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25 Reasons You Might Not Have Logged In

Today is 11100110101days on MFP - well if you are fluent in binary. For the rest of you, it's 1845 days. I don't log food so much anymore. Why? Because I know how many calories everything that I eat is. Some days I have new dish and I will log that.

I weigh myself every week!

I read that some of my friends have not logged in for x amount of days and I wonder why? None of them make excuses online, so I can only imagine - and you know my imagination.

1. You left your Smartphone at a bar, but can't remember which one.

2. You know which bar, and you are embarrassed to go pick it up.

3. You are no longer with us because you were harpooned on the beach by Asian whalers.

4. You dropped your Smartphone in the toilet while going #2 before your weigh in.

5. You were abducted by aliens and forced to ride what you thought was Space Mountain until you threw up. Since then, anything with a screen is terrifying.

6. You didn't pay your cell and cable bills.

7. You got your headphones stuck in the treadmill and you are still there.

8. You had to move back in with your mother and there is no cell signal in the basement.

9. You actually have a job where you are required to work, and it's not near a computer.

10. You got a new PC and forgot your password.

11. The dog ate your Smartphone.

12. You couldn't type in your password on the Smartphone, so you smashed it.

13. Someone hacked your account and gained 122 pounds on your behalf.

14. You're mad because someone told you NOT to eat your exercise calories.

15. You're mad because someone told you TO eat your exercise calories.

16. You were mugged by a chocolate cake and are being held for ransom.

17. You were hoping for a better description in the "Describe the Person Above You" thread.

18. You broke both your arms pole dancing.

19. You ran a marathon and took a wrong turn.

20. You're wedding day came and went.

21. You're new lifestyle doesn't include social media.

22. You became and expert nutritionist.

23. You took up smoking and don't know how to log it.

24. You reached your goal and no longer need support, or to support us. :(

25. You gave up, which really hurts our feelings. Now you are a loser.

Why do you skip logging in?

Thanks for the votes and comments. (You cam do both!)

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PlantBasedRnr wrote 72 months ago:
A better question would be if you aren't logging in how the hell do you know there is a new blog post?!?!?
TR0berts wrote 72 months ago:
735 days - nice!
LinOtt wrote 72 months ago:
No 16 happened to me a few times...then I got my headphones stuck in the treadmill..then the dog ate my Smartphone and I took a wrong turn after my wedding day came and went, but that was lucky, because now I'm back BABY!
joe_wojniak wrote 72 months ago:
I went over my data plan minutes, missed a day. And then when I logged into a computer, I couldn't remember what I had eaten the previous day! That sucks, because your days logged goes to zero.
nats2508 wrote 72 months ago:
Erm.. at least 4 of those may apply to me but I'll throw in Alien abduction for good measure! another great post, thanks! x
Forest91 wrote 72 months ago:
When I first started on MFP back in 2014. I used to always forget to log my food and exercise and sometimes my weight so it kept on going back to 0 days but now because I have joined groups and challenges I never forget to log my food or exercise or my weight.
BrianaS7 wrote 72 months ago:
There are a few reasons I do not log:

1. For the most part, it's because I eat something I am too ashamed to log.
2. I am extremely busy and completely forget.
3. I do not have any electronic device on my hands and it is too much of a hassle to get said device.
4. I just eat so much in one sitting that I cannot even keep track.

*1 and 4 are my biggest reasons. I am a little ashamed of myself to be honest, but it is true.
KassiesJourney wrote 72 months ago:
#3 made me take a double look hahaha
Keasteregg wrote 72 months ago:
I just forget, and obviously it's not a high enough priority, ugh!!! #FixThisQuick
texteach66 wrote 72 months ago:
I promised myself that I would log even if I wasn't eating well. I know I'm not always accurate in estimating when I'm at a party or something, but at that point it's more about the discipline of logging my food than being within my calories. I'm only 6 months in, and so far so good. I know that'll change, though, and then it will probably be because I ate so many calories I'm ashamed.
babbyb1 wrote 72 months ago:
Great post as always! My computer is set to load certain pages when I first go on the Net. So this page comes up immediately.

