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A Little Focus Changed a Lot

I am finally getting my feet back on the ground. We had a warm winter weekend and I got in three runs! 4 miles, 5 miles and 2 miles. It is not the 15 miles which my marathon training plan called for, but I ran.

I am running the London Marathon in April and I am trying to talk my body into getting the miles up.

I had a good food and weight week as well. I lost almost 3 pounds! I logged every day - well, I think I did. I had some challenges with the take-out food which I ate with a friend, as well as having dinner with friends.

The non-alcoholic beer is a calorie waster.

I counted it as water. ;) not really. I learned that you can't control your environment all the time, so I don't take cheat days. I planned for the indulgences by skipping snacks and enjoyed myself.

If all goes well, I will be in onederland by the end of April.

As much as I miss my mother-in-law, I don't miss driving 10 hours every weekend. I have had some time to reflect, relax, remember, and finally take down the Christmas tree.

My mother once said that leaving your tree up past New Years Day was a sign of mental illness.

I won't say that, but it did stress me out a bit that I couldn't keep my house in order. None the less, I wouldn't trade those memories with Carol for anything. During this time I received a lot of nice IMs and messages. Thank you! 

Spending time with a dying person tends to put your priorities in a better place. You don't worry about a lot of things.

I think we forgot to pay a bill on time. I'll be damned, they just sent another one. Besides, I like red ink better than black ink. This past weekend we had some time to unpack from when we moved in.

I like to be organized. It makes me feel more peaceful.

Of course there are my ongoing health concerns. They also took a backseat to life. Here is an update on all that. I skipped my melanoma skin check. It's expensive and a couple of months won't matter that much. I am in for a prostate biopsy in May, so I will do the skin check at the same time. Meanwhile my PSA is down which is good! I had to stop taking medication which made me feel better because it causes bone density issues. I am still working my way through that maze.

For now, I am back at work in the office, spending time with family and friends, logging food and drink, running, working on my next book, and be grateful for the life I have.

Now if the NE Patriots would win the Super Bowl, life would be perfect.

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dsjohndrow wrote 54 months ago:
aliciaaw wrote 54 months ago:
I have to agree with sherry0614. You have amazing life and some amazing friends. Good luck with your runs
llollapot wrote 54 months ago:
Glad things are looking up. As Brian says - always look on th bright side of life......
Leahbcc wrote 54 months ago:
Thanks for this will rethink my focus now
suttercm wrote 54 months ago:
I totally agree with the Patriots. Love me some Tom Brady!
Thehardmakesitworthit wrote 54 months ago:
Happy living! Love your writing! and boo to the Patriots! LOL
LisaPrust wrote 54 months ago:
So glad for your good news and your ability to find reflection opportunities among the hard places. Every time I read that you are going to run that marathon my brain shorts out a little--thinking of your leg break--I am AMAZED that you can physically do it! And a little jealous. In a good way! We are cheering for you my friend! Oh, and tree is still up and will be 'til Valentines. Don't tell ya muhthuh! ;-)
franklin505 wrote 54 months ago:
Your doing great. The London Marathon Wow.
Wysewoman53 wrote 54 months ago:
You had me until the end! Go Eagles!
runningforthetrain wrote 54 months ago:
Such an awesome post -- had me smiling and feeling good until--- Patriots! LOL Well I guess if it makes you happy, I'll find my peace with it.
juliet3455 wrote 54 months ago:
If anyone ever gives you Guff about leaving the tree up - Just tell them you are keeping it up to Honor - Respect your Greek Orthodox friends and families. Awesome - positive post as always.
Anonymous wrote 53 months ago:
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