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3 Words You Don't Want to Hear

As weight losers, we don't always need a lecture to get out attention. In fact, we may not need an entire sentence. It's like the driver who cut me off on the Interstate. I screamed 3 stress relieving words at him as well as doing it in sign language.


That is not really what I said, but this is simply an illustration; I'm a professional and your result may vary. All this got me to thinking about weight loss. Which, after 1800 days on MFP is still hard work. It thought about what might motivate me to get back on track and stay there.

Here is a list of phrases that would make me think about it my weight loss. Some of them are excuses and others strike fear in the heart of a food addict.

- Scale just broke
- Food is locked
- No more sugar
- It's only pizza
- No belt extenders
- This requires surgery
- It's a fire!
- McDonald's is closed
- It's just one (box)
- Run, run, run!
- There's a line
- One hour wait
- 1000 thousand calories
- It's too small
- Get the cake
- You're too big
- Get the defibrillator! (If you are conscious at the time)
- It’s hard work

What did I miss? What 3 words get you back on track?

Thanks for the votes and comments.

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Time2LoseWeightNOW wrote 73 months ago:
marlown wrote 73 months ago:
Never give up!!!
Leahbcc wrote 73 months ago:
You are strong
PlantBasedRnr wrote 73 months ago:
Not weight loss related but the three words I don't want to hear are " the condom broke ". Ha ha... just kidding but another spot on post!
nats2508 wrote 73 months ago:
TUMMY.SPONGY.MUMMY (says my 2 year old) or CAN'T.SEE.TOES (me) or You're.LOOKING.WELL! (monster mother in law, loosely translated as girl, you're a bit bigger than when I saw you last!)
farmboyphotography wrote 73 months ago:
Gaining weight again. (Nooooooooo!)
dsjohndrow wrote 73 months ago:
^^Amen, brother Bobby!
Anonymous wrote 73 months ago:
I can't breathe!!!! (Pulling on favorite jeans)
TrekkerCynthia wrote 73 months ago:
Knees need replacing
FitFroglet wrote 73 months ago:
eat it tomorrow
Genette38 wrote 73 months ago:
I'm a Gemini so I hate anyone telling me what I can/can't do/eat and if you question my ability to do something, I'll do it twice as well just to show you that I can.

You can't succeed
Can't have that
Stick to plan
Why bother trying
rlambertsc wrote 73 months ago:
Scale's adjusted wrong
There's always tomorrow
Try not, do
Sheesh I'm depressed

... and finally

Cant stop crying.

Wysewoman53 wrote 73 months ago:
DR's appointment scheduled!

Haven't seen my doc for 6 months and I'm hoping I can get off (or at least cut back) on high blood pressure/cholesterol pills.

And of course, every single other motivational comment on here.
VertBert wrote 73 months ago:
add belt holes
SlimSharonSlim wrote 73 months ago:
Laura80111 wrote 73 months ago:
You look fine.....not good to hear when you are facing temptation because if you keep thinking that pretty soon temptation happens way to often and then you are back to square one.
fifthlobo wrote 73 months ago:
five more pounds? (SMH)
TR0berts wrote 73 months ago:
Suck me, beautiful!

Oh, I really hope you guys know where that's from.
GloriaFoldenauer wrote 73 months ago:
It's too late.
katheebeth wrote 73 months ago:
I agree with "you are diabetic".
Pattycake755 wrote 73 months ago:
"You can die!" (If I continue to eat anything, anytime I want, and as much as I want! I am diabetic and currently have complications. My three words are true, and they keep me on track!)
catita1025 wrote 73 months ago:
one more rep!
you got this!
you look great (
pizzafruit wrote 73 months ago:
Tied my shoes. Got a cramp.
bbordner wrote 73 months ago:
You're fat Daddy.
dpfannenstiel wrote 73 months ago:
You love her.
bunnymom27 wrote 73 months ago:
I just can't.
I am tired.
I keep failing.
I feel weak.
It's too much.
Audracasper wrote 73 months ago:
eat the cake
Are you pregnant
It's one meal
splurge a little
Live a little
Just give in

And I can relate to all the others. Thankfully, now my family is on board but still working on my friends understanding that "cheating, splurging, giving in" are not good things for me.
dsjohndrow wrote 73 months ago:
BinaryFu wrote 73 months ago:
How about just two words?


For three words?

We did it!
I made it!
Let's do this!
Everyone is watching...
Never give up!
You got this!

And one of my favorite quotes:

"Yesterday is the scale upon which we measure today's success." - Me
kathleennf wrote 73 months ago:
I'm with catita. I was going to say "You look great!"but - "one more rep" is a great one too1
dyylajoi wrote 73 months ago:
Suck it up (buttercup)...
llbrixon wrote 73 months ago:
Can't eat that
Not on menu
Don't log it
Ice-cream slides down (so it does not count for calories)
Don't eat that
Just little bite
Take a break
You ate that

ryangreve wrote 73 months ago:
outcome based insurance (rates).
parsnip666 wrote 73 months ago:
Must try harder
Just one slice
I love cake
My knees hurt
I didn't cheat
Wine is yummy
Lost five pounds
No thank you
babbyb1 wrote 73 months ago:
It's swimsuit season!
Time for pictures.
Relatives are coming.
Annual physical due.
Cholesterol still sucks.
Triglycerides are off.
You need medication.
You are diabetic.
You are (insert illness here).
One more rep. (I didn't want to do the other reps I did and you're telling me there's MORE?!)

More than one word:

But it's ONLY a taste. You can cut back on your calories tomorrow. (Said by my family as they try to sabotage.)
Arsenal1919 wrote 73 months ago:
My own decision!
Jesea wrote 73 months ago:
"no calories left"

"you're skinny enough"
hclaudia50 wrote 73 months ago:
Keep the Balance :-D
Elizabeth80666787 wrote 73 months ago:
Finish your plate
beatingobesityforlife wrote 73 months ago:
High blood pressure
waylander1975 wrote 73 months ago:
You are human. [Acknowledging that everyone makes mistakes and can be forgiven for them, so forgive yourself and start with the better choices again this moment rather than waiting.]
tjjalmeida wrote 73 months ago:
I have people who tell me that I am skinny enough and that I should stop trying and just maintain. But I know my body and I know my goals. I am terrified of failing AGAIN! So I ignore those comments and keep trying. It is hard but it will be worth it! KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE! (ok that's 6 words but its true)
dotsgal1 wrote 73 months ago:
You're obsessed (those who want to sabotage me)
I won't tell (if you just take a bite)
Sit down (and watch t.v. instead of moving)
Forget about it (I like you the way you are, etc.)
Life is short
Think positive!
Need new clothes (in a good way)
You inspire me
Go for it!

So many that ya'll posted are terrific too, and I ca relate to, as well.
AdrianaColombia wrote 73 months ago:
I am worthy of this path!
Keliandra wrote 73 months ago:
Not that top
Blood Sugar High
Die before Sixty
EllenKay63 wrote 72 months ago:

It's not three words that get me. it's

The number on the scale going up
Clothes shopping / cute clothes look terrible on me
Social event I can't hide in jeans.
een2016 wrote 72 months ago:
Mumma eats so much!!

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