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2 Years in the Making - With Pics

Well, February 24th was the second anniversary of my final weight-loss journey. It is my last time around the barn. I started out not having done much of anything but sit in an office chair for 7 or 8 years, and then I made a decision.

Lose weight!

I started with a YMCA class, In It To Lose It. It was tough getting started (More HERE). I didn't really know much about eating well or exercising; it was all about losing weight, not really about getting healthy or fit.

My first year (2011) was a tough one. I had a heart attack (More HERE) and after lots of agony, I finally I decided to have knee surgery in December '11. Vicodin was fun! (More HERE)

I worked with the doctor, the cardiologist, the nutrionist, the surgeon, the physical therapist and God to get my health issues resolved.

A year after I was in ICU, March 25, 2012, I ran my first ever 5K (3.1 miles)! (Details)

On September 1, 2012 I ran my first ever 10k (6.2 miles) in 1 hour and 5 minutes. I ran my first 1/2 Marathon (13.1 miles) on the 24th.  I also ran over 1000 miles in 2012 and hope to do the same in 2013.

I am a born again runner!

I have had a number of NSVs (More HERE) lost inches in the waist - down to 34 from 40. I eat much better food than I ever did. I have logged on to MFP and kept my food diary for nearly 2 years. It's actually become a way of life for me. I have a lot of MFP friends, and few have crossed over to being real friends I have met at races. :)

Oh yeah, and I lost a few pounds too! Here are the pics:

That's me at 276 pounds. Summer 2010

That's me at 214 pounds. Summer 2011

That's me on the 24th after my first 1/2 Marathon!

I am not at my goal weight, but I will get there. What I want is to be at a weight where I don't have to take the BP meds (187) - one where I can continue to run 100+ miles a month, play a couple of hockey games a week, skate, rollerblade, and ride bikes with my family on the weekends.

AND stop spending time thinking about being overweight!

Thanks for the votes and comments, but most of all your suport and friendship!

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deeannhill wrote 112 months ago:
Happy anniversary!!! You are an inspiration!
Denjo060 wrote 112 months ago:
You are such an inspiration I love your blogs esoically when I am having a bad day theyalways make me smile and sometimes even laugh out loud (LOL) You are awesome!!!!!
jodid7 wrote 112 months ago:
Way to go!!!!!!!
johnwhitent wrote 112 months ago:
Great success story!
jeffrodgers1 wrote 112 months ago:
You are an inspiration to many here my friend! Keep up the great (and often agonizing work)
kevinlynch3 wrote 112 months ago:
Fantastic!!!! :)
odditblue wrote 112 months ago:
Rock on man... always.
skinnyme47 wrote 112 months ago:
Well done.
MaryRegs wrote 112 months ago:
awesome blog as always!!
Martha_VH wrote 112 months ago:
Congratulations, that is amazing! You inspire me!
LesasGettinFit wrote 112 months ago:
congrat's you look great keep up the good work...
beetpoet wrote 112 months ago:
Wonderful progress and so inspiring. Thanks for putting your story and pics out there. More importantly, you are here now in great shape for your kids!
XAVTAY2 wrote 112 months ago:
What an inspiration you are! I would love to be a running and I haven't quite figured out the breathing yet...I can go a minute at 5.5 but no to get that in check...Congratulations on your progress
lucamp wrote 112 months ago:
Always inspiring to read you story! Thanks for sharing
sailinjen wrote 112 months ago:
Great story and excellent work. So many people would have given up after suffering the health issues you did but you pushed through and should be very proud of yourself!!! CONGRATS!
wisebadger53 wrote 112 months ago:
Keep on rockin'!
Corbinsmom wrote 112 months ago:
Incredible work!!!!!! You look great!!!!
way to be healthy! Very inspiring!
girlykate143 wrote 112 months ago:
Nice attitude about exercise! Proof you are never too old or too "sick" to take on something to better your health--for yourself and your fam. :)
turkeyhunter60 wrote 112 months ago:
Way to go! Hope I can stand in your shoes someday.

Good job.
Chibea wrote 112 months ago:
Brilliant!!! Very inspiring to see all you have been through and that you have endured and succeeded wonderfully!
janzia wrote 112 months ago:
You are awesome!
flyingphoenixx wrote 112 months ago:
kkuhly wrote 112 months ago:
It looks like you are 20 years younger now!!!
help265 wrote 112 months ago:
You are an inspiration! Congratulations on completing your personnal journey. Hope you are proud, cause you sure should be!!
Jezreel12 wrote 112 months ago:
I'm so proud of you!
ImprovingEla wrote 112 months ago:
Reading you diary is not just fun for me, but it also made me dare to start the C25K and finish it!!!
Also I plan to take it out to the street as soon as the ice melts again!
So Thank you, for being a source of inspiration and making me smile, when I really need to laugh because everything just seems to get over my head!
Beccalouise09 wrote 42 months ago:
How did you add photo's? I've been trying to figure out how to add photos to my blogs and I cannot find the option tool for adding photos from my computer to a blog.

can you please help me?

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