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A Season and an Update

I confess writing is getting harder for me. There are a few reasons. One, this neck injury makes it hard to think with headaches. My new pain meds came with Narcan in case I overdose. Those certainly don't help.

 It seems as if MFP is doing their part to discourage user blogs, too.

The Community blogs used to have a Top 10. Now it's Top Blogs with only those getting 20 votes in 24 hours making the list. Today there are none. On top of that, there's an angry reader who has had a few folks vote me down. That's been going on for more than a year. In any case, I only seem to make Top Blogs if I mention you have to vote. My wife says I am not as funny as I think I am.

Maybe she's right.

I have readers on Facebook who follow my page and others from the Pathetic Runners Group. I normally post on Tuesday morning from the east coast of the USA. I know there are readers in Europe and Australia as well as across the US. I work at being consistent. If my season has passed, I'm OK with that. I have written this blog for over 7 years. Before it, I wrote a different one for 5 years.

 What do you think? Leave a comment if you like.

 My update. Since August 13th, when I was in the ER for severe headaches, I have had a lot of different treatments. They've tried PT, steroids, cortisone injections and I have added on chiropractic and massage therapy.

I have not made a lot of progress.

I see the spinal surgeon again, next Monday. Maybe we'll have some new answers. The shoulder surgeon seems to think he can go in there an clean up the arthritis in my shoulder, but in general, everything looks OK. It hurts like hell but looks OK on film. ;)

 I will still be in Tokyo March 3rd. I am not a quitter.

Thanks for your support.

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Anonymous wrote 45 months ago:
I'm sorry that you are still hurting. What kind of person tries to get others to down vote you?!?! You're a terrific writer! I miss being on MFP. For some reason when MFP went down briefly it messed up my account. I've tried resetting my password and that hasn't helped either. I should figure out how to get in contact with the powers that be over there and get back on track. I hope you are able to run in Tokyo.
I just found out that I have bad arthritis on my left knee and will need a knee replacement in about two years. SOme days it's a struggle. I don't know how you do it with all of the pain and treatments you've been having. I wish you well. Hoppymom
solieco1 wrote 45 months ago:
Love your blog and I'd miss it it if you stopped! I hate the new algorithm!
hroderick wrote 45 months ago:
You may not be as funny as you think you are, but looks aren't everything.

May lightning strike the internet trolls in the router.

Keep blogging as long as you like. Feel free to not when it hurts more than helps.
debk0718 wrote 45 months ago:
Please keep on blogging! To heck with whomever was offended, and more importantly, shame on that person for turning others against you. That's not a very Christian thing to do!! I keep meaning to look you up on FB, but I have to confess, I often avoid FB because of trollers on there. LOL
I keep hoping that you'll begin to feel better, and are able to get off the pain meds.
You will be in Tokyo, I have no doubts.
Hang in there!!!
lorrainequiche59 wrote 45 months ago:
I'm sorry you're in such misery with pain & frustrated trying to get to the root of your issue. Hopefully, you'll get some relief soon & the docs will be able to find out what the cause is.

I hope you continue to write. It isn't all about the votes. I'm sure you've helped a number of other MFP members. I know I enjoy reading your blog. As far as the crackpot person who is actively trying to sabotage the number of votes you receive, that is quite pathetic actually. Who does crap like that???

jmnicholas wrote 45 months ago:
As the app no longer works on my phone, I think MFP is actively discouraging a whole load of users in the name of security. Similarly on a whole load of things on the site. Very frustrating all round. However, with so many days of logging in, keep going! Praying for you, that the pain is dealt with, so Tokyo can be trained for. God bless.
Wysewoman53 wrote 45 months ago:
I look forward to your blogs every week but it seems much harder to 'stay in touch' these days. I used to get a lot of bloggers on my news feed but now, I have to search for them or click on a link such as you always conveniently provide for which I am very grateful. All I can say about the person who is actively sabotaging you, jealous much? I love your blogs and regret that now I am missing quite a few of them. There a lot of days I just don't 'feel like it' when it comes to my daily routine and then I think of you and a couple of others on MFP who have health problems I can only imagine (not really as I've never had the kind of health problems some on here have had but anyway...) and it gets me up and moving. So, just know, even if I can't always see your blogs, you are still an inspiration to me and so many others. Thank you for being here.
joanthemom8 wrote 45 months ago:
I just realized now that the red down arrow was a "not like" or whatever you call it, a "vote down". What a stupid feature to have. In my view, if you like the blog and want to show support (or in my case, actually remember to vote) just have the green key. Don't leave a choice for the negative people.... they can just ingnore the voting altogether.
On another note, I hope you do feel better soon. I know Tokyo is around the corner and I hope you can run and enjoy it while not being in so much pain. Good luck sir!
bluesrockerman wrote 45 months ago:
I'm sorry you are having such a hard time lately. I really enjoy reading your writing and bought your book. From a selfish point of view I hope you continue to write. I wish you only the best and hoping you find relief from the pain. Hang in there man!
pizzafruit wrote 45 months ago:
I can't begin to imagine your pain and frustration. You are one of the strongest people on MFP and you inspire countless numbers of people. I am confident that the challenges you're facing now will be no different than challenges of the past. You'll beat this. As a side, I always vote and I vote "like" and will continue to do so. Thanks for all the support you provide.
bampitt wrote 45 months ago:
I enjoy your blog thoroughly and hope you do not stop. I'm sorry your shoulder is giving you so much trouble. I feel 'ya. I have a knee that the doctor's say doesn't need surgery yet.
PAnn1 wrote 45 months ago:
I'm with the majority here. Keep on blogging! I'm sorry to hear about all the trouble you're going thru and about the cyber bully. I hope you start to feel better soon..and your wife is wrong, I have found a lot of humor in your blogs :-)
brittvshows wrote 45 months ago:
I always look for notice that you've blogged on Tuesday. I worry when I don't see it. As to why someone would be insane/cruel enough to vote you down, that doesn't make sense but this is a weird and crazy world nowadays.

