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Fighting Through

Life, exercise, food, logging, and health, each one has its own challenges. The London Marathon is April 22nd! That gives me about 75 days to get it together.

If you subtract the 3 or 4 weeks that won't count, I have about 50 days left to train.

It's a pretty tall order. I have been logging and exercising in machine mode - well, until Saturday. I was on a 10 mile run and right around mile 9 1/2, I stepped off the sidewalk to avoid a patch of ice. It had been a really great run on the Boston Marathon route. The sun was shining, I felt pretty good, my friend Sandy and I chattered away about marathons past.

We had avoided dozens of ice patches.

This one was no different. As I stepped off the sidewalk, I stumbled. And then I tripped. And then I fell. And then I hit the ground. And then I rolled. My rib cage smashed into the curb. I don't even remember my hands hitting the frozen pavement.

And my feet ended up right near the white line defining the shoulder of State Highway 135.

I caught a glimpse of a car stopping. I was a little dazed; Sandy asked me if I was OK. I guess if I was an Olympic faller, this would have been a 10. I got to my feet, dusted myself off, and started trotting towards home.

My ribs were complaining, my palms were stinging, and my hand started swelling.

I thought about calling my wife to get us, but I was cold. Stopping only meant being frozen in the 20 degree weather. Sandy just pushed on with me. She's a nurse, so she asked a lot of questions. I didn't give many answers.

Despite my ever increasing pain, we snapped a Boston selfie at the 16 miles to go sign.

When I got home, I just wanted a drink of water, eat some food, and a chance to lie down. My wife, Sandy, and I chatted about my condition. We talked about our next run, and then Sandy headed for home.

I went and lay down.

After an hour or so of relaxing and a hot shower, I decided to go to the emergency room. Ruth helped me put on my jacket and we headed up the hill to the ER. After and exam, a little Motrin, X-rays of my ribs and both hands, they stuck me back in ER bay #6.

I guess it was irony, or luck - maybe even bad luck.

This was the same bay that I was in April 4th, 2011. That's the day I had congestive heart failure. It was here that my life changed forever. Well, it almost ended there too. As I sat and spoke with Ruth, we waited for the news.

What does this last stay in bay #6 mean?

I hope it is good luck for London. I am glad to report nothing is broken. My ribs hurt like hell. My hand seems to be better today. Everything else is just bumps and scrapes. Motrin is my friend. I am running London, that's for sure. I am half way to my fundraising goal of $6,000. This is my 5th of 6 world majors. Falling is just another bump in the road.

I am good at navigating bumps in the road of life. Now if I could just manage the real ones with a little more finesse.

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joanthemom8 wrote 12 months ago:
I am a "faller" too! Glad you are on the road (no pun intended) to recovery!
josiereside1 wrote 12 months ago:
Your determination inspires me!
babbyb1 wrote 12 months ago:
Glad to know that your fall wasn't more serious. I have no doubt that you will do fantastic in London with your "never give up" attitude.

Aplant77 wrote 12 months ago:
One set-back after another :( I have faith that you will conquer this just as you have every other issue that has come your way!
ggeise14 wrote 12 months ago:
Oh glory! Glad that no bones were broken.
brittvshows wrote 12 months ago:
Jesus, this post had my heart pumping. So scared for you! That ER bay #6 would be an excellent hook in a novel! I couldn't read fast enough to get to the end. Big sigh of relief though. As a "fan" request, could you be a little more careful? For some reason, you mean something to me, lol. Heavens, on Tuesdays I'm almost afraid to look though. Pulling so hard for you and wishing you all the best. You amaze me.
Thehardmakesitworthit wrote 12 months ago:
Perhaps including some "tuck and roll" maneuvers in your training will help prevent future "issues" :). Just kidding. Good luck on the training. I have no doubt that you will be there!!!
SheilaCali wrote 12 months ago:
YOU are one of the reasons I remain faithful on MFP. You eloquently stumble(pun intended) through life and remain positive and witty throughout. You put into words what I (and most of us) think, with charm and healthy sarcasm (if there's such a thing). I'm hopeful you'll cross the finish line of life with as much joy and strength as you'll bring to the one in London. Go get 'em tiger and get that PR. Shooting low gets you nowhere, so aim high my brother!
Anonymous wrote 11 months ago:
So glad nothing is broken. Bruised ribs are one of the most painful things ever. Best advice, breathe very deeply several times a day even though it hurts like hades. Keep on, Friend!
simpletonuk wrote 11 months ago:
I won't see you there, I dislike London, but pleased your not badly injured and hope you have a great marathon.
Hoppymom wrote 11 months ago:
Darn! Just when you were getting back on track and working it hard. I'D STILL BE LAYING THERE IF i HAD FALLEN LIKE THAT. Way to be resilient!
sherry0614 wrote 11 months ago:
ANOTHER FALL???? David, can I please just bubble-wrap you????? Feel better soon, and glad no broken bones!
marlown wrote 11 months ago:
You continue to inspire me to death. Well, maybe to life. Fighting through is what you do. And your challenges and bumps in the road challenge me to keep on keeping on. Many thanks for always sharing your journey.
BexB42 wrote 11 months ago:
I am not as brave as you. I cannot stand ice patches, so I only walk where there are none. I hope you heal well! Very glad to hear nothing is broken. Fight on!
debk0718 wrote 11 months ago:
So glad nothing is broken. You are a trooper and have strong determination. You can and will conquer London.
izzybelle2013 wrote 11 months ago:
Man, you sure know how to scare us! I also love Tuesdays because of your blogs. Good luck in London. I know you will be successful. :)
Acole20 wrote 11 months ago:
Faller you may say you are but QUITTER you are Not! You are such an inspiration for me! Keep on running my friend great things are coming your way! Be blessed.
kdbulger wrote 11 months ago:
I was cringing hard as I read about your ribs slamming into the curb. So glad to read nothing is broken. Wishing you a quick painless recovery!
Anonymous wrote 11 months ago:
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