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Christmas Cheer

Sunday I ran 5 miles with my wife. It was her first time running that far without walking. I mean, she has a good coach! :) It was a joy to see her succeed. I love when others succeed. It is the same with all of you.

If you are from the south like I am now, I love when all y'all succeed.

She has overcome a lot to get here. She has exercise induce asthma. It has taken months and months using a couple of different inhalers to get here. She also hasn't settled for less. Although run/walk is a completely valid running technique (I used it for 4 marathons!), for her it wasn't the kind of success she was hoping to have.

Most importantly she came to believe in herself.

When she finished, the smile through the sweat told an amazing story. It was a record time, a record distance, and self satisfaction words cannot express. I was happy for her and proud, too.

This health thing is hard for all of us.

I have my own stuff going on. I had nauseating pain that day, but sharing her joy was most important. It was an hour I would never have the chance to experience again. I was glad I was there. I came home and lay down for a long while.

She made all the required social media posts, and I loved them!

Later on, after a shower, I stepped on the scale and I was down almost 8 pounds. The medication change is working in that regard. Actually I was down about 5 pounds since Thanksgiving. What is not working is my blood work.

I am a little discouraged.

Sunday we ended by spending an hour or so putting up our Christmas tree. All the ornaments are from out travels together. Each one has a memory. London, Las Vegas, Barcelona, Rome, Marseilles, Toronto, San Diego, Cabo San Lucas, The Outer Banks, Berlin, and a many others.

It reminded me that I dodged the bullet back in 2011 when I had congestive heart failure.

Since that time, I have worked hard to be healthy. I have failed a lot this past year. Today I am talking to my PCP about my blood work. We'll also be talking about real pain management. It has been well over a year and I have been on just about everything. Hopefully he will coordinate with my neurologist and psychiatrist to come up with a solution.

I don't have to many plans for the holidays. I just would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, and a healthy New Year.

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BonnieHosk85 wrote 2 months ago:
Congrats to your wife. That is awesome!!
ranchmimi wrote 2 months ago:
Back at ya!
kendallvon wrote 2 months ago:
Simply awesome post. Wishing you and your lovely wife a very happy holiday season with much joy and laughter.
debk0718 wrote 2 months ago:
It's wonderful that you were able to experience your wife's first run with her. That is a memory you will both cherish for many years to come. I hope that you and your PCP can come up with the best plan for you. Sending you blessings for a Merry Christmas, and may the New Year bring only happiness and good health!
brittvshows wrote 2 months ago:
Asking God to make your 2020 the best ever: good health, no pain, and plenty of love. Thank YOU for being the gift that keeps on giving.
kdbulger wrote 2 months ago:
You two are unstoppable! Congrats to your wife for her huge accomplishment of running 5 miles without walking (I understand her pursuit of this goal). And congrats to you for your weight loss. The bloodworm will come along as you continue to work on your nutrition.

Sending you both wishes for a healthy and painless year to come. May you see nothing but improvement.
aimeetu wrote 2 months ago:
If you only knew how often I share your inspirational story! Thanks for sharing and congrats to the wife.
babydee543 wrote 2 months ago:
Congratulations to you and The Missus for your joint run, and thanks for continually being such an inspiration to all of us!
Dootzy1 wrote 2 months ago:
Thanks for sharing this wonderful "moment" as a couple. Reminds me of what is most important. Merry Christmas, and prayers for a much better 2020!!
miklverdun wrote 1 month ago:
All of the best to you and yous for a Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Year's!
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