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After 9 years on MFP, and a half dozen serious helath issues, I started to fail. Time to get going again. Because...

...weight loss and fitness is fragile!

During this time, I have met a few of the MFP clan in real life. There are some nice folks here. I am overjoyed that the LIKE button replaced WTG and WTF. I learned how to run, got a few medals, and ran a marathon or two.

I learned a few reach their goal weight, but sadly, many more don't make it. And some get there and realpase.

How fragile is it? A few surgeries caused me to be down more thaan a few weeks since March. Without running, for the first time in years, I have been depressed - really deppressed. I gained 30 pounds! That is almost 35% of my weight loss. One would think, with all that I have learned, that I would have cut back the calories while I was healing. I found it very hard to do that. 

So what used to be my secrets to success?

-1 I weighed myself everyday and did measurements every 3 months.
-2 I measured my food portions and for the few food items I buy with a label, I read that too.
-3 I bought new underwear. It's my secret pleasure.
-4 I make time to sleep 8 hours. Depression helps.
-5 I take a few supplements that seem to work.
-6 I ran 6 days a week. I have been failing at 3.
-7 I walked 3-4 miles a day plus I use the 4 floors of stairs in my building often - about 50K steps a day. Today I average about 1000 steps.
-8 I logged all my food. I tried to get going but the MFP app is seriously a piece of crap. That's my excuse and I am sticking to it.
-9 I don't eat sweet drinks or food (with or without real sugar) except an occasional piece of birthday cake. Still oin track except for the 2 chocolate squares with tea.
-10 I don't eat fast food, pizza, white flour, rice, white potatoes or tofu 363 days a year. Tofu is 365!
-11 I am a vegetarian who happens to eat beef, lamb, pork, chicken and fish in small quantities.
-12 I don't have junk food in the house or I will eat it.
-13 I stick to superfoods as often as I can. Fruit, veggies, nuts and spices are on that list.
-14 As much as I would like to, I don't smoke crack.

I know, that's more than 10. The same thing seems to happen with food.

As always, thanks for your support, comments and votes.

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kendallvon wrote 3 months ago:
At least you didn't gain it all back. Still depressing, though. I am still trying to take off the latest gain from when I broke my leg last year. It doesn't seem fair that what took 3 months to put on has taken 18 to take off, but there it is. Best of luck to you. Know that we're pulling for you.
marlown wrote 3 months ago:
I'm always in your corner and am certainly a forever fan. Thanks for your continued inspiration, humor, and the reminders we so desperately need at times. Saying "thoughts and prayers" seems trite, but you are in mine.
miklverdun wrote 3 months ago:
Keep at it! Don't give up!!
goodasgoldilox165 wrote 3 months ago:
All the other things that have happened to you in the last year or so are outside your control. Cancer - pain - depression.

You have just had to bear them with Job-ian resilience ...and seem to have done so with real courage.

That 30 lb though - you can fight that. You know how to do it. You have the experience -the knowledge - the skill.

If prone to bet, I'd put my money on you despite the dip in recent form (a blip - a dent in a character of steel.).

Go for it. We that are quietly wrestling with our own (smaller) demons are also ringside and cheering you on. You are not alone. Do this for yourself and do this for us too.
jmnicholas wrote 3 months ago:
I too have regained a lot of weight. However I look at you and am encouraged to restart. We will do this together! God bless, am still praying. Hope the needles helped.
nvgirl67 wrote 2 months ago:
Thank you for this. I too am struggling and starting to come up with an action plan to start over~
Love2Drive wrote 3 weeks ago:
Keep on going, you are an inspiration to many probably without knowing…..go on!!!!
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