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I Just Don't See it That Way

You've met them. Some of them are your MFP friends, and others are in real life. They are people who can't see that they are in trouble with their weight and ultimately their health. And worst of all, you could be one of those that continue to give yourself permission to avoid the reality.

Today I had to remind myself that my health is important. I am still waiting on biopsy results and decided to revisit this blog.

You know that you are in denial when:

- The doc says you need to lose weight, and you think, I don't look that bad.

- Your insurance company gives you $600 a year in savings for doing their health rewards program and you think about all the food you could buy with it.

- You buy a selfie stick to get the best aerial shot for your Facebook profile pic.

- You say that if God had wanted you to exercise and touch your toes, He would have put them higher up on your body.

- Your favorite pants don't fit, and you blame your spouse for washing them in hot water and then drying then on high.

- You go to the coffee shop and tell the cashier the coffee is for you, and the donuts are for your pet Fighting Fish, when the truth is it's the other way around.

- You go to an "all you can eat" restaurant or buffet because you have invested in their stock.

- You eat whatever you like because you get a lot of exercise - pushing the buttons on the remote.

- You heard that there were two pieces of cake in the fridge, and think how sad it is that you missed one.

- Instead of looking at the size tag on clothes, you look to see if it has elastic.

- You kick the scale, well, because it's a scale damit.

- All your vacation photos at Disney were taken at the Food Court in Epcot Center.

- You get flowers and chocolates from an admirer and throw the flowers out.

- You eat because, well, your mouth wasn't that busy at the time.

- You are out of breath just thinking about exercise.

- You go to weddings because the cake is free.

- You tell yourself this is the last pizza... today...

- You try to do a push up and discover that a number of body parts have not left the floor.

Thanks for the votes and comments.

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chetvr wrote 14 months ago:
Hope you hear good news soon.
farmboyphotography wrote 14 months ago:
I looked on Google Maps and denial IS just a river in Egypt. I'm gonna keep telling myself that. Nice entry as always.
debk0718 wrote 14 months ago:
Thanks for sharing and posting. While I tell myself we're human and not perfect, we weren't made that way, I also then kick myself as a reminder that my health/weight is controlled by me and no one else. Some health issues are out of our control, which sucks, but what we put in our mouth and how much exercise we get is in our control. Hoping you receive positive news on your test results soon. You're inspiration and don't let anyone else tell you different! :)
Time2LoseWeightNOW wrote 14 months ago:
Thanks for the smile , David...
Sonnibunnies wrote 14 months ago:
Very true and funny! Thanks for posting. Praying for good news.
Ke22yB wrote 14 months ago:
I wanted to wish you well and say as a reader of your posts I have enjoyed them and this one especially as I can honestly say at 60 years of age and 367 pounds I was and did if not all of the above a whole bunch of them. when my BP hit sky high numbers and I feared a stroke I changed my life stopped drinking and changed my eating habits I now am coming up on 9 years over 180 pounds lost ( a little gained back) but I swim over an hour a day and run 3 to 5 miles as well and the pure joy of being able to do this is mind blowing.
So good luck with your results ( even as a born and breed NYer Giants Knicks Ranger fan) and please keep up the great blogs
I think there are tons of us out here reading who don't respond publicly who appreciate you
summersoda wrote 14 months ago:
Holy hell i'm a fatty.
suttercm wrote 14 months ago:
Hit the nail right on the head with this one. Hope you get good news soon!
CandelLife wrote 14 months ago:
" Instead of looking at the size tag on clothes, you look to see if it has elastic." LOL! Guilty!
dadsafrantic wrote 14 months ago:
that's so funny and sadly true. my last pizza skirmish put me in the hospital for 3 days with pancreatitus.
ILoveGingerNut wrote 14 months ago:
Lol! This made me laugh! Thankfully I'm not there yet!
Laura80111 wrote 14 months ago:
Why do so many of those hit close to home....I think I want to move my bulls-eye.
calorielogonly wrote 14 months ago:
I weigh 232 pounds and know my body doesn't look good, that's why I'm trying to lose weight, so I feel better about how I look. Blood pressure is normal (not normal high), Cholesterol is all good, Triglycerides are low, sugar is good. I am hypothyroid, but that can't be blamed for all of the weight. We're all different. I've fluctuated between 145 lbs. (that was an insane/obsessive amount of working out and dieting) and 265 lbs... we're not all lazy fat people, in denial about being fat, we're all different. Hell...I felt fat at 245's so much more complicated than can that.
calorielogonly wrote 14 months ago:
Meant to say I felt fat at 145lbs, not 245. I felt fat after I got down to 145lbs, and now I'm 232.....we're all different. We aren't all in denial about being fat.
calorielogonly wrote 14 months ago:
I'm sorry...does anyone know if there is a way to delete comments and/or prevent myself from logging comments? I really just like all of the calorie and fitness logging features on myfitnesspal but really need to disable all social media /type things on here. I don't do social media. It was just a sensitive topic...I would like to delete these comments if at all possible.
JeromeBarry1 wrote 14 months ago:
Jim Fixx died at 52, young and thin.
Frank Gleiber died at 51 on the jogging track at the Cooper Aerobics Center.
Euell Gibbons died at 64.

