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I Finally Decided to Get Serious!

In November last year, I said "I do." Well, really I said, "I will love you forever." I had a less romantic encounter in February of 2011. There I was, fat (around 300 pounds), feeling old, and clinically depressed.

I confess, in my mind, I felt my life was pretty much over.

I was a desk jockey commuting into the city. I played in a country band and trust me, I was no chick magnet. Ha! Even when I was thin and playing in a rock-n-roll band back in the 70s and 80s, I didn't have any better luck.

I was married and played worship music through most of the 90s.

I tried the Dr. Phil diet thing back in 2003. I lost 30 pounds but ended up getting plantar fasciitis from wearing the wrong shoes and using the treadmill. Damn, PF is painful! I tried all sorts of things to cure it including the night splint, ice, cortisone shots, shoe inserts, rolling it, and even PT. Nothing.

I ended up gaining back 80 pounds.

I was pretty disgusted with myself and I couldn't even look in the mirror anymore. I shaved in the shower and ignored myself until my annual physical. Then I would be embarrassed ( not from just the rectal exam), get the lose weight lecture, and go home feeling defeated. I remember that all my clothes didn't fit anymore. I went from a 32" waist to 46". It got worse, I went to Sears and bought some ugly 48" stretch-waist work slacks. That was the low point. I felt like a clown in them.

I didn't think for a minute, that had the energy to lose weight.

I had a routine - a rat race, and it wasn't fun. Other than my family, I felt like I didn't have anything to live for. I had no dreams. I just hoped the doctors could medicate whatever was wrong with me. I was at least ten years away from retiring where I could sit around do nothing.

I felt hopeless.

My wife at the time, decided to do an In It To Lose It, class at the local YMCA. Because they had babysitting, we did it together. They gave us some tools, and logging on MFP was one of them.

What a pain in the @$$ it was, using the website.

I didn't make any friends, and I wasn't all that great at logging in. I did go to the class twice a week. OMG, I felt like throwing up every time. DOMS was my constant companion. Each week I started working out a third time on my own.

I lost about 20 pounds in the first two months!

I used to warm up for CrossFit like workouts by doing 20 minutes on the treadmill. It was ugly, and everything hurt. I worked really hard at managing my food. Diet meals and portion control helped.

However, my food choices weren't all that great.

I printed out a Couch to 5K plan I found on the Internet. With the encouragement of my friend Tommy, I started that too. A 5K was taking about 45 to 55 minutes to complete. OK, really an hour.

That was my first running goal.

What matters in all this is that I started. What matters now is that I stick with it. Most of you know that my running goals went from a 5K to running across Massachusetts in two days, and Rhode Island in one. I have completed about 90 races in all. Nine marathons of which four were World Major marathons.

My current running goal is to finish the six Abbott World Majors.

I will be in London April 22nd for number 5. I hope to be in Tokyo a year from now completing marathon number six. Then I want to retire from marathon running (not running) and work, do art, write, and enjoy the all the goodness in my life with Ruth. Until forever comes.

Thanks for the votes and comments. I got an IM from a friend. Yes, I am raising money for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation (Team Challnge London).

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aliciaaw wrote 11 months ago:
Love your writing
josiereside1 wrote 11 months ago:
Your blogs always inspire me!
Leahbcc wrote 11 months ago:
Keep doing what your doing David!
kendallvon wrote 11 months ago:
such an inspiration!
jyarring wrote 11 months ago:
Nice job - love reading your blogs as they are so well written and inspiring!
pizzafruit wrote 11 months ago:
Beautifully written. Love your style and lessons learned.
marlown wrote 11 months ago:
Love hearing your "stories". You make difficult things seem possible for all of us. Thanks for always sharing a part of yourself.
Asupkayshe wrote 11 months ago:
Awesome words of encouragement! I'm just starting to "get serious too!"
knox50us wrote 11 months ago:
Amazing journey. Glad you made it.
From 300 lbs to running marathons, impressive. You are true inspiration to those trying to get fit.
TheArttoBE wrote 11 months ago:
Diet meals are okay... and exercise is great. But leaving bad habits behind & learning How to cook healthy keeps that going longer, when you begin to Age and slow down. I've seen many a health person, as they age... go back to old habits.

I don't see the importance of working out, if all you are learning is how to work OFF the calories. Learn How to Eat a Plant Based Diet is forever

from a 66 year old, who knows, and starting over in learning how to cook Vegetarian :-)
debk0718 wrote 11 months ago:
So well written. You always put it all out there which is the greatest part of it all. Just keep it up because I know you inspire many!
bhg0688 wrote 11 months ago:
quilteryoyo wrote 11 months ago:
Thanks for the inspiration. I am starting back to running after 3 or 4 years off. I love that your point to your story was that you started!
Anonymous wrote 11 months ago:
Thank you!
Anonymous wrote 11 months ago:
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