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10 Things which Really Helped Me Get Fit

After 3 years on MFP, I have figured out a few things about weight loss, fitness and running. Most of it I didn't learn in the forums. ;)

The most important is this, weight loss and fitness is fragile!

I have met a few of the MFP clan in real life. There are some nice folks here. I am overjoyed that the LIKE button replaced WTG and WTF. I learned how to run, got a few medals, and ran a marathon.

I learned a few reach their goal weight, but sadly, many more don't make it.

How fragile is it? A recent surgery and running injury cause me to be down for most of 7 weeks. I gained almost 15 pounds! That is almost 25% of my weight loss. One would think, with all that I have learned, that I would have cut back the calories while I was healing. I found it very hard to do that. I am happy to be back down 6 pounds.

So what are my secrets to success?

-1 I weigh myself everyday and do measurements every 3 months.
-2 I measure my food portions and for the few food items I buy with a label, I read that too.
-3 I buy new underwear when I need it. It's my secret pleasure.
-4 I make time to sleep 8 hours.
-5 I take a few supplements that seem to work.
-6 I run 6 days a week if I can. I have averaged about 150 miles a month so far, in 2014.
-7 I walk 3-4 miles a day plus I use the 4 floors of stairs in my building often - about 50 steps a day.
-8 I am back to logging all my food. Hate it, but need it.
-9 I don't eat sweet drinks or food (with or without real sugar) except an occasional piece of birthday cake.
-10 I don't eat fast food, pizza, white flour, rice, white potatoes or tofu 363 days a year. Tofu is 365!
-11 I am a vegetarian who happens to eat beef, lamb, pork, chicken and fish in small quantities.
-12 I don't have junk food in the house or I will eat it.
-13 I stick to superfoods as often as I can. Fruit, veggies, nuts and spices are on that list.
-14 As much as I would like to, I don't smoke crack.

I know, that's more than 10. The same thing seems to happen with food.

As always, thanks for your support, comments and votes.