Can I suggest your next blog post is "Why don't you exercise"?
Laura80111 wrote 72 months ago:
Love your blog...I've followed you in 2012 then I got hijacked in 2013, 2014, 2015 and finally found my way back this year so finally back on the MFP bandwagon and I'm sure #16 applied to me several times when I was lost.
beckyinma wrote 72 months ago:
I don't log food much, which in the last couple of years has really hurt me, but I log in every day... 1896 days and counting...11101101000 But I think #13 really happened to me, but in a smaller increment...
Savyna wrote 72 months ago:
I got bored with the site and stopped logging in, as well as life changes happening that I wasn't online as much.
VryIrishGirl76 wrote 72 months ago:
Domomallow wrote 72 months ago:
Food shame, for sure.
That chocolate cake is a vicious m'er f'er.
munchkinpsych wrote 72 months ago:
I think 7 & 25 are my favorites! I second babbyb1's suggestion to do a similar post for why you don't exercise.
LINIA wrote 72 months ago:
CONGRATS on great logging!!!!
happy Logging Birthday ?????
VeryKatie wrote 72 months ago:
Sometimes I don't log in because I want my streak to reset to 0. Usually this is after I've had a particularly long patch of bad eating and don't think I deserve a long streak. And I'm too embarrassed to as a Mod to reset it for me... again... I wish we could reset streaks ourselves...
ccrawshaw wrote 72 months ago:
These are hysterical! As for why I'm not logging in right now...... I'm pregnant! Which means some changes in my diet and, let's be honest, my brain is in about a million places that it's never been before! There's only so many hours in the day, days in the week, weeks in the months and months left until January 5th! EEK! I've got SO much to get done!!!! But I definitely keep up with PRG on FB and your blog posts. :)
Opalescent_Topaz wrote 72 months ago:
When I go to my dad's house, I don't have a cell phone signal, so I usually break my streak when I spend the weekend there. I'm not usually on my best behavior food-wise when I go there either, so I usually gasp when I get home and log my intake. I'm a work in progress.
teasa1256 wrote 72 months ago:
I logged in every day until they changed the format and I had no option to keep the old format. Today is the 1st time I have logged back in since then and I am still disappointed with the changes. I am not a tech person and I liked the simple format they used to offer. I blame my fitness pal for my no longer logging in!
cherieparks2 wrote 71 months ago:
I like 13 and 16. Actually, I've been supporting and being supported my MFP women on Facebook. I'm kinda found a fine tune now. On 1300 calories, I'm staying right around 195 + or - a few. I've stayed under 200 and am pleased to have permanently lost 35 pounds since 2001, after being able to walk again after my second hip replacement. Needed a knee fusion in 2012 which this time resulted in a 30 pound loss. My COPD is worse than it was, and I think I'm losing again. But my main concern is eating well right now and moving as much as I'm able.
Scoochie1 wrote 71 months ago:
Because I'm on holiday and part of the experience is eating anything I want, though I may not always know what it is!
BinaryFu wrote 71 months ago:
I'm pretty fluent in binary...

I also show up daily.

Well, but that may be because I still have 95lbs to go.

But with all those great reasons, you don't have this one:

"Just discovered pot brownies and now..."
lelerich wrote 71 months ago:
Busy life then forgetting what I ate. Food shame. But now, I don't have a choice. For medical reasons, I just have to lose weight. My knees and feet can't take the stress of the rest of me anymore. Also, I hurt all over all the time, but have to teach and take care of my toddler/baby grandbabies and I need to be able to move. I also saw a great motivational poster yesterday. Being overweight is HARD. Losing weight is HARD. Choose your HARD. I've walked 4 days in a row and have really been experimenting with different foods (more veggies). I just took my measurements for the first time in forever. Yay! Many went down! 2 lbs lost, though it was more than that, because I wouldn't post my weight when it went up. I am determined to choose the right HARD.
Pattycake755 wrote 71 months ago:
Some of us don't log in because we are giving up on our weight loss efforts. I log in for accountability. I made my food diary public even though only 2 of my friends have viewable food diaries. Why do people make their food diaries private? Is it the same reason they don't log in?
GStokes4902 wrote 71 months ago:
Love this. ha

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