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10 Things Which Really Helped Me Get Fit

After years on MFP, I have figured out a few things about weight loss, fitness, and running. Most of it I didn't learn in the forums. ;)

The most important is this, weight loss and fitness is fragile!

Gaining control of your health is a real gift. Since day one I have learned how to run (rather pathetically), received a few medals (None for being a smartass, but thank you for thinking that!), and ran a marathon or two. I have met a few of the MFP clan in real life. There are some nice folks here.

I have also learned a few of you reach your goal weight, but sadly, many more don't make it.

The last few years have been pretty rough. Despite all my hard work on my health and fitness, I have had 17 surgeries of varying degrees. I am minus three small colon tumors and down four patches of melanoma. My heart valve continues to open and close. The prostate tumor, however, remains. It's like an old friend.

We have done eight marathons together; four of those world majors.

Last Friday I got my blood tests back. My PSA is up to 7.1. Although it's not a great indicator of cancerous activity, it has agreed with my biopsies over the past 4 years. I will have to retest and I am scheduling another damn biopsy.

I hate cancer.

My bucket list is to run the six Abbott World Major Marathons. I have completed four and I am signed up as a charity runner for London in April 2018. You can track my efforts HERE.

So how fragile is this thing we call fitness but really mean getting thinner?

I had gained back almost 15 pounds in the last year! That is almost 25% of my total weight loss! One would think, with all that I have learned, that I would have cut back the calories when I am exercising less. Nope. No. Can. Do. I am happy to be back down 6 pounds.

So what are my secrets to success despite all that is going on?

-1 I weigh myself every week. My clothes measure me everyday.
-2 I measure my food portions and for the few food items I buy with a label, I read that too.
-3 I buy new underwear when I need it. It's my secret pleasure.
-4 I make time to sleep 8 hours. That isn't always easy.
-5 I take a few supplements that seem to work.
-6 I run 5 days a week no matter what.
-7 I walk 3-4 miles a day plus I use the 4 floors of stairs in my building often - about 20 floors a day.
-8 I stick to superfoods as often as I can. Fruit, veggies, nuts and spices are on that list.
-9 I don't eat sweet drinks or food (with or without real sugar) except an occasional piece of birthday cake.
-10 I don't eat fast food, pizza, white flour, rice, white potatoes or tofu 363 days a year. Tofu is 365!
-11 I am a vegetarian who happens to eat beef, lamb, pork, turkey, chicken, and fish in small quantities.
-12 I don't have junk food in the house or I will eat it.
-13 As much as I would like to, I don't smoke crack.

I know, that's more than 10. The same thing seems to happen with food.
Thanks for your votes and comments. Your support is amazing. 

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swat1948 wrote 57 months ago:
Well here's one who surpassed her goal weight and then let some creep back on. Joined WW so I have some accountability because sadly, I have lost my want to. Lots of reasons for that but I'll spare you. Congrats on never giving up in spite of your challenges.
kdbulger wrote 57 months ago:
I love your observations!
Here's hoping you're able to call yourself cancer-free soon.
denice0414 wrote 57 months ago:
You continue to be an inspiration!!! Also # 11 is my fave!!
chench53 wrote 57 months ago:
Nice read, thank you. I like the second part of #1, My clothes measure me everyday.
erienge wrote 57 months ago:
In 2009, I was down 65 pounds from my very unhealthy years of self-loathing. I felt and looked great. But much like you, life got in the way, and now I am back up almost 50% of what I lost. Not only is health and fitness fragile, but for me, getting off my routine, even slightly, flips the whole balancing act upside down. I have to be at my corporate office 1 week out of every month. Being in a different place, on a different schedule and not having "my" exercise equipment makes it so hard to stay on track. By mid week, I think, oh well, it's all messed up, no sense in re-grouping and starting over. I will get back on track at home. And I don't.
But I am better at it now. Cardio issues have me more accountable. And grandbabies make it a must! :)
modsqd78 wrote 57 months ago:
Thank you for sharing your learnings! Your story an attitude is inspirational- baby steps for me - I'll start using tips #4 and #13 this week! Looking forward to reading the blog when you finish your bucket list!
modsqd78 wrote 57 months ago:
Thank you for sharing your learnings! Your story an attitude is inspirational- baby steps for me - I'll start using tips #4 and #13 this week! Looking forward to reading the blog when you finish your bucket list!
ajcopeland3 wrote 57 months ago:
What's the problem with tofu?
dsjohndrow wrote 57 months ago:
I hate tofu. I don't like the texture. I don't use any soy products because of the cancer.
Knoxvilla5 wrote 57 months ago:
Delightful read! I applaud your aplomb despite the setbacks--keep on trucking! This makes me feel like "I can too!"
farmboyphotography wrote 57 months ago:
I might have to post your Top 10 (or 13) list on my office wall to remind me to think about what might work for me. I know, eating healthy and actually moving are important, but that is such hard work. ;-)
marlown wrote 57 months ago:
You inspire me more than anyone at this point. I still have 20 lbs I would like to lose, 10 of which keeps coming back and then going away depending on what life brings. My life is complicated and most days very stressful, i.e. 60+ hours a week at the office, caring for 7-yr old granddaughter, daughter with alcohol addiction so I go to Al-A-Non, elderly mother care, single property owner so all the yard work, snow blowing, etc. Truly part of the "sandwich" generation, double-decker, actually. But if you can do this with the health challenges, so can I. No excuses. Love your "10" secrets and plan to implement the ones I am not currently practicing consistently. Thanks so much for sharing and entertaining..
nuffer wrote 57 months ago:
I'm curious if one of your supplements is curcumin. I'm not much of a woo bro science person but after watching a family member go through a debilitating neuro disease, it appears that curcumin may actually make a significant difference. For some folks. I find it difficult to remove my skeptic hat...
dawnmarie57 wrote 57 months ago:
You are one tough cookie! Bravo for never giving up and giving in!!! I pray that this next biopsy goes well and shows no signs of cancer. Sending lots of hugs and healing prayers!!!
cwdelaney wrote 57 months ago:
Inspirational, through all of what you've gone through and are going through to have such a fantastic attitude! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and secrets. I hope that you find yourself cancer-free and wish you the best for your ongoing and future goals.
bgshrum wrote 57 months ago:
I will pray for you and God is the only one that can really see you through this. If he is not in your life you may want to start thinking about letting him in. He is your way... I wish you all the best
msdemmie wrote 57 months ago:
What an inspiring read :)

disneygallagirl wrote 57 months ago:
Just wow. You are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.
Anniepi66 wrote 56 months ago:
You really are an inspiration. I don't read your blog every month, so when I read the latest, I have to go back a couple months and catch up! I'm always happy to see that you are still funny and always the optimist and always encouraging and always push me to keep on keeping on. I started MFP in December of 2014. What a time to start a new eating plan. I took it on with gusto, though, and lost in the neighborhood of 48 pounds in 6 months. And then... Well, I don't know what "then"! I gained nearly 40 of it back and have struggled ever since to lose it. I am thankful I did not gain the entire 48 back. I am down 18 from the original weight, so at least that's something to be thankful for. I am determined to lose the 100 pounds I started out to lose before I die! I will be 70 years old in January. All my dad's sisters lived past 100 and my mom and her sisters and mom all lived into their late 80s and one to 99. So chances are I have a long time to live! May as well try to live it as healthy as I can. I haven't so far and my health sucks! I'm having hip surgery in January if I can make it that far! It hurts! Just one more ailment to add to the list. I fear partly because of my weight. Anyway, just wanted to tell you that you always make me smile and/or laugh and always inspire me!
Anonymous wrote 1 month ago:
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