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Taking the Next Step

I am sitting here this morning trying to get my head into a run. It used to be easy. I looked forward to a cool morning run. Last year I was looking forward to the fall runs and I broke my leg on the first one.

I sat for nearly 10 weeks doing pretty much nothing.

It really hurt my training for the London Marathon. Heck, I fished in the emergency tent. But I got it done. I have been lucky to have such great supporters. From the days of my first blogs to running marathons for charity, so many people have joined in the cheer me on.

I am really grateful for all of that.

Tokyo is in March. They have a course time limit, so there will be no excuses. I have to run an 11-minute mile so I don't get swept. It's a bit of pressure. It's also a kick in the butt to get back in shape.

This health journey has a lot of twists and turns.

I have been out of work with this neck thing since August 13th. I have been on steroids, NSAIDs, Tylenol, and a couple of muse relaxers. 3 Emergency Room visits, three doctors, a spine specialist, a physical therapist and now the chiropractor are involved.

I will get well!

I will train, lose the 15 pounds, and complete Tokyo, I just need to get out the damn door for this run.

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minstrelofsarcasm wrote 3 months ago:
It's funny, how it's more difficult getting BACK onto the wagon than it was getting on it in the first place. We think to ourselves, "Oh, that didn't work for me the first time - why would it work now?" even if we know it takes practice to get it right, it takes making mistakes and learning and all that motivational-quote-buzzword soup. Best of luck to you, I'm sure you'll do awesome in Tokyo!
kendallvon wrote 3 months ago:
You can do this! Hell, you WILL do this. (I don't normally do this...) *ahem* Now Listen up! No more excuses. You WILL go out into the nice, crisp fall air and you WILL start training for Tokyo! Do you hear me?!? DON'T MAKE ME CALL YOUR WIFE!!! (That's the worst threat I could come up with). In all seriousness though, you are truly a source of inspiration to many of us, and think of us cheering you on as you run toward Tokyo. We're proud of you and confident that you will do this!
solieco1 wrote 3 months ago:
GO. Now. JUST GO. (I should listen to myself.) :)
debk0718 wrote 3 months ago:
I know you've got this! While encouraging others is what I do best, it's tough to take my own advice. I too have fallen off the exercise band wagon and am finding it difficult to take over the reins again. Going to the gym was the highlight of my work day. It was a great way to break it up, and I felt energized and positive about myself for doing it. Life took over, with my Mom moving in with me, my Dad and his issues taking control of almost every waking and sleeping moment. I'm trying to get back in the groove, but find it so much easier to say,'I'll hit it tomorrow".
joanthemom8 wrote 3 months ago:
I always say to my running "peeps" that showing up is half (at least) the battle. Run or don't, but at least coming out to meet with the rest of the group is great motivation. If one of us just isn't "feeling it", she'll start out walking, and then maybe progress to a little running. But if you don't show up???? I also say that you will regret not getting your exercise in, but you almost never regret actually doing it. (I can be annoyingly optimistic at times, lol). Anyway, the first step is always the hardest. Good luck to you, my friend!
pizzafruit wrote 3 months ago:
I'm pretty sure you have mapped out your own journey your entire life. The twists and turns have never stopped you from knowing where the path leads and how you're going to get there. I feel as though I know you and this twist has not blinded you to your path. You'll get there and we'll be congratulating you on a job well done.
Wysewoman53 wrote 3 months ago:
Get dressed, put on your running shoes, walk over to that door, open it, step outside and start running, Mister! I live vicariously through you with all the places you visit while running your Marathons and I'm looking forward very much to going to Tokyo! Besides, considering your life? It is going to be an amazing story once it's done and you've got a story to tell! Good luck to you!
50107907 wrote 3 months ago:
Give me a sloppy toppy
FarmerCarla wrote 3 months ago:
I remember you and your blogs when I was on MFP 7 years ago. Glad you're still here and pressing on, despite painful setbacks. Balancing health issues and goals isn't easy, especially if you're in pain--you don't want to do more damage to your body. On the other hand, it's amazing how resilient the human body can be. My mantra for the first half mile was always "just put one foot in front of the other." After that first 1/2 mile, I was ready to take on the world! You inspire me to pick up the mantle again and run with it. Press on for as long as you can go without doing permanent damage. God bless you!
Thehardmakesitworthit wrote 3 months ago:
Up and at em! Life is best lived out in the wild ! Out the door you go...breath deep...dig deep...want it deep...because the longer we wait to dive back into the deep end...well, the shallower life will feel. It just will. So hear all these voices around you and get the heck out the door!!!!!!
Larue1226 wrote 3 months ago:
I have a magnet on my fridge that reads "If you went running when you first started thinking about'd be back by now. Love, your running shoes" It gives me a chuckle and gets me out the door. You can do this!
runbos2015 wrote 3 months ago:
I also train in the early mornings. And like so many others (including you), our minds can sometimes be our worst enemies. My brain floods with reasons NOT to go for my run. It's cold. Rainy / snowy. Dark. My bed is comparatively SO cozy and warm. I can train later/more another day, not today. etc. So I decided to remind myself in these moments to just get from horizontal to vertical. If i can get my sorry ass out of bed and upright, suddenly the decision to run seems so much easier. So when you find yourself struggling with thoughts about the long morning run, try changing the equation to a challenge to get vertical. Then reassess, lace up, and get going! Keep up the great work. you got this!
BexB42 wrote 3 months ago:
I cannot imagine neck pain, but I do have chronic dull joint pain due to my weight. Not everyone can do this, but I ignore it. I just say %^$& it, and keep going, taking Ibuprofen or Tylenol when the pain starts to handicap me. My attitude is, I am strong, I will strengthen the parts that are not in pain to carry the rest. I am aware some cannot do that, but maybe part of it can help others. If we were not in pain, would we know we are alive? Would we take for granted the health we are blessed with? I know I did. I am grateful for every day I get up and can roll out of bed and walk to make myself that morning pot of coffee. Training for Tokyo definitely sounds intimidating, which means you need to find ways around the psych... think, how can I get to this small goal, instead of the large picture? I hope to cheer you on again! :) I will think of you when I shut out my daily body aches, and wish you less pain.
kdbulger wrote 3 months ago:
Shut off the brain and let the legs do the work. Man, it's hard to get out the door when the brain gets involved.
billyerikson9 wrote 3 months ago:
billyerikson9 wrote 3 months ago:

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