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1300+ Days and Counting

I have been here since 2011. 2015 is now here, and along with it, the promise of another year. 2014 was a tough one, but in it were some personal triumphs. I beat cancer three times, finished the Boston Marathon in spite of a tibial fracture and had a personal record in every distance from 5K to marathon.

2015? Bring on Boston, New York (or Philadelphia) and San Diego!

I didn't run when I got here. I managed to get moving on the treadmill and the entire time, the couch was calling my name. Finally a night came when some buffalo chicken breast with a little salad on the side, was enough. Then I had congestive heart failure. And cancer. And a rash of other crap.

I just kept on running.

Except for a surgical biopsy scheduled for January 28th, I am free and clear to live my run life as I please. I am hoping to have the best year ever in spite of some life changes. I am working on my second book too. It's even going to have an app. :)

So what's in it?

More ridiculous runner terminology, tips for couch to 5K (C25K) and some personal stories which are partially true, partially fabricated and occasionally stolen.

From My New Book
- Couch to 5K should always start and end with 30 minutes on the couch.
- Run/Walk can be practiced on the way to the bathroom during commercial breaks on TV.
- A run is best if you had 9 beers during the first quarter.
- A brisk walk is best if you have diarrhea.
- Pretty much anyone can do a marathon, you just have to want to.
- If you are allergic to sweating, try swimming.
- If you are allergic to swimming, try sweating.
- Fartleks is a funny word but worthwhile for training.
- Heart rate is the best determination of effort. Your head lies, your legs lie, the weather lies and so do people on dating sites.
- Be your own cheerleader. Passion is best spent on your life and not a favorite sports team.
- You can get faster but training for longer races.
- Race fees are cheap compared to insulin and heart transplants.
- It's fun to run naked (technology free) every once in a while.
- If they give out underwear at a race instead of a t-shirt, do you have to run commando to earn it?
- Contrary to popular belief, long, slow distances do not produce long, slow runners.
- Running only hurts up to a point.
- Imodium because it does matter.

Thanks for the votes and comments.

I would also like to thank all my supportive MFP friends who have been with me since the beginning and supported my first book..

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Denjo060 wrote 83 months ago:
Great blog David I have missed reading them. I haven t been on in a while but I am back and look forward to reading more blogs from you and look forward to your second book The first one was a really good read! I look forward to gaining strength from your insight. Im so glad you are cancer free and Free to run your ass off
TrailRunner61 wrote 83 months ago:
What she said!!! ^^^^^ Proud of you!
annabellj wrote 83 months ago:
ur the bomb! u always inspire me!
PoisonDartFrog wrote 83 months ago:
loved the first book, cant wait to read the second.
Manda_runsNC wrote 83 months ago:
Great blog post...
wantonwoman wrote 83 months ago:
You are AWESOME!

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