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I Have a Lot of Work Ahead of Me

Yesterday I had my follow-up with the neurosurgeon. He is very pleased with the healing of the incisions and all the surgery appears to feel and respond as expected. He is also pleased that my pain levels are down from 7 to 3 with NSAIDs and Tylenol.

My progress is right on track.

It has been a crazy track - a entire year of debilitating pain. The surgeon said I had severe compression similar to a whiplash patient. I have not been able to work as a software engineer or do anything which requires critical, detailed, or logical thinking. Not even drive. I have gained 25 pounds due to inactivity, medication, and poor food choices.

I mean I now live in the south!

The doctor said I can run and thought it might be good for me. Good for me?! It is good for everyone who knows me! I did sneak in a 3-miler the other day. Some of it felt good. It did make my head throb. In any case, I will be running no matter what it feels like.

Seriously, do you know anything about me?

As far as my cognitive abilities, they are also improving. I have picked up the guitar after a very long time. I will be trying to work on my book to engage the mind a bit more.

And there is always Jeopardy at 7:30!

Today is the first day the I go shopping where I will be making a serious effort to get this weight under control. I am still taking the Gabapentin which is of the devil, but I need the nerves in my head to heal.

Today I am making a meal plan and going for a 3 mile run.

This condition has made a real mess of my life. The doctor is fine if I work. Currently I don't have a job. I am still spending quite a bit of time resting. I still have chronic pain which makes it hard to focus; although it is better. I am sort of stuck between short-term disability, long term disability, and permanent disability.

I certainly am grateful to be feeling better, but I am not sure what the next move is.

Oh right, make a food plan and run 3 miles.

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barneshall wrote 3 months ago:
Excellent progress.So pleased you are able to run again and also the pain improvement. Keep marching on,things are turning around for you...💪
farmboyphotography wrote 3 months ago:
Its a wonder you keep such good humor despite the challenges and rebuilding you face. I know you will do great things. Best of luck.
kendallvon wrote 3 months ago:
I wish you all the best, my friend!
bluesrockerman wrote 3 months ago:
Glad to hear you picked up your guitar again! Hope you continue to heal and I wish you well. Even though I never met you I consider you a friend! Rock on!

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