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Well, It's That Time

Life can be insane, painful, exciting and a lot of other things all at the same time. I haven't had nearly as much social-not-working time as I would like to. It's not because I don't want to, it's just that I haven't had time. So what's going on?

Everything is going on!

Next week I am off to the Berlin Marathon. I have trained as much as I could. Between health, work, and just life, I haven't put in the kind of miles I should have - or would have liked to. I ran in the heat and humidity all summer. 20 miles in 87F was just about enough to shoot myself.

I know that if I didn't complete that run, I couldn't run this race.

So, I pressed on. I am always learning to push harder. Heck, I remember when doing the dishes was an excruciatingly difficult task. Now, I can do the dishes while the coffee brews. Who knew what marathon training would teach me!

Life is pretty good...

I am hoping to have my biopsy results from the 6 little gems they removed almost 2 weeks ago. They were all 3mm to 6mm. :( 

So many of you tried to help me find work or prayed that I would so I would stop complaining on MFP. Well, I have a good one. That makes things easier.

I don't have any wisdom today but I have a little story.

This past weekend I went to visit my sweetheart's mother and father. Her mom has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Despite all that, we had a wonderful visit. We laughed, we ate chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We took a walk in the sunshine. We played cards. They exchanged memories. Amazing.

I got to practice my life philosophy; live life today.

Those memories are ours for eternity. We will try to make some more. But if we don't get a chance, these were really great ones. 

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MonicaA2013 wrote 9 months ago:
NICE !! Memories are worth a thousand words.
Anonymous wrote 9 months ago:
Good luck in Berlin! Always love reading your updates. I continue to send you positive thoughts.
Leahbcc wrote 9 months ago:
Time treasured
izzybelle2013 wrote 9 months ago:
I hope you have a great time, fantastic race, in Berlin. And I am sending really positive karma thoughts toward you re the biopsy. Keep up the positive attitude. It really helps.
aliciaaw wrote 9 months ago:
Wishing you the best on your Berlin run and most important praying all is good with your health
SheilaCali wrote 9 months ago:
Berlin will never be the same after your visit! You leave such good vibes everywhere you go, those Germans will be grinning. I married a happy-go-lucky German, but lots of Germans aren't prone to smiling (perhaps just in private?). Easy on the suds until after your strong finish. Good luck and "Achtung Baby"!
runningforthetrain wrote 9 months ago:
I always look forward to your posts! I have visited Berlin once-- it is a great city. There was a lot of construction happening at the time and the city put on a "ballet" with the large commercial cranes. So as an avid art lover- Berlin was a-ok- in my book! Be careful and have fun!
OnthatStuff wrote 9 months ago:
Great reminder. "... live life today.
Those memories are ours for eternity. We will try to make some more. But if we don't get a chance, these were really great ones."
Laura80111 wrote 9 months ago:
I love when as a family we walk down memory lane and have a lot of laughs. Keep making those memories.

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