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Are You F*&^( Kidding Me?

Do you remember when you used to have to ask a parent or teacher (or the prison guard) for permission to do something? We asked hoping that our request would be granted. Then when we were responsible adults, we pretty much only had to ask ourselves permission.

Can I eat this donut? Sure, have six.

This is the time of year when everyone is complaining about how full the gym is this week. Or they are complaining because people are complaining about the gym being full. Like we should be grateful "they" are there doing something good for themselves. I don't personally care.

What I do care about is this: am I succeeding at being fit?

Don't get me wrong, I am glad when others get fit and make good choices; however, my success does not depend on their success; this ain't baseball. Our lives are our own. I have well north of 700 friends on MFP and even more in my Facebook group. (I know, it's pathetic I'm online so much.) In all of the years of fitness forums (over 1300 days on MFP), what have I noticed is the most common trait? it is that we give ourselves permission to be slackers.

WE MAKE EXCUSES! We give ourselves permission when we shouldn't.

You: Today is my workout day.
You the slacker: The gym is full, I'll go tomorrow.

You: Today is my run day.
You the slacker: It's too cold out.

You: It's Sunday and I need to plan meals.
You the slacker: I'll just get something small for lunch (like a large Meat Lovers pizza) and do it tomorrow night.

You: I haven't lost any weight this week.
You the slacker: It's better to loose like one pound a year.

You: I am still overweight.
You the slacker: I have big bones. I have bad jeans (pun intended)

You: I am out of shape.
You the slacker: Round is a shape. .

You: I am not getting any faster running.
You the slacker: I don't like sweating that much.

You: I ate too much.
You the slacker: Everyone deserves a cheat day.

You: I am binging.
You the slacker: Might as well keep going and start tomorrow.

You: The doctor said cut out the sweets.
You the slacker: It's only chocolate.

You: I should throw out these clothes that are too big.
You the slacker: I'll probably fail and need them again.

You: The doctor said i should lose 50 pounds.
You the slacker: That's too skinny.

You: I should buy David's book, ICU to Marathon.

Happy New Year!

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johnwhitent wrote 93 months ago:
I went mountain biking today during a severe weather alert and wind chill advisory. Does that make me committed or stupid? Whatever, it was fun!
Anonymous wrote 93 months ago:
Fun read :) truth too
Fsunami wrote 93 months ago:
You nailed it. Absolutely.
libland wrote 93 months ago:
So it was too cold today with the wind. And I can't really see the ice that well at 5am. But I will get on the dreadmill after my strength workout at the gym tonight. :-)
Alatariel75 wrote 93 months ago:
I've certainly been me the slacker a lot lately...
Alatariel75 wrote 93 months ago:
Though my excuse has been "too hot" not too cold! :)
SwannySez wrote 93 months ago:
I find your goddamn profanity really fucking offensive!
BekaBooluvsu wrote 93 months ago:
My gym is never full. It's at home. Great read!?
ysienkiewicz wrote 93 months ago:
"Round is a shape."



Yes,, I need to stop listening to my slacker self!
jimbob_walton wrote 93 months ago:
Your blog is great--and free. Your book wasn't--and wasn't.
Oi_Sunshine wrote 93 months ago:
I think I just read a commercial. :-/
Anniepi66 wrote 93 months ago:
Great blog! I did the "might as well do it tomorrow" thing over Christmas. Not about to say never again, but that is my goal.
MyChocolateDiet wrote 93 months ago:
Maggie, me too. The blue thing is a "link". ;-P
MissLotte wrote 93 months ago:
I'Ve been the slacker far too often...time to get more serious. Great post, lots of truth x
jezheaven wrote 93 months ago:
My Spin Bike and Concept2 rowing erg at home are always free, available and open 24/7
Hazeydoodle wrote 93 months ago:
This is what I'm trying to combat this year, Excuses are easy!

I am allowing myself 2 days off a week, I can choose when I have them but I HAVE to do something 5 days in 7, and a minimum of 15 minutes (If I do 15 minutes, it has to be HIIT)...

Fingers crossed!
Leahbcc wrote 93 months ago:
Another great one and thanks for sharing
k8blujay2 wrote 93 months ago:
Wait? Why did you delete my comment... I did say it was a good blog... just didn't understand why you needed to sell a book with it.
dsjohndrow wrote 93 months ago:
My MFP friends encouraged me to write a book. They even funded it with CrowdFunding. Many of them thought the hundreds of blogs I have written (all on here) were helpful. They also found my book helpful. Their names are in it. They have been the best support system I have ever had. I offer lots of free help and I also sell books about weight loss, fitness and running.
k8blujay2 wrote 93 months ago:
Ok... then I can understand that. Thank you for the explination...
farmboyphotography wrote 93 months ago:

Nice pep talk! I didn't realize that we had a famous author on MFP. ;-) And yes, I bought your book yesterday. No slacking in 2015. Kudos, David.
dsjohndrow wrote 93 months ago:
Thanks farmboyphotography I hope you enjoy it! Lots more blogs to come.
BrittanyColley wrote 93 months ago:
I sprained my ankle last night (reinjured old injury) today was supposed to be cardio day.... Instead of wallowing in self pitty I did arms, shoulder and back work. Didn't bother my ankle any, had to alter to my plan but didn't make an excuse. (the old me would have though)
ginzetta wrote 92 months ago:
You: I am binging.
You the slacker: Might as well keep going and start tomorrow.

Story of my life....

Logging helps. I ate a whole pizza the other day. I'm not proud, but it went in the log and I must hold myself accountable for it.

Thanks for the pep talk. I'm going to shut down the laptop now and do something constructive.

~ feeling: Motivated
Notreadytoquit wrote 91 months ago:
I ate those almond M&M's and I liked them. I thought about it for months, planned it out and savored every single one ... with an expresso ... for lunch. Life is too short to waste precious energy fighting off every craving forever. Sometimes it's ok to say yes. I had a salad for a snack packed with protein so it all works out in the long run.
Anonymous wrote 2 months ago:
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