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It's All About Today!

I stupidly started smoking cigarettes in 9th grade. I was feeling cool, and no one seemed to care. Oh sure, they told us how bad it was, but it was too late. I was hooked. I was a real pro blowing smoke rings through smoke rings - and coughing up a lung every morning. I quit in 1994, but my first wife died at age 56 of lung cancer. We said we would quit the same day.

She told me that day she would start tomorrow.

I guess there are lots of things that are bad for you in life, like too much food, or too much alcohol. And there are lots of other warnings that I probably disregarded, such as a padded headboard for safe sex.
This month marks 5 years since my first cancer diagnosis and 38 years without a drink or recreational drug. 
If you are new, sometimes it takes a bit to get your sea legs. There is a lot to learn about food, exercise and living life in a society that plops killer portions in front of you day and night.

What can you do today to be a success at the weight-loss game which is good for your health?

- Log it!
- Log it all!
- Make MFP friends.
- Search the forums. (actually, don't do that)
- Read the blogs. (Well, at least this one!)
- Ask questions.
- Don't lie about your bad days.
- Find people that have achieved your goal. I friend the runners and the old guys that lost 100 pounds!
- Drink water.
- Take a walk or a run.
- Take another walk or run or a ride or a swim or a trip to the gym.
- Don't quit.

No matter what, do it today!

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babydee543 wrote 3 months ago:
There’s always so much to learn from you, John. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and wisdom, it really does make a difference!
barneshall wrote 3 months ago:
You get called John ....a lot dont you David! :)
kendallvon wrote 3 months ago:
And know that your body will fight you every step of the way! I became lax last year and put back on 96 of the 180 pounds I had lost due to stress eating and then breaking my leg. It's hard coping with menopause, MS and the weight loss struggle, but I;ve taken off 24 pounds of the regain and still struggling. I'll quit when I'm dead!!!
debk0718 wrote 3 months ago:
Great advice and insight as always. Thank you!!
texteach66 wrote 3 months ago:
This is such perfect advice!! It's the only way I've lost over 100 lbs and am working on keeping it off. Log it - log it all!
bellesouth18 wrote 3 months ago:
Glad to hear that you're still doing so well! I enjoy reading your blogs.

My first husband died at age 35 from brain cancer. He was a-pack-a-day smoker. Now, 33 years later, I'm wondering if all of the second hand smoke I inhaled while married to him and also the smoke from my Father's smoking habit while living with my parents as a child is going to catch up with me. I certainly hope not.

During 2016-2017, I put back on 2/3 of the weight I had lost. But, due to the stress of caring for my Mother for the past several years, I got to where I just didn't care any more. My doctor put me on an antidepressant, but the only thing it did was to make me want to eat everything in sight. After 6 months, I stopped taking it, but the damage was done.

I know exactly what to do, but just can't get back into the mindset that I had before. Right now, I'm just hovering around the idea to get serious again.Any suggestions?
dsjohndrow wrote 3 months ago:
I guess just start right now.
kdbulger wrote 2 months ago:
I once read that you have about 30 seconds to act on an urge to do something before your thinking, critical brain kicks in with the ego-talk.

I think that piece of information changed my life, and it ties in with what you wrote.

Get an urge to go for a run? Put on your running clothes right now.

Feeling a sudden urge to track your calories and see where you're at? Start this moment!

Want to be more active but don't know where to start? Go for a walk right now!

These things add up to change.
swat1948 wrote 2 months ago:
I'm back at it after gaining an undetermined amount of weight, (afraid to get on the scale). Belong to a weight loss group on FB, they encouraged me to get back at it. I am determined to stick it out and get back to where I was. I did it once, I can do it again.

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