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Top Pilates Classes

Pilates is a system of focused movements and breathing techniques aimed at improving flexibility, posture, and strength without adding muscle mass. Pilates exercises draw on the "powerhouse" region of the body, comprised of the abs and buttocks, for the execution of poses. There are several different ways to differentiate one Pilates class from another. Below is a list of Pilates classes that can be interchanged to keep a good variety of Pilates in your life.

Pilates Mat Class:

Pilates Mat classes are everywhere! However, the classical ideals and principles, which make for a truly challenging mat class, are mostly found at Pilates studios. Mat classes are great for realigning imbalances in the body with low impact exercises. Pilates Mat classes will teach any beginner the principles of Pilates. Pilates Mat classes are challenging. Some clients have expressed that they are more challenging than apparatus learning my essays classes because there is no assistance when working on alignment and stability.

Pilates Prop Class:

There are so many Pilates props that can be added to any class. The Pilates magic circle, foam roller, swiss ball, chi ball, and or the theraband can all be used in a Pilates class be it on the mat or the equipment. Most props are designed to either add resistance such as with the theraband, magic circle, or challenge stability as with the foam roller, swiss ball, or bosu. Some props may be used for muscle release like the foam roller and or the franklin ball. Small props are fairly inexpensive and a great idea for clients to purchase for at home workouts.

Pilates Reformer Class:

The PIlates reformer is a piece of equipment on which exercises are performed with a moving carriage attached to springs for resistance. This type of class is a full body workout, where this special equipment can assist those with physical limitations or challenge the most fit individual.

Pilates Cardio Jump Board Class:

This class can be geared toward the intermediate and advanced reformer clients. The jump board class is great twist to your cardio workout! This Pilates class will takes you through various jumps lying on your back or side using the springs as resistance. This class low impact class works your feet, legs, butt, abdominals and endurance.

With these Pilates classes you will build core strength, increase flexibility, coordination, improve posture and create long, lean muscles. The Pilates Method of exercise by has recommended by doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists for years. Pilates is great for both men and women, athletes, dancers, and for rehabilitation purposes.

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