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After Kicking the Scale Across the Bathroom

Some days I need to win. Well, after all this BS with doctors and food, and trying to run, guess what? The effin' scale started paying attention. Since I got back from London a few months ago, I am down from 217.1 lbs to 206.9.

You do the math.

My clothes fit better and my running seems better too. In a few days I need to register for the Tokyo Marathon which takes place next March. I need to be great shape for that - an no I don't mean round! I am working on my speed and not dying in the heat for right now.

I have also been working the food portions like a boss.

I am working towards running 100 miles a month, though with all that is going on with our move, I probably won't make it for June.

I am looking forward to being moved and settled in somewhere in the USA by the end of the summer.

I have to see the gastroenterologist today. Despite a lot of stress with moving, I feel lke I have the medication worked out as well, as it has been in a couple of years. That sure makes running easier.

That's it for today. Pack my stuff, see the doctor, get in a run, watch the food portions and work towards the life I almost stopped dreaming of.

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babydee543 wrote 50 months ago:
Keep winning, John! It hasn’t been an easy road, but keep soaring like the eagle you are. Thanks for being such an inspiration to us all!
Anonymous wrote 2 months ago:
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