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johnwhitent wrote 97 months ago:
Logging and weighing daily are the top two for me, everything else must fall in line to meet calorie, macro, and weight goals. I weigh daily but record weekly, to smooth the fluctuations out.
landay wrote 97 months ago:
I wish I could vote for this more than once!! My favorites are numbers 3 and 14. If you can't have crack, you might as well have new underwear.
Denjo060 wrote 97 months ago:
Thanks for the great tips You will get back down again good luck you are doing great I hope all is going well with you. Looking forward to another book from you too
H_Factor wrote 97 months ago:
You are a rockstar!!! I usually make time to sleep 8 hours, but I can't remember the last time I got more than 6 hours :( ... well, I can remember. It was sometime in February. Hopefully I get back to 7ish hours of sleep again. I'm a little more liberal on items 9 and 10 on your list...but I do try to restrict the sweet stuff and the items in 10. Generally I'm fine with the amount of restriction, and okay with some indulging. Anyway, YES, weight loss is fragile. As of today, I've lost at least 50 pounds 3x in the last 9 years. Obviously that means there were periods of time where I gained back a lot of weight. Each time I've learned from my mistakes and the impact of life, and believe that I'm mentally strong enough this time to reach my goal and stay there (or pretty dang close anyway).
lasombrs wrote 97 months ago:
I log and weight all my food to. i find i really have too. I weight myself daily too. Just started tracking my monthly miles. I probably should start working on cutting out the rice and white flour soon. i stopped with the white potatoes but my love of rice is over powering my will power still :)
inky409 wrote 97 months ago:
awesome blog today! great, helpful hints!
kjdhappy wrote 97 months ago:
If it were easy we'd all be thin, fit and healthy! :)
Everyone has their stumbling blocks - I'm happy to hear you've moved past yours and lost 6 pounds - that is awesome!!! and inspiring!!
erhoden wrote 97 months ago:
I agree with 14 but kid that my "crack" is Nutella. Can't have it near me or it will be gone! I resisted even trying it for many years knowing it would be too good to resist. Keep up the good fight and speaking the truth.
JoyceJoanne wrote 97 months ago:
Great reminder, thanks.
Time2LoseWeightNOW wrote 97 months ago:
Great secrets, David...the undewwear may be what's holding me back...gotta go get some new!! lol
besaro wrote 97 months ago:
not a vegetarian.
pagefan wrote 97 months ago:
yes. all good secrets.. and mostly they work... I have a sugar monkey on my back. it's evil.. really evil.. i was 8 pounds away from my goal of 128 and then had back surgery.. i am now back to 145.8 and even though I've gone back to tracking, back to working out, it's nothing like the way it used to be and for some reason, the weight WILL NOT MOVE. it just will NOT move. I cannot work out everyday.. I am not UP to that, yet. I still have severe pain issues from my surgery (post surgical nerve disorder.. woo hoo welcome to my life) another trick ? - an HR monitor (LOVE that. it's a great tool) is a must! (do agree.. if you eat meat, you're not a vegetarian) You're just someone who doesn't eat a lot of meat... and quite true.. if it were easy, we'd all be fit and healthy.. I consider myself QUITE fit.. and quite healthy with minor set backs. just wish I could figure out WHY the weight doesn't MOVE at all.. if I eat too little, I gain weight, if I eat too much, I won't lose weight either... 3 meals. two snacks.. new underwear - LOL - absolutely.. :-)
ilenewilliams wrote 97 months ago:
GREAT post!
59gi wrote 97 months ago:
Yes, healthy eating and eating calories that keep you in balance, it works!
SteveTries wrote 97 months ago:
I support everything you said except the "no pizza". That's a step too far mate. ;-)
Redladystl wrote 97 months ago:
^^^^^ Yeah I agree. I'm simply NOT giving up pizza
brookielaw wrote 97 months ago:
What's with the no tofu? I am a weirdo who loves the (organic, non-GMO) stuff.
jmnicholas wrote 97 months ago:
As I'm currently maintaining at about 15lbs above goal, but still within the 'healthy' BMI range for my height, despite increasing my workouts and tracking calories in a general way, I reckon weighing EVERYTHING will be the key to losing any more weight for me. However, right now, I'm just enjoying this maintenance phase, as it gives me hope that I'll be able to maintain again, when I drop to that nearer to goal weight!
curlergal14 wrote 97 months ago:
So many of these things are true for me! But #14 just absolutely made me giggle and decide that I must comment :)
dsjohndrow wrote 97 months ago:
janatarnhem wrote 97 months ago:
18 months on MFP, with breaks! And I am learning some things for the 1st time and re visiting others for the 2nd, 3rd, get the picture! Great tips here! Thank you! Tofu...just goes straight thru' me
mg1147 wrote 97 months ago:
Great post! Can you share with us which supplements you are using that seem to be effective?
Hoppymom wrote 97 months ago:
I am glad that you are back to logging and fixing the damage from being sedentary for 7 weeks. It's such a hard thing to do. You are incredible!
skinnyb05 wrote 97 months ago:
Awesome post! Good for you and thanks for sharing. All great insights...
semwheeler wrote 97 months ago:
Thanks for the tips and good humor. I have to ask myself: are we too obsessed with weight loss when we start weighing our food? I love potatoes--all kinds--and I love rice. I can't imagine eliminating them from my diet--what's wrong with them? They are whole foods, right? I am in awe of your dedication in 6 & 7, running, walking, stepping every day ... wow! I agree with 1, 4, 8, 9, and 10, but I'm not 100% with 10. Thanks very much for posting your story. With all those things you should meet your goal in good time. Bravo!!
dsjohndrow wrote 97 months ago:
Rice and potatoes are pretty much empty carbs. I need to get the most from the precious few calories that I eat. And when ti comes to weighing food portions, studies showed that over 80% of those in the study cannot accurately guesstimates a 40z serving of fish, chicken or other meet. Worse were the high calorie portion for things like nuts, chips and the like. And a staggering 94% did not know that a teaspoon of peanut butter is supposed to be level!
alexadevyn wrote 97 months ago:
I love how you say weight loss is fragile. I think that is the understatement of the year. I once heard that we are either trying to lose weight (or gain - depending on your body type) or maintain weight. The question is which do we want to be doing? Obviously, maintaining is least we look better, feel better, etc., while in the act of maintaining. The reality is that both are difficult and both need daily attention. Thanks for your blog - I needed that today. Good luck as you recover from mandated couch time. Also, I think I'll hit VS without guilt because...well, heck - it's a secret to success!
Chickaboo2014 wrote 97 months ago:
I enjoyed reading your blog and it hits home with me. I have recently reached my goal and am trying to figure out a strategy to maintain or even drop a couple more without having to be so anal about logging every little tiny thing that has to do with my diet or exercise. I only weighed myself once a week pre-goal but I think I do need to monitor it daily. I will start with that. I still weigh and measure most foods but am not logging; I also exercise the about the same as before reaching my goal. I want nothing more than to be successful in maintaining this loss; however, your line "weight loss is fragile" is really making me think. I need to make sure I take daily measures so I don't F* this all up....Food for thought >>>> (diet food of course!) Thank you, Di
tapparo61 wrote 97 months ago:
Now I'm nervous. I've lost 10 to 11 within the last 30 days. I'm about to have surgery where I'll be down for 4 to 6 weeks. I DO NOT want to put any weight back on as I still have 19 pounds to lose from my current weight. Thanks for the info. I'll be on guard and have a ton of fruits and veggies handy.
Deborah105 wrote 97 months ago:
The knickers thing really made me laugh this morning! Great list.

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