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1000 Days of Fitness

DavidI am coming up on 3 years of creating the new me. In terms of pounds, it's working! Ummmm... some people like me better and some people have stopped talking to me. I guess I can understand that they don't want to hear about calories, inches and exercise.
Maybe I should not have ended my dissertation on health and fitness with, "see you at the funeral."

Like my wife, lots of people start their journey with a New Years's resolution. She was looking pretty hot after a month in the gym. So, I thought I would join her in almost puking on the gym floor twice a week. I should have put my water bottle on the floor so I could reach it more easily, and purchased an oxygen bottle.

Today I am down nearly 80 pounds, and despite the last bit of belly fat, I have been maintaining for nearly 2 years.

I have overcome heart disease, stopped taking all but a small dose of blood pressure meds, and except for the current bout with cancer, I have not even had a cold.

Because I mostly post running pictures on Facebook, a lot of people wrongly assume that lots of miles = weight loss. It's not true.

Here is what I do to get started, stay motivated and end up in the best health I have been in since I was a teenager.

-1 Bought new underwear
-2 Saw a nutritionist
-3 Started running
-4 Stopped eating fast food - well, I did go to Five Guys twice
-5 Gave up white flour products
-6 Got a food scale
-7 Limited white rice and potatoes to 1 cup once a month
-8 Got a trainer
-9 Had a heart attack
-10 Ate more fish, whole grains, low-fat dairy, fruit, veggies and nuts
-11 Ran a 5K
-12 Had knee surgery
-13 Got fitted for running shoes
-14 Cut my carbs, increased my protein (currently at 35% carbs / 35% protein / 30% fat)
-15 Never had a cheat day or meal, though I managed well on holidays
-16 Logged my food
-17 Cut my portions of meat, poultry and fish to 1-5 oz.
-18 Made mistakes
-19 Stayed out of the forums except for the "Would you date the person above you?" ones
-20 Never gave up no matter what the scale said
-21 Ran a marathon
-22 Signed up for the Boston Marathon 2014
-23 Signed up for the San Francisco Marathon 2014
-24 Signed up for the Chicago Marathon 2014

Those are my secrets. What are yours?

Thanks for the votes and comments, I always appreciate them.

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johnwhitent wrote 103 months ago:
Congrats on your continued success!
PoisonDartFrog wrote 103 months ago:
-26 Motivated a hell of a lot of other people on the way!

MelissaGraham7 wrote 103 months ago:
Thank you for your inspirations, as always.
jennynewbury wrote 103 months ago:
My secret - Reading your blogs :)
johnwhitent wrote 103 months ago:
I think it will qualify as some kind of a record if you hit your macro goals of 35/35/35. (Couldn't let that one by) ;)
Hearts_2015 wrote 103 months ago:
19?? really? @Johnwhitent.. LOL I didn't catch that until I read your post. :O) @js It helps to see your list of what's worked for you.
dsjohndrow wrote 103 months ago:
It has been fixed, Mr. White!
angie007az wrote 103 months ago:
You continue to be my hero and inspire me!!
JNettie73 wrote 103 months ago:
Wahoo! You have done such an amazing job. Congrats. =)
stevesilk wrote 103 months ago:
Nice job dude. And use the new math all you want. You're looking great, macros aside! :)
SugarNtheRaw wrote 102 months ago:
As always, a giant inspiration to me! Thanks & proud to know you!
angieroo2 wrote 102 months ago:
My secret is never giving up.

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