Please blog for as long as you feel like it. We care and enjoy your humor. Hope you soon find something to ease the pains. All the best to you and family.
Hearts_2015 wrote 45 months ago:
BexB42 wrote 45 months ago:
I never find your posts offensive, so you must have a hater, which is immature. If someone doesn't like a blog, just don't read it! FFS. Thanks for continuing to post, I enjoy it when I can get on here and read it!
brucenalbee wrote 45 months ago:

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Wysewoman53 wrote 45 months ago:
From what I'm seeing on here today, MFP might be doing something to discourage bloggers but appears to be doing nothing about trolls. Seriously? Anonymous guy named Steve Harvey (kind of an oxymoron, right?) and I still don't know why I would need a trial-and-mistakes time for a best song. Lol!
Sunna_W wrote 45 months ago:
If you haven't seen a good physical therapist that does myofascial release and/or a chiropractor, that may help. Pain meds address the symptoms not the cause. Also, depending on where you live, hemp oil extract (or cannabis in glycerin) may also be available / helpful. (And, is safer than opioids.) At home, in addition to wearing a cervical collar to support my neck I have found relief by laying cross-ways on the bed and hanging my head over the side and letting gravity assist with stretching things out. I'll lay on a hot water bottle first to get things nice and loose and then scooch over the side. Sometimes I have my hubs cradle my head and slowly drop it down for the stretch. He can usually find the knot with his thumb and massage it out by starting at the edge that is the least tender and then slowing working his way into the middle. I do hope you find some relief!
Leahbcc wrote 45 months ago:
Always look forward to your posts and keeping you in my prayers and sending positive vibes
kendallvon wrote 45 months ago:
Love, hope & healing thoughts sent. May you find the help, health, and happiness you need & deserve. Don't feed the trolls. Also, I will say I agree with Sunna. CBD oil (Charlotte's Web) has helped me immensely with Neck, back, and myofascial pain from MS spasticity. It also helps my anxiety. However, when I take it for anxiety, it gives me funky dreams. Not nightmares per se, just weird dreams. Best of luck to you.
FarmerCarla wrote 45 months ago:
You've been an inspiration to me and many others. Praying for God's intervention in your health issues. It's hard to think straight with a headache. Stay in touch with The Great Physician. I'm glad you're not a quitter. Too many of us give up too easily. Thankfully, God has given us resilient bodies that we too often take for granted.
dsjohndrow wrote 45 months ago:
Sunna_W - doing everything you do but the CBD oil. I have looked into it, and I still have questions. Hemp oil seems to be legal. In any case, research is not easy as there are a lot of infomercials. I need something that leaves me able to think as a long-term solution.
Laura80111 wrote 45 months ago:
Thank you for the update. I've followed your blog for several years but have never "friended" you as I thought just seeing your blog in the "top blogs" would be enough. I guess I will head over to your page as I really do enjoy your updates and you have been on my prayer list for some time now.
YOU truly inspire me to keep going with all you have had in your life and you somehow manage to keep going....well that makes me have NO excuse not to keep this up.

Prayers for better news and relief from your pain,
The_Movie_Chair wrote 45 months ago:
I noticed the down-voting as well and at first I didn't like it. "How dare you not like me and what I write," was my first thought and I felt a bit ashamed right away.

What makes me think all of what I write has to be liked? Perhaps downvoting is an honest critique, rather than anger?

I am not too good with critique either, but I am adjusting nicely. For the moment people seem to like what I have to say but it can change any day and that will be fine as well.

In the end I write for myself. It's my therapyy session on the keyboared. My blog is my voice, sometimes heard by many, sometimes heard by none -just like in real life.

