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Hey, I am a med student who likes to write. Each week I provide a handful of tips that will help you in your quest to become healthier.

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Written: 03/11/2007

We are not responsible for ANYTHING you do or neglect to do. Everything on Diethack is expressed as NON-EXPERT opinion and you are advised to seek input from professionals before you do anything we either recommend or recommend against. To sum it up, you are on your own should you use our advice or tips. Again, we implore you to seek counsel, a physician, or an expert in the applicable field prior to doing anything you have learned as a result of Diethack.

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Our commenting system, Haloscan, does ask for an email address but it is not mandatory and we chose their service only after carefully reviewing their privacy policy. Our site uses Statcounter and Sitemeter as tools to gauge interest and identify trends on our site. Those services will display your City, State, Country and IP address. However, that information is not retained by Diethack nor is it tracked in any way.

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Should you have any questions pertaining to any of these issues, please contact us immediately.

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