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Awkward Moments...

Let's face it, we all do some awkward stuff. It happens on MFP, in restaurants, at work, and well, life in general. In fact, I still cringe at some embarrassing things that I have said and done decades ago. I am looking forward to a life of dimensia.

Here are some that finally make me laugh a little - and mostly because they happened to someone else!

Harleigh67 - here's to you for me making think about all this stuff.

The awkward moment when...

... the chair farts and everyone thinks it's you.

... you can't seem to find a nice way to tell the waitress she talks too much. (Aren't you glad they don't sit with you at Outback anymore?)

... you are just about to say something, and a microscopic spit geyser erupts hitting the person you are talking to on the chest.

... you click the "Delete Comment" link on MFP, thinking it is the "Like" button on Facebook.

... you realize your cell phone is not on silent in church. Now everyone knows that your ringtone is Crazy Train.

... you have been talking to your co-worker at their desk, and discover that your zipper is down when you return to yours.

... you correct someone's spelling on an MFP post, and make a mistake in your correction.

... you discover that your kids already know the word that you've spelled thinking they wouldn't know it.

... you see a woman with a tag sticking up, and your impulse is to fix it.

... someone tags the worst picture of you on Facebook.

... you discover you've booked the wrong week for your vacation plans.

... the doctor leaves the room while you get undressed, and then comes back to examine your privates.

... you accidentally set your alarm and it's a Saturday you are not working, but now the whole house is up.

... you get an angry phone call from the person you just texted because they didn't read it all the way to the smiley.

... you order breakfast with eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon, ham, milk, orange juice, toast, coffee and a fruit cup, when the waitress says, "we're only serving lunch now."

... you cut someone off on the way to work, only to find out you have to ride the elevator with them to the office.

... you are just about to ask for the check after making your calorie goal, and some skinnyass orders a desert.

... your date orders the $49 Surf & Turf instead of one of the specials you talked about. (She's no good for you anyway!)

... your date's credit card and debit card are both declined at dinner. (He's no good for you anyway!)

... you yank on the door at the bank, and realize it's a holiday you don't get off.

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kkuhly wrote 121 months ago:
LOL....I think more than half of these have happened to me!
STARSHINE1975 wrote 121 months ago:
That last one just happened to me on Veterans Day.

And yes, most of these things have happened to me.
ECA67 wrote 121 months ago:
Lol..... Have experience too!
stang_girl88 wrote 121 months ago:
LOL..Yup, most of these have happened to me too. I have one to add. Striking up a conversation with a hot guy outside and bird shats on your head.
NinjaMonkey201 wrote 121 months ago:
Here's another add on I've actually done (palm to forehead):
You ask a co-worker how the new baby is doing before you realize that she wasn't the one that just had a baby. Oops.
jkestens63 wrote 121 months ago:
Too funny: my moment: getting so used to the remote that unlocks the car door that I try to unlock my home's front door with it, until hubby asks if I've lost my mind.
_Johanna_ wrote 121 months ago:
I cut off a woman on the way to dropping my daughter off at preschool. Apparently, her daughter attends the same preschool....I drove by the preschool instead of pulling in and went through McD's before coming back and dropping my daughter off ;)

I've got to learn to drive with less urgency and just be nicer :) Probably a lot safer that way!
_SusieQ_ wrote 121 months ago:
Love all the MFP specific references. One to add:

....the moment in the middle of an argument that you realize you're wrong.
ARDuBaie wrote 121 months ago:
My moment:

Taking the car to the shop to complain to the mechanic that the trunk won't open with the inside latch and your groceries are in there, when all you have to do is insert the key into the hole and turn to get it open.

Also, in that vein....

Pausing two minutes after the electric toothbrush dies, trying to figure out how I am going to brush my teeth.
Kany wrote 121 months ago:
Hahah. The last one happened to me on Veterans day.
LizabethRose wrote 121 months ago:
Taking your kids to bible study b/c you can't get a sitter and your 4 year old drops the A** word in front of the whole group, and then trying to explain without lying that you have no idea where he heard that from....
dsjohndrow wrote 121 months ago:
LOL @ Liz, Johanna. Ninja, Stang and Jade at the moment!!
shellyc7182 wrote 121 months ago:
The chair farting thing.... YES! Or the shoe squeak... And then when you try to replicate the noise to the non-believer who thinks you just ripped ass and it won't do it again! GEEZ!
33Crystal1978 wrote 121 months ago:
I am the most unorganized person I know...stacks of papers on my desk, files (and files) that need to be filed, a box of sticky notes because important phone numbers are on them and I'm afraid that if I throw them away I won't have the phone number anymore. So, imagine my surprise when my boss asked me to give a speach at our monthly meeting on staying organized. Yeah...I don't think he pays much attention to stuff.
Debbe2 wrote 121 months ago:
... someone tags the worst picture of you on Facebook. LOL
jlc1243 wrote 121 months ago:
Love love love your blogs. Keep 'em coming!
silverfox678 wrote 121 months ago:
KelleFlr wrote 121 months ago:
I needed a good laugh today, great post. Made me think of all the embarassing things I have done. The A** word -- yep that's my daughter. .. I swear I don't say that one, not that I haven't said others in front of them. She busted me at a friend's Bday party to the mom -- mom had someone cut her off, she was not upset.. my daughter says, no you're supposed to yell at them and call them stupid or a moron.. that's what my mom does. (blush)
dsjohndrow wrote 121 months ago:
LOL @Kelle!
harleigh67 wrote 121 months ago:
Good ones...My awkward moments blogs is how I role on a daily basis....its my life but I will admit a friend on FB did tag a big ole fat butted picture of me...LOL I untagged it....and my kids could always spell, its when I spell i-c-e-c-r-e-a-m and the dog goes and sits in front of the fridge that has me miffed!!!!LOL
CannibalisticVegetarian wrote 121 months ago:
These are awesome!

I'd say my awkward moment happened about a year or two back. We ran into a woman with the cutest baby. She had these poofy pigtails, and two little stud earrings in her ear.. and her shoes were the cutest shade of pink. I commented on how adorable this girl was....only to find out that it was in fact, a cute little boy.
odditblue wrote 121 months ago:
The last one is worse if you yank that door really hard and break a nail... NOT FUN... But quite hilarious for the onlookers.
Ocarina wrote 121 months ago:
Once I had to pick up my money clip in our car which my husband used to drive to work and I didn't have my keys on me. So we go into the waiting room to wait for him to come up front as he works in a highly secure government facility and there were some super old security guards there. My mother-in-law was the one to drive me there to get my money clip and she had brought our nephew. For some awful reason the old man security guard was totally convinced that our nephew was a GIRL. It was absolutely hilarious every time the guard would talk to my nephew and say things like "You are such a cute little lady." Or "She's so adorable!"... That poor kid wasn't even dressed as a girl! It gave us some laughs at least. =P

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