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There are lots of claims out there regarding weight loss methods, diets and health and fitness products. If you skip church or stay up late enough, you can watch hour long infomercials about them!

There is not a weight loss method on earth that doesn't require some effort from you!

Now that all the "I thought there was a magic pill" readers have reported me to the moderators for abuse, we can carry on. The truth is this: one study (WebMD) showed that as much as 15 % of gastric bypass patients do not lose a successful amount of weight; some due to metabolic make up.

That sucks!

Another study showed that subjects regained an average of 73.4% of their weight loss during the first three years.

The really sucks! That means out of my 1000 friends 734 of you are going to fail.

I have finished 2 years of my journey and allow me to make some observations.

- Some of the people that fail can be found in the cookie aisle.

- My friends who have succeeded in really getting their weight under control are active, very active!

- I don't think any of my friends are really on a cheat meal regimen. It's more like life that has parties and holidays.

- Cleansing is counting poop as weight loss.

- The ones who disappear are usually defending their right to eat anything they want as long as it's within their calories for the day.

- The ones that win seem to understand ditching the junk food, the soda and the oceans of processed food, are part of the lifestyle change.

- Losing weight is only one part of being fit. It might have gotten you here, but it won't keep you here.

- There are lots of so called "answers" about what to eat, when to eat, who to eat, how much to eat, and dying if you eat less than 1200 calories in a day. What matters most is what works for you. The question is can you sustain this for the rest of your life?

- Reading the label can save your life. And not just if you are allergic to nuts. You can avoid too much sugar, sodium and other chemicals you can't even pronounce.

- Checking menus for restaurants BEFORE you go out to eat is what successful people do.

- Biking is for runners who like to coast. ;)

- Eating salad is healthy, but not with high calorie dressing.

- Most canned food is loaded with sodium and so are frozen diet meals and even some "all natural" foods.

- Not logging because it's boring, or it seems stupid will usually end you up in the cookie aisle.

That's what I see everyday here on MFP. I want to be in the percentage that is successful, and I want you to be there too!

Thanks for the votes and comments.

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Amazon_Who wrote 111 months ago:
Excellent post!
skinnyme47 wrote 111 months ago:
Another great blog.
turkeyhunter60 wrote 111 months ago:
Totally agree. Way to lay it out. I made the mistake of eating the Chili's light sirloin with double brocoli last night. The sodium is through the roof! Eat healthy, stay active.

Mustangsally1000 wrote 111 months ago:
the cleansing part was my favorite! LOL
AEcklar813 wrote 111 months ago:
This is entirely true. I swear next time someone asks how I lost over 100lbs (before this pregnancy so far anyways) I am going to tell them and send them this lol. Thanks for posting!
Kimaw65 wrote 111 months ago:
you won't find me in the cookie aisle! Okay, well maybe just for a quick visit but I won't be moving in!!! Thanks for the chuckle this morning.
jdhosier wrote 111 months ago:
Great post. I have been on both sides of these observations. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go check out the apple fritter at Starbucks....
geekgirl_2012 wrote 111 months ago:
I love this and I agree! Thanks for all of your inspirational posts! :)
anarose13 wrote 111 months ago:
love this and i do agree! everyone should read this.
Morgaath wrote 111 months ago:
Think you got it all right.
DEEDLYNN wrote 111 months ago:
Another great blog post
an65mbfris wrote 111 months ago:
Thank you so much for your insight. This is the first post I have read. Everything you said really hit home but you got my undivided attention when you said "dying if you eat less than 1200 calories. I have been serious about eating right, excercising and being more aware when I cheat a little. I am working with a nutritionist who believes I should eat so much food and not worry about calories that I am really loosing a pound gaining a pound and after three months I am not happy. I have lost 14 lbs. She has taught me a lot about food and what it does and I have been reading and reading and that has educated me. Whenever I mentioned calories she gets upset and the firt time she blew a gasket but I hung in there. There have been times I have been worried because I did not eat my snack on time. Another thing to consider is I have been excercising at home and in the gym 5 days a week. I just hired a personal trainer for the next three months. During the initial consulation I discoverd I was not really doing the right things. Not that anything I did was bad for me but I could have been doinging things that may have been a lot better. In any event I do not feel I have wasted my time but that I just prepared myself for what is ahead. I am 65 just retired this past November. I decided early on to make myself my first priority. I have just started counting cal..and it is good to know just how all the food works together to improve, control or prevent the onset of diesase like high cholestorol, diabetes, high blood pressure all of those things we may be faced with as we age. Good luck to everyone and I will check back soon.
CindyRip wrote 111 months ago:
Thank you for this great post. When I was younger I lost 100+ pounds and thought I will never be fat again. Kept it off for a little over 7 years and 34 years later I found myself with 154 pounds to lose again. If only I knew then what I know now things would have been different on so many levels. The great thing is I have a base to work with. I know hard work and great choices will give me what I desire. My life is about to get better again and no chocolate chip cookie can do that for me.
an65mbfris wrote 111 months ago:
Sweet! I had no idea food choices were so I am not talking about a cookie over an egg I am talking about the complex way food works in our bodies..found a great book 'Sugar Solutition" by Prevention editors. A great read and a good find at a discount place here in VA "Ollies" for 3.99 cover price 24.95. Good Luck Cindy we are on the right path!
MaryRegs wrote 111 months ago:
shortchange1 wrote 111 months ago:
The comment about biking...even with a weak and shouldn't be part of your message. IMHO
onwarddownward wrote 111 months ago:
Once, in a previous time in my life, I documented a weight loss when I got 14 inches cut off my hair. My husband pointed out that it didn't "count". I was so upset. But he was right. Hair and poop don't count. They are not fat. They are not newly toned muscle that has developed from a workout regime.

