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5 Fundamental Points To Avoid Unbalanced Eating Habits

Written: 10/20/2007

The pace of life is increasing. And our food also: a cup of coffee for breakfast, a sandwich or a pizza for dinner in front of the television. However picking up good eating habits is the first rule of a healthy mode of life and a better control for your weight.

Here are five fundamental habits you must cultivate in order to lead a healthy way of life:

  • Take your time for better digestion

    Eating doesn't mean to gulp down everything in sight in record time. Mastication is the first step of digestion. It allows us to break down the food in smaller pieces, to impregnate them with saliva so that the stomach doesn't have to make the extra effort. Also, taking the time to eat allows you to perceive the characteristics of certain food. Sight, smell and taste are all senses which will allow our brain to make note of the foods we are eating and to send signals to the stomach to release the necessary enzymes for a better break down of the food. So taking your time is the best way for a good digestion of your food, to prevent stomach pains and distension which is an expansion or bloating leading to abdominal pain or cramping of the stomach.

  • Enjoy your meal for a better satiety

    A great meal gives us a great sense of satiety. Satiety refers to the feeling of satisfaction or "fullness" produced by the consumption of food. A quickly eaten meal leaves an impression of lingering hunger. Indeed the human body needs time to create the impression of satiety of our body so that we do not feel the need to eat more. The first signs appear 20 minutes after the start of the meal: the brain detects the increase in glucose (sugar) level in our body and releases the signals which creates the sensation of satiety in our body. Imagine the number of food and calories we can eat if we are just gulping in 20 minutes! So the best way to control your weight is to eat slowly in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy your meal...

  • Never skip a meal

    One of the key to a well balanced mode of life is never to skip a meal, so as to respect the rhythms of eating and hunger in your body. If you are deprived of a meal, your body will use up the reserve of nutrients inside it. This will lead to a sensation of fatigue and vulnerability and a decrease in your productivity. Skipping meals also mean that you will tend to eat more than required in your next meal which usually end up in you gaining more weight. This is usually known as the yo-yo effect in diet terminology. Indeed, your body which has been accustomed to fasting, will stock every bit of food you eat. So taking 3 meals a day is the ideal way to avoid the yo-yo effect and maintain an ideal weight. Breakfast is also important because this is what will boost up your nutrient needs after a period of fasting during sleep and will keep you pep up during the first part of the day until lunch. The lunch is the key meal of the day while dinner must be lighter to facilitate sleep. The dinner must be low in sugar and fat to prevent the body from undergoing excessive digestion of the food. It must be high in low-density food.

  • Eating at regular hours

    The habit of taking a meal at almost the same time is linked to the functioning rhythm of your body. On average, you experience hunger pangs every 4 or 5 hours, which relates to the time taken for the stomach to digest all food and to empty itself. During the night though, the body can sustain a fast for a period of 10 to 12 hours. You do not get hungry because the energy needs of the body has decreased a lot while it is resting. But most important of all, respecting a meal schedule is important to avoid unhealthy snacking in between meals.

  • Drink a lot of water

    The benefits of drinking water is an important factor in the proper health of the body systems. Drinking water has several health benefits. If you have high blood pressure or cancer, drink as much water as possible because water helps to stablized the blood pressure and promote the healing process of cancerous cells. Taking in adequate amounts of water if your are a diabetic is especially important because high blood sugar actually dehydrate the blood cells and causes the blood sugar levels to rise even higher. Often, people forget to drink water unless they feel very thirsty. It is better to drink smaller quantities of water more frequently than to drink a lot of water at one time. It is recommended to drink about 2 litres of water a day and if you have not been drinking water regularly, you should double the recommended amount because your cells are already dehydrated. Water is necessary for proper digestion and absorption of essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, etc. that our body gets from the food we eat. Also, detoxification of the kidneys and liver along with the removal of toxins and wastes from the body happen to be major benefits of drinking water. You should not wait until you are dehydrated to drink water. Drinking water regularly is imperative because dehydration can result in serious illness. The diverse benefits of drinking water include sustaining energy levels, being mentally and physically alert, removing toxins and wastes from the body and maintaining healthy skin. Drinking water also helps in reducing weight. Since water is a natural appetite suppressant, it helps to cut down overeating and that helps to maintain your proper weight.

    Never skipping a meal, eating at regular hours, taking your time to eat, drinking water and enjoying your meal are all vital points to a better life pattern.

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