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Absolutely Pathetic

I don't know about you, but I didn't get here because I was a genius. I was about 100 pounds overweight, my joints hurt but my mouth worked pretty well. And my calorie absorber was very high-functioning.

I was unfit.

After a week in ICU, I had a lot of time to look at my pathetic little life and my huge body. I both needed to be dedicated and learn what I needed to know, or stop taking my 6 heart meds and let it end in a food coma.

Some of you may have read my book ICU to Marathon - Diaries of a nearly Dead Man. The rest of the story is in there.

I have been doing this journey for going on 5 years. In the process, I decided to run. I could have taken up biking or pole dancing. But I got moving, took control of my diet, my portions and my food choices.

It's working. I am down in One-derland and have been for a while.

I have come to embrace running because I can't find much else I like to do. Eating, sex and sitting around watching TV or working at the computer are not quite enough of a calorie burn.

So I run.

I bought a bike and it has 50 miles on it. The oncologist asked me not to ride for a few months to see if it is exacerbating my symptoms. :(

So I run.

I am not the only guy to run with cancer. It's one of the ways I cope with the uncertainty of life. Another is to write. I get to say what's really going on. I am working on my next book. It was supposed to be about running, but it's turning out (like the last one) to be a story of survival.

I run, so far I have survived.

Here is what my friend David Salvas had to say about my new book: The Pathetic Runner - A guide to the universe.

You will so enjoy the writing of David Johndrow.  His first book, ICU to Marathon was funny (thanks to stealing some of my jokes), serious and informative; this book continues his running and health journey. The Pathetic Runner Guide is reader friendly (because David writes at a 3rd-grade level – probably way more credit than is due) and it’s upbeat besides informative, whether you are a seasoned runner or virgin.

 I first met David as I was doing a Run Across NH raising money for Team in Training and I was looking for assistance from other runners. We ran a couple of legs together and became fast friends (not fast as in running).  The next thing I know he is asking me to join him in his Run Across Massachusetts to raise money for Hope for Young Adults with Cancer.

We both did our runs to help eliminate cancer and we will continue our fight as long as we are able.

While David has been through hell and back, he continues to have a positive attitude! He has had cardiac problems; which started his running journey not long ago.  As he continued his fight against all forms of cancer in young adults, he found out he had cancer, not one type but four. But none of this has stopped him or his sense of humor in difficult times.

In 2014, Johndrow started a website and Facebook group which currently has thousands of members. It’s called “The Pathetic Runners Group”. Members support and assist each other, give a lot of unsolicited advice and the discussion is aided by more experienced runners, like David and his close community of running friends.

Enjoy the writings of a runner, a cancer and cardiac survivor, a father, and a person who won’t let life get him down.

I am proud to call David a friend – embarrassed a little, but proud.

Look for it this fall.

Thanks for all your support.

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Time2LoseWeightNOW wrote 73 months ago:
Great blog!! Hahaha....sounds like you've got competition in the writing bit. He is as funny as you.
Run away as fast as you can from that Cancer ,David. Best wishes!!
jmcdgo18 wrote 73 months ago:
Keep on running David and beat cancer's big ole butt! Very enjoyable read. Will have to try the real thing - your book.
celticlass69 wrote 73 months ago:
As usual very honest, very in your face, very good! :)
helenRS wrote 73 months ago:
Well - I am heading off to try and buy your book and join your Facebook page. keep inspiring us. thanks for sharing your story.
MinionMama1964 wrote 72 months ago:
Inspiring....thanks for posting!

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