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Before You Eat Tomorrow, Remember This...

Tomorrow begins the holiday Bermuda Triangle. Before you don your stretch pants and put on a double layer of underwear, you need to think about a few things like calories and portion sizes! Then you can start making up snarky comebacks for insensitive relatives or use MINE.

Here are a couple of motivators for you.

Turkey Baked with Skin 6oz. = 354 calories
Stuffing 1 cup = 360 calories
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy 6oz =  382 calories
Green Bean with Butter 1/2 cup =  40 calories
Cranberry Sauce 1/4 cup = 110 calories
Creamed Pearl Onions 1/2 cup = 60 calories
Butternut Squash 1 cup = 84 calories
Small Salad with Ranch = 370 calories
Pumpkin Pie 1 slice = 290 calories
Pecan Pie 1 slice = 390 calories
Apple Pie 1 slice = 370 calories
Red Wine 5oz = 120 calories
Beer (Lite) 12oz = 110 calories

20 minute walk at 3.0 MPH = 106 calories
40 minute walk at 3.0 MPH = 212 calories

Tell us one thing you are eating, and how many calories it is? 

Have wonderful holiday! I will be back on Sunday.

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fitzie63 wrote 121 months ago:
Good post but did you know there IS a couple of brands of 64 calorie light beer? And, you can have the pumpkin pie without eating the crust to drop the calorie level.
Raiderxx wrote 121 months ago:
Good to know! Will definitely be keeping this in mind when I sit down at the table for family dinner tomorrow!
Amf5627622 wrote 121 months ago:
Thanks for posting this! Happy Thanksgiving!
SmartFunGorgeous wrote 121 months ago:
deviled eggs- 150 cal per half
Strive2BLean wrote 121 months ago:
Thanks for the reminder. Enjoy your turkey day!
muitobem wrote 121 months ago:
Thanks for the reminder...but dahlin', tomorrow, I'm eating whatever the hell I like!! =) Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!
ccarpe wrote 121 months ago:
Scalloped oysters 225 calories (3 oysters).
I actually did my menu and calories a few weeks ago, I was up to almost 900 calories without mashed potatoes, gravy or dessert. I am planning on enjoying the day with my family, not over-indulging in anything. I am cooking and cleaning up everything tomorrow which should help burn some calories, and will probably not eat anything else but Thanksgiving dinner. Supposed to be gorgeous here too, so going to try and fit a good walk into the day. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy :)
afrazier128 wrote 121 months ago:
There's Bud Select 55, too. =) I love candied sweet potatoes, BUT I am not making them this year. I'm going to bake my sweet potato and have it with a little cinnamon and brown sugar blend. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
RedHatPatti wrote 121 months ago:
Well .. that certainly put a stop on everything for me! Just don't want anything now.
aliciagetshealthy wrote 121 months ago:
Sooooo basically what your saying is skip the salad and eat the pie - right?!?
cfreema wrote 121 months ago:
I am getting most of my recipes this thanksgiving from She has posted lots of the normal Thanksgiving recipes lightened up a bit! That should help, and it will let me know exactly what one portion is, instead of 3 plates worth of portions!!
Beebs33 wrote 121 months ago:
I think I'm eating all of those things tomorrow. Sorry everyone! Thanksgiving is a day to eat for me and it's my favorite eat day of the year:) Giving myself a break that day!
rileamoyer wrote 121 months ago:
Will do my best to control portions, that is about it. We are having ours on Saturday, so hope to get some extra exercise in on Thurs and Fri since I don't work those days.
dmpizza wrote 121 months ago:
Great plan, this way you feel deprived for the other 364 days of the year.
Dootzy1 wrote 121 months ago:
Promise to be aware of what I'm putting in my mouth, and that I will not feel like I have to "eat past the enjoyment level." Other than that........
khk2010 wrote 121 months ago:
Great. I'm going to figure this out. I am definitely eating turkey and got to have stuffing and well cranberries are a given. Grandmas turkey is dry so got to have gravy and if I have gravy I must have some mashed potatoes to put it on. I can pass on the wine and well who needs the fattening vegetables…

