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10 Signs It's a Bad Restaurant

We've all been to a restaurant; it's a way of life in civilized countries. You walk in, sit at a table, order something that sounds better than your grandma made when you 5, and wait for it to appear at the hand of the wait staff.

I bet you have a favorite restaurant or two. I know I do!

Most of the folks on MFP worry about blowing their caloric wad at an all you can eat buffet, but there are other reasons you won't want to eat at some restaurants.

-1 The hostess is changing the oil of her Harley in the parking lot.

-2 The bathroom smells like a bathroom - used by Godzilla (or Mrs. Godzilla).

-3 There is an ambulance at the back entrance.

-4 The word Condemned on the sign has been crossed out and changed to Come In.

-5 Hair is actually a side dish.

-6 The fly in the soup is doing the backstroke.

-7 The menu has real food stuck to it.

-8 The catch of the day is skunk.

-9 The chef can be overheard talking about road kill.

-10 The kids menu includes a small drink milk, soda, coffee or beer.

Thanks for the vote and comments. You guys rock!

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deeannhill wrote 111 months ago:
- The only review's on Yelp or Urban Spoon start with, "reminds me of the food at XYZ hospital"
redheaddee wrote 111 months ago:
I disagree with "The hostess is changing the oil of her Harley in the parking lot". She a) has her own bike, and b) is obviously handy with power tools. I am not seeing the problem.
wisebadger53 wrote 111 months ago:
I have to agree with redheaddee on that one...woman Harley riders are awesome! :-)
dsjohndrow wrote 111 months ago:
No problem with lady bikers folks. But if you are changing oil and wipe your hands on you jeans to wrap my silverware, I am not interested.
__Di__ wrote 111 months ago:
pmsl great blog! I have to admit, I did go "ewwww" at point 7 :D
Denjo060 wrote 111 months ago:
eww number 5 made me gag lol great post david as always
MizTerry wrote 111 months ago:
I have SEEN number 3!!!
Anonymous wrote 104 months ago:
I love reading your posts. You know, a lot of people are hunting around for this great information; you could help them greatly by your post.

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