP, these are the body parts that can be amputated by proper diet and exercise. In my case it took a serious illness; now I am working with a doctor, a cardiologist and a nutritionist to get my health in order. I could not do it on my own.

For those of you that have lost some weight, you know what I'm talking about.

Thanks for the votes and comments.

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WTF7 wrote 121 months ago:
Too Funny!! Love it! I just learned of body parts that I never knew I had! LOL!
grag79 wrote 121 months ago:
Very funny!!Am lol here xgx
DeaSis wrote 121 months ago:
I enjoyed this, thanks for sharing it.
shivaslives wrote 121 months ago:
Down south they have what they call a "dickeydoo". It's when your belly sticks out further than your dickey do.
emilydmac wrote 121 months ago:
Oh man- this is too funny!
ShannaDBowser wrote 121 months ago:
DickeyDoo is also known as Dunlap Disease. It's where your belly has done lapped your belt. Serious condition. :D

This was too funny and way too true! Keep 'em coming.
dogwalk wrote 121 months ago:
First time I've heard a lot of those,I like them!
misstonico wrote 121 months ago:
SmartFunGorgeous wrote 121 months ago:
Too funny. Couldn't help but note the absence of Thunder Thighs!
scd78 wrote 121 months ago:
Too funny!
aliciagetshealthy wrote 121 months ago:
=D too darn funny! I shouldn't have read this at work - my coworkers think I've lost my mind!
CJK1959 wrote 121 months ago:
Too funny....Cankles and expansion I know what they're called! Hoping to lose these unnecessary parts too!
Thanks for the Monday laugh!
Tegan74 wrote 121 months ago:
LOL thats great :)
bynsky wrote 121 months ago:
I have one to add - BOBIF (big ol' butt in front) when your belly sticks out and is shaped like you have an ass on both your back & front side! (coined by a former co-worker)
classicshell wrote 121 months ago:
That was the best thing I've read all week. Hahaha!!
diaryoffatdad wrote 121 months ago:
awesome list.....I have also heard the man boobs be referred to as moobies....
brendacooks wrote 121 months ago:
Double bubbles! That's a new one - and a good one. I'm stealing it! You're right -it is so good to laugh at ourselves - now that we're on MFP and not crying at ourselves...
Quiing wrote 121 months ago:
I LOVE IT!! Cant wait to have some of those parts removed myself!
SmileyJ23 wrote 121 months ago:
:) LOL
kristilovescake wrote 121 months ago:
This made me laugh out loud - great post, as always!
beesareyellow wrote 121 months ago:
My daughter coined the "front ass" which she shortened to "Frass", kills me every time!
cfreema wrote 121 months ago:
BAHAHA! My friend and I call the arm danglers, "Grandma Eunice Arms". ;)
kaybillie wrote 121 months ago:
hee hee hee and LOL!!!! so THATS what their names are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mispoohbie wrote 121 months ago:
Arm danglers are also refered to "BINGO Wings" down here in the south... :)
HaleyAlli wrote 121 months ago:
HAHAHAHAAAAAAAA this is awesome XD
Hoppymom wrote 121 months ago:
How is it that you are not my friend yet!?!?! You are so funny! I always enjoy your posts. Thank-you for your great world view.
My prayer shelf is getting smaller and the ring roll is gone. Can't wait for the rest to melt away. Keep these great posts coming. They make this journey so much easier because as serious as this is from a medical standpoint we need to be able to enjoythe process and laugh at our selves a bit too. Sharon
ADM1979 wrote 121 months ago:
This is so funny!!!!! I love all you posts!
AshlLynnJ wrote 121 months ago:
haha.. i love this:)
double bubbles is hilarious..and man boobs i have shortened to moobs ;)
oldy76 wrote 121 months ago:
Brilliant! I didn't know any of these things had names except for the 'Front Bum' phenomenon. Great way to start the day. Thanks for a fabulous, light hearted post :D
mimaduck83 wrote 121 months ago:
you forgot blegs - bum and legs combined with no defined butt curve due to huge thighs...something I had til ver recently!
MetalEllie wrote 121 months ago:
Fantastic and so true!
ECA67 wrote 121 months ago:
Laughed so hard, snot flew out of my nose ! LOL
kardowling wrote 121 months ago:
Voted you up! Great blog!
kardowling wrote 121 months ago:
Voted you up! Great blog!
Teliooo wrote 121 months ago:
It's all about getting rid of the parcel shelf- you know ladies, the butt that a guy can rest his beer on (when you are standing!) :)
Teliooo wrote 121 months ago:
It's all about getting rid of the parcel shelf- you know ladies, the butt that a guy can rest his beer on (when you are standing!) :)
Lmahealani wrote 121 months ago:
Thanks for was hillarious! I am new to MFP (I am in my first week) so this blog was very inspirational for me!
shivaslives wrote 121 months ago:
My wife also uses her English nanan's generic favorite: wobbly bits
MJH2011 wrote 121 months ago:

Started laughing right away and all the way to the end! Good one!
Poison5119 wrote 121 months ago:
You forgot CANKLES, which I personally have never had, but laught whenever I see them!
Poison5119 wrote 121 months ago:
Ooops, didn't see them - right there@! Still, so funny!
baloney17 wrote 121 months ago:
Read this aloud to my fiancé and we both couldn't help laughing! Great blog!
KWake1 wrote 121 months ago:
We call them our "flying squirrel" arms, because they flap open like those squirrls who jump from tree to tree.
Jello Butt is another favourite.
And of course there's the back cleavage and Front Bum (but I think you had that one covered under another name)
Thanks for the laughs - A good belly laugh has to be worth some calories right?
1995sarah wrote 121 months ago:
So funny!!!!! Oddly, this was encouraging!!!!!
TheFitHooker wrote 120 months ago:
OMG!! LOL!!! I seriously sat here and had to test and see if I had any of these. I know I use to, but I think the only one I still have is love handles LOL.
dillard_kelly wrote 119 months ago:
LOLOL ! too funny ! I tried to add you as a friend but cant find the option to do so. You are a hoot !
Massageu2 wrote 119 months ago:
You left off "Beer Shelf Butt" a butt that sticks out so far that it looks like a place to set your beer!
odditblue wrote 119 months ago:
Stop! STOP! XD I cannot BREATHE!!! OMG!!!
cabannie wrote 118 months ago:
What about Tharms - arms as big as thunder thighs. And south-of-the-border hoarder? A person who is disportionaly bigger on the bottom half. Can also be a north-of-the-border hoarder.
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