All those were advocates of healthy eating and active fitness.

My great aunt dipped snuff for for 81 years and had biscuits sopped in bacon grease for breakfast every morning. Her wretched neglect of health and wellness finally killed her with cancer at 93.

Even my step-mom hasn't counted a calorie or lifted an iron weight and she's clearly in the obese I range after having whipped cancer 3 times. She's 80.

All these anecdotes tell me that this health and fitness stuff isn't guaranteed to matter one bit to any of us. We're all just rolling dice in the big game.

Enjoy what you do, because you only get to do it once.
calorielogonly wrote 14 months ago:
I like that JeromeBarry1. Probably moderation is key, but your right "Enjoy what you do, because you only get to do it once." Still, I do want to lose some weight, it's just a matter of doing it without obsessing over it and going crazy. Gotta love good food much more to life than obsessing over this stuff.
Anniepi66 wrote 14 months ago:
As always, thoughtful and insightful and funny! Praying for good news for you soon.
jagbug2014 wrote 14 months ago:
Praying for good news!! Thanks for the post!! You're so right!
pizzafruit wrote 14 months ago:
A great reminder for those of us who fall off the wagon on a regular basis. Maybe I need to invest in a seat belt. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
PAnn1 wrote 14 months ago:
Exactly!! I just copied and pasted the title of your blog to my home page here so all of my buddies can read it (And should read!!) I have been reading your blogs for quite awhile and have to say they are probably the most insightful reads I have come across. Best wishes to you John and praying that your tests come out good.
calorielogonly wrote 14 months ago:
The sad thing is, I think a lot of skinny people think all of us fat people all think like this. I, personally, can't relate to the list, but the list is the exact thing I imagine non-fat people think about us fat people. Something about it just gets to me, but maybe if you are writing articles, that's a sign of a successful article if you get reactions out of people. Personally, I've been yo-yo dieting since the age of 12 and hyper aware of being fat, or even when I wasn't fat, not being like the other little tiny 12 year olds, or 18 year olds, etc... I'm 41 now, 5'8" female and 232 lbs by the way. With each yo-yo, I pick up different eating habits. I can't remember the last time I drank full sugared soda's, probably a good 20 years ago. The last yo-yo, I gave up artificial sweeteners also, that was about 5 years ago. It's mostly just water, coffee, tea and wine now. I don't keep junk food or sweets in the house, because I know I have a hard time stopping when I start. Even though I'm 232 lbs, my blood work (all the stuff you would stereotypically think would be bad for a 232 lb 41 year old), are good. Bloodpressure is good. Sometimes I go through phases where I have trouble getting motivation to exercise, like a depression situation, and sometimes I go through phases where I find myself finding comfort in second (and third) helpings of food, but this list really doesn't apply to me and I think there are plenty of other people like me. I just got back on the bandwagon about a week ago, logging this stuff. I've been taking Wellbutrin, which I recently had my dosage increased in November, and found that I am now able to control my over-eating more easily. I didn't know that was going to be a side effect, but I decided to take advantage of it. Anyway...were all going through our own thing and it's all different. I guess the list just reminded me of all of the stereotypes I imagine other people think about myself and all other fat people.
thehadster wrote 14 months ago:
And I'm one of those people! Not those particular excuses, but I had one and used it. Blood work is a mess. Time to be honest. Thanks for your blog!
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