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3 Years on MFP - Get Me Some HELP!

If it weren't for freakin' leap year in 2012, today would be 3 years since I logged into MFP daily - that includes logging my food not just being an expert in the forums! If you have nothing to do for the next 2 hours my friends, you can check out my log. Actually, since I was diagnosed with cancer, it has not been a top priority. :(

I started my weight loss journey with a YMCA class, In It To Lose It. It was tough getting started (More HERE). I didn't really know much about eating well or exercising; it was all about losing weight, not really about getting healthy or fit.

Lose weight, that's what I came for! That's truth.

I have learned a lot since I got here. Like WTG is not a typo for WTF and NSV is Non-Scale Victory and not "No Sexy Virgin." Context is vitally important. I have learned to most weight-losers gain back an average of 73% of whatever they lost, and that just about everyone fails within 5 years.

That really sucks!

I had congestive heart failure a few months after I started, and that changed my focus from becoming a male stripper, to getting fit so that I could see my youngest off into the wonders of adulthood.

I became a born again runner!

My first year (2011) was a tough one. I had a heart attack (More HERE) and after lots of agony, I finally I decided to have knee surgery in December '11. Vicodin was fun! (More HERE)

A year after I was in ICU, March 25, 2012, I ran my first ever 5K (3.1 miles)! (Details) On September 1, 2012 I ran my first ever 10k (6.2 miles) in 1 hour and 5 minutes. I ran my first 1/2 Marathon (13.1 miles) on the 24th.

During my second year I was down to 203 - within view of one-derland. And then the unthinkable, the scale started going back up. It hovers at about 208, but my waist is 3" smaller, my quads are almost 5" inches bigger, my feet and most everything else remains the same. I also had rotaor cuff surgery and that sort of put an end to being a badass body builder. It took a year to recover.

I made it down to 199.

Year 3 has been a tough one. I was diagnosed with cancer and to top it off, melanoma too. I had a stress fracture and fell on the ice and busted my collar bone.

I ran the Boston Marathon with my stupid tumors and then I ran 60 miles across Masschusetts with them too.

Since I was diagnosed with cancer I set a new PR for the 5K, 10K, 15K, 5 mile, and 10 mile distances. I will hit 2000 miles running in 2014.

Oh yeah, and not only was I able to get fit by putting in the effort, prayer, and support from you all, I feel better than I have in 30 years.

Thanks for all your support!

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H_Factor wrote 97 months ago:
You are a rock star and a true inspiration! oh, and its nice to hear that eating healthy and running doesn't cause your feet to shrink.
Flyer615 wrote 97 months ago:
And, oh yeah (oh double yeah?), you wrote an incredible book about the journey. You continue to inspire me, my MFPal.
deabora wrote 97 months ago:
You are an amazing person! I am proud to be your MFP friend.
katemarin23 wrote 97 months ago:
Great story ..the shorter versions make me want to read some of the longer versions! (I have just started running...) You are doing great !
Tonigirl519 wrote 97 months ago:
You encourage us all to live....tomorrow's not promised.'re gonna beat the odds to regain. .it's just what you do...and btw..#cancerwhatsucks.

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