Oh and a big calorie burning work out maybe today and tomorrow?
Kimmy5 wrote 121 months ago:
that's why i'm going for a 6 mile run, that's about 800-1000 calories for me :) Happy Turkey Day everyone!
eliz_in_pink wrote 121 months ago:
cranberry nut cinnamon chex mix - 1/2 cup= 153 cals using my ingredients. also taking salad= 3 cups with the fixings and fat free french= 150 cals. :) looking forward to this holiday!

thanks for posting this btw, i don't eat a lot of that stuff.. but i do calorie count all the time, lol. i'll be having some turkey and some green beans. maybe some chocolate for dessert lol.

ps. i'm planning a huuuge work out tomorrow as well! yay me!
getitamb wrote 121 months ago:
Early morning Zumba and kettlebell. And i have a superhealthy cousin. I'm just going to eat what she eats. Happy thanksgiving, guys!
LowFlyin wrote 121 months ago:
I've added my Green Beans Wrapped in Bacon candied with Brown Sugar to the Food Bin.

1 piece (half strip of thick cut bacon + 6-7 green beans + 1 teaspoon worth of brown sugar sprinkled on top) = 85 calories each.

It is delicious, and you can down 5-6 of them pretty quick without thinking!
Quiing wrote 121 months ago:
Proof that you cant just simply walk it off afterwards!
silvergurl518 wrote 121 months ago:
i'll be starting my day with a 5k walk/run....and then let the games begin! gobble gobble gobble. i don't know the calorie count but my signature dish are sweet potatoes with pineapple, pecans, marshmallows baked in, and brown sugar! yum.
MissArielLauren wrote 121 months ago:
Great post, thank you sir!
xo_jewel_xo wrote 121 months ago:
I'm confused - double layer of underwear?? LOL
nanodot wrote 121 months ago:
Mom's Jack Daniels Pecan Pie = infinite calories. Honeybadgerdontcare.

I am going very low-carb today and tomorrow, and on Saturday/Sunday. I have a completely unproven theory that if I have depleted my glycogen reserve, then about 2500 of the extra calories will go into glycogen instead of into fat cells, and then I can use them up from the glycogen reserve. It will cause a plateau for a few days, but meh.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my Birthday are Whatever days for me.
IronmanPanda wrote 121 months ago:
Hmm... Its just one day for me. I'm not worried about it. One day won't kill me. I don't work my butt off all year long so that I can't enjoy the holidays with my family and friends.
alise_lmx wrote 121 months ago:
I'm wasting my calories on wine tomorrow :) Happy Thanksgiving!
_SusieQ_ wrote 121 months ago:
I'll skip the salad and the pie, I need the wine to get through the day with my sister. *shudder*
outtanms wrote 121 months ago:
I think I will have a slice of ham and some wine...
ruststar wrote 121 months ago:
Good lord - how much ranch dressing do you put on your salad? A cup and a half of romaine lettuce is 10 calories, and a normal full serving of ranch (2 tbs) is about 180 calories. I usually go for 1/2 tbs of the real stuff and just mix it well - makes for about 55 calories total.
jean1058 wrote 121 months ago:
We will be held accountable by our bellies & hind ends.

I still want to know what your comebacks are to the insensitive relatives.

@AuntSusie5 ROFLMBO!
odditblue wrote 121 months ago:
Love it man! I'll be eating the green beans all day, SANS-butter! =D
Happy Thanksgiving.
I am so proud of you for posting every time, all the time, exactly what you think, nothing else and nothing LESS. Keep it up. Be REAL.
Rock ON!
linabickel wrote 121 months ago:
~laughing~ I love the comments here! I'm going to enjoy a little of everything (and not bother to track it) tomorrow and on Friday I'll get back to normal.
dsjohndrow wrote 121 months ago:
LOL @ AuntSusie - I was going to ask for the pain killers before I have my knee surgery; they are much lower in calories.
chadsouth wrote 121 months ago:
If you enjoy one day eating what you want and get back on track the next day it will not have a huge impact.
Hit the gym before and and an 45 minutes on the elliptical burns about 500 calories. It is about enjoying the one day and not stressing about it. Just don't let it turn into Thanksgiving weekend or worse!
thanoszikantas wrote 121 months ago:
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