Write as long as you have fun writing and don't mind the numbers.Write from the heart and all will fall into place -that's what I believe until someone tells me otherwise. :-)
mummyinthemountains wrote 45 months ago:
Your blogs inspire me and always makes me think twice about what have I got to moan about.
dsjohndrow wrote 45 months ago:
@ The_Movie_Chair - this person gave me the only negative review on Amazon for my book. Since then they have rounded up a little group of about 6 who just logon to down vote. It's fine if you hate my blog. Down vote the ones you dislike. Every single one? Crazy. I noticed you and I are the only ones left. I am pretty sure the MFP is going to be app only sometime soon. Anyway - thanks for commenting.
FarmerCarla wrote 45 months ago:
My favorite bloggers, @dsjohndrow and @The_Movie_Chair, don't get into a competition here, there's room for both of you and others. While perseverance is a strong theme for both of you, I see one writing from a stay alive/live your dreams perspective and one from a lose weight/nothing can stop me perspective. We need you both to demonstrate perseverance and keep us motivated! No bickering or sabotage!
denisek3 wrote 45 months ago:
I share your pain. My husband has had difficulty with headaches of unknown origin for several years. It was discovered that he had a thymoma, a form of cancer; following surgery, he felt terrific for a brief period. But after radiation treatment, his headaches returned. Triggers are unknown and treatment options limited without knowing the source. He tried looking for a more holistic form of medical evaluation and treatments, but alternatives there are limited and expensive. He seems to have given up and just takes pain meds when the headaches really bother him. Hope you have better luck resolving your issue!
Elbee1 wrote 45 months ago:
I appreciate you and your blog so much! Thank you for writing them.
I have had migraine headaches on and off since I was in first grade. They are horrible, so I can imagine how much pain you've had.
One of the reasons that I have NOT given up on losing weight and getting healthier is you. Thank you for that. I know that I can get there due to your inspiration, and being such an amazing role model.
Thank you!

SheilaCali wrote 45 months ago:
I'd vote for you if you only wrote about bunions. Even your posts with less wit are inspiring and show us how to live. Show Mount Fuji how to stay strong!
ranchmimi wrote 45 months ago:
Please look at the number of folks who love what you write - and have to practically be a computer whiz to find your blog! And as far as voting, I have never seen a place to even vote! I'll have to start using my whizzing to find it! Keep up your good work! And as far as pain goes - keep moving and trying to find the best relief!
motivatedmartha wrote 45 months ago:
I enjoy your blogs and follow your progress with great interest - it certainly seems to be a bit of a bumpy road for you - so inspired by your sheer grit and determination. I feel that the new algorithm has resulted in a dearth of new blogs - some people need encouragement to write and I like to read a range - skilled writers and less so - they all have interesting perspectives. I understand that not everyone will enjoy every blog but why on earth someone would want to encourage down voting is beyond me - after all, if you don't enjoy reading it, avoid future efforts by that blogger; others might enjoy it. Keep writing please and inspire us all - provided it doesn't become a disincentive for you of course. Good luck on your road to a more pain free existence XXX
DeeDee2211 wrote 45 months ago:
You are such an inspiration to so many people! Your blog is the only one I read, and when I don’t see it for awhile I get worried about you. Funny, huh?, total stranger worried about you. I’ve been here for over 6 years and I’ve been keeping up with you. I cheer for your victories, and pray for your health issues. I wish you only the best and those that vote you down, or write ugly remarks about your book...well they just wish they were as awesome, as strong and as determined as you are...I pity those people, they must live a truly miserable life. I hope you keep up your blog, I would miss it. I do understand though if the headaches are making it too hard for you. Whatever you do in this life, you do it with such grace, and you have a fantastic sense of humor! Again, I wish you the very best!!!
franklin505 wrote 45 months ago:
of course your not a quitter, your doing great. life just has its ups & downs.
Aplant77 wrote 45 months ago:
I enjoy your blog! Keep on writing! Sorry you are going through another rough patch :(
runningforthetrain wrote 45 months ago:
Hoping today's appointment went ok. Thinking of you. Love your blog posts- even when you are a little down. Don't let the mean people win!!! Keep on. God bless.
brittvshows wrote 44 months ago:
It bothers me that someone uses their time to be cruel to others. We are all big kids here, so I can't understand the hostility and voting down.

I don't like MFP's new system because my Senior mind forgets to track your blog down. I'm used to glancing over on Tuesdays and seeing your blog and then clicking on it. I worry about you when I don't see it. Now I've discovered I've missed quite a few, especially the opportunity to vote "up" for you.

I will try hard to keep up with you. Just know I value your humor, your honesty and your kindness. Hoping you are healing each day. All the best.
Anonymous wrote 2 months ago:
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