And you're right about the cookies. I had been reading other people's open diaries to gain ideas for eating right, but man, so many people are chomping down the crap all day long. Staying within their allowance, but it's chips, cookies and ice cream all day long. Oh, and coffee creamer!

I'd sooner eat my fingernails than to waste calories on coffee creamer! But then again, I don't drink coffee or tea anymore.
tmcoyle wrote 111 months ago:
Wow, you hit the nail on the head!!! Clean eating and exercise means you will live a longer and healthier life!!!!
Pangui wrote 111 months ago:
Nice and concise. Right on the money too!
Jagkat wrote 111 months ago:
WOW great blog. I just want to past this on my fridge!
lizsmith1976 wrote 111 months ago:
Lol at the cleanse comment. I want to be someone who doesn't end up in the cookie aisle!! Thanks for posting this :)
stevenleagle wrote 111 months ago:
The cheat meal regimen being life happens is spot on for me
wisebadger53 wrote 111 months ago:
Great post, although I have to admit I still wade in a small stream of diet soda and cookies from time to time. :D
Hoppymom wrote 111 months ago:
Terrific as always! Plus now I feel bad about not logging regularly in recent months. Thus gaining some pounds. :( I need to get it together and log again. Super post!
Luthien007 wrote 111 months ago:
Five star blog
tameroo2 wrote 111 months ago:
carolstartingover wrote 111 months ago:
You forgot "shaving legs and cutting toenails" does not count. I have hear that too.Great points you brought up and what you are saying to me means let the radical shit go and do the work.
gmallan wrote 111 months ago:
Biking is for runners with bad knees :)
holliwood322 wrote 111 months ago:
Hey Looser.... It's spelled "Losing" weight! LOL!!! Clever blog as always! You make me laugh almost as much as my husband, and he makes me laugh a lot! Still, hopefully people pay attention to these basics. It's gonna require some "sacrifice" you could say, if your idea of sacrifice is letting go of the donut and cheesy fries! for some, this is crying time. tears of real creamy cheese! thanks for the words of wisdom.
jaimerueda wrote 111 months ago:
zojo wrote 111 months ago:
Don't forget taking off jewellery/extra layers/wearing lighter clothes/etc. lol.
wtlossmamma wrote 111 months ago:
Nicely put! I've only been on my journey for 6 months but have definitely pushed myself to be as active as possible- it makes a big difference! Love your blog!
odditblue wrote 111 months ago:
You are so, sooo, soooooooooooooooooo right!
debkamphaus wrote 111 months ago:
The ones who disappear are usually defending their right to eat anything they want as long as it's within their calories for the day.
I did this, it set me up to lose my momentum, carbs a killers for me, ineed to avoid them to feel better, it is hard since all the diet advice says to eat this or that and it had carbs and salt, and yes the food combinations are good to know it is just hard to find good info that does not push carbs.

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