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The Vacation Weight Loss Plan Trick

Well, I stepped on to the scale expecting to use some of my best French, and boom, down over a pound! I don't know what that is in the UK, a stone -  a couple of rocks - whatever.

Not too shabby after being on a two-week-food-filled cruise in the Mediterranean.

So how did I do this magic trick? Well, magicians usually don't give up their secrets, but today I will break that rule.

Watch carefully.

In case you missed it, here is how I did it. 
- We only had three meals a day. It's easy to hit the canteen/buffet and get two burgers with fries and a beer. Seconds and thirds are no problem. It was open all the my waking hours. That's a lot of food.
- We only took one plate at the buffet. It was a mix of protein and veggies. I still only had one slice of bacon pizza. That was painful!
- I ate breakfast with one or two eggs, some breakfast meat (love rashers!), beans, and sometimes fruit. I went easy on the French pastries and bread - well, not in Marseille. OMG!
- On most days we were out touring on shore excursions. Lunch was light or we just had some snacks we grabbed at the buffet. I did have a chocolate croissant in Valencia. Otherwise we came back and had a light lunch on a small salad plate.
- We drank espresso in those little sample cups. Cute.
- I faked an Italian accent using my Portuguese to talk to shop clerks. Sort of like sleight of hand.
- For dinner we just ate the three-course meal. I had a non-alcoholic beer and my wife a glass of wine. Yes there was desert. I ate that too. All the portions were pretty small. I did have seconds of the lamb. My bread consumption was a small piece of fresh baked focaccia with real Italian olive oil!
- I ran on deck four times in 10 days. Usually 3 to 6 miles. Ruth and I had a wonderful run with Jo at her weekly Park Run near London. In Palma de Mallorca, Spain we ran 10K along the path next to the boat docks to the cathedral in town. Glorious!
- I smiled at the smokers on my deck runs.
- We walked a lot! Most of our excursions (11 in all) were about 10,000 steps. That is at least a piece of bread and a bottle of Buckler. I don't know what Romans do in Rome, but we walked 20,000 steps. It was my favorite city.
- I found a well engaged couple on the main deck one night.
- I ran the London Marathon. That was 52,000 steps.
- I relaxed, sat in the hot tub and did a little reading and some social media.

My total steps for my two week vacation were 200,000. My food consumption was pretty much what I would do at home.

And that's the trick.

Oh, for those of you who supported my London Run, thank you!

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kdbulger wrote 8 months ago:
Well done! Isn't always a wonderful thing to expect a gain but get a loss? And then, like you have here, you do some mental accounting and suddenly you don't know why you worried about gaining. I guess a rich-in-experience vacation leads to feeling that way.
Anonymous wrote 8 months ago:
Thank you for the reminders and reality check as we come into vacation season. There is no such thing as a free lunch-- you pay a high price for eating like you.... don't know any better! It has taken me 5 years to commit to tracking my food consumption, and understanding it is FORECER AND EVER.

brittvshows wrote 8 months ago:
Love it! Glad you had a wonderful time. Thanks for making me grin today.
BexB42 wrote 8 months ago:
Awesome! Glad to have helped back this outing with our MFP buds! I love your blog!
Kimmotion5783 wrote 8 months ago:
You nailed it, sir! Way to go!
junamasa wrote 8 months ago:
Rome was time it'll be less pasta and more protein so we can see the steps pay off.
alteredsteve175 wrote 8 months ago:
Great strategy, sir!

Got a chuckle too, - "I found a well engaged couple" - I've heard stories about those cruise ships. HAHA!
canadjineh wrote 8 months ago:
WTG! I lost on a cruise too. Mainly because we don't 'eat ALL the food because I paid for it already.'
cypridae wrote 8 months ago:
Just for the record,a "stone" is 14 pounds.Why fourteen pounds are called a "stone" is beyond me.
runlikeananna wrote 8 months ago:
Got to love parkrun and all those steps!!! Congratulations on completing the London Marathon.

I always lose on holidays. It is when I return that I gain due to back home blahs and being out of my usual routine.
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Skinnyglamblonde wrote 7 months ago:
Enjoying a chocolate crossiant AND losing weight is called HAPPINESS!!! Congrats!! Running and walking on vaca is the best thing to do! Im going to Aruba soon and I will remember your post and I will smile at the smokers too lol
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rfsahae wrote 7 months ago:
Wait, wasn't this your honeymoon? Just exactly how much sex do my husband and I have to have to execute